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Looking for Group
NO NAME verified Game ID:
PlayStation Ranked MIC ASAP North America
Start Time ASAP A new team has been created.
  • zazoon_180
    Game ID: SaNe_Toxicness
  • Sethiboy762
    Game ID: sethiboy762
  • Aceez
    Game ID: Acezz_TiSM
  • TrippyVSwan
    Game ID: Kwo-ii
  • LFK_marcobender9
    Game ID: Yzekm
  • Nick Sanchez
    Game ID: kingsanchez55
  • Revenge0
    Game ID: ReVEnGE_6669
  • cryptic_shawn
    Game ID: x0mAr1-_-
  • Fe4R_sweatyballs
    Game ID: Fe4R_sweatyballs
  • CallMeXPLOIT
    Game ID: HitMyBluntBaby
  • CbKGhost9
    Game ID: CbKGhost9
  • ayllenee
    Game ID: ayllenee

Putting together a clan from scratch, I am willing to take in gold players and above no toxicity need people who aren't shy and are willing to work with other people if you got anymore questions DM me Pls serious players only  

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