Rachel H LV.16 Let’s play R6!
Nov 23, 2020, 01:33 AM 12 read


EU : PURPLE MAFIA We are a team who take part in FACEIT tournaments. The region we compete in for the tournament is EU , so ideally we are looking for any EU players. We want to grow our roster and better our team. When in the tournament we come up against gold teams , plat and even diamond and champion teams! If this sounds interesting enough for you don’t be afraid to dm us!, We all are determined and friendly players. We all work hard and love to motivate our team mates. We don’t want any toxicity brought into our team as it doesn’t help anyone progress or better themselves. We also don’t want people who are not willing to work as part of a growing team. We would also like some teams to help us participate in scrims or people to help give new ideas on who to get better and anyone with ideas on strategies to part take on different maps. What we require: •No toxicity • 16+ •Gold rankings and up •Be Friendly •Any Gender is welcome •Contribute ideas of strategies/ ideas to help to better our team •looking for plat players to help improve other team members etc. •4 to 5 players any role is needed. Tournaments are EUROPE based only. Training or scrims will be held on Monday and Friday and hopefully we have more scrims on a Saturday. We are more than willing to take time for people to have different training times or days due to other commitments. DM myself or Cbk x Godly for more information if you are interested. Thank you.

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