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Strategies & Tips

1. Uses of Mine

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1) Purpose of Mine You can earn gold from mines. The amount of gold earned from mines increases in proportion to the number of mines, mine levels, and mine upgrades.   2) How to Earn Gold If you place your monster to the (+) shaped empty slot, the monster will work in the mine to earn gold for you. You can place up to 3 monsters in a single mine.   3) Gold Earn Cooldown The higher the ranks of the monsters in a mine, the shorter the gold earn cooldown for the mine becomes   4) Adding Mines You need to add more mines to earn more gold. You can add mines by tapping the 'Add Mines' button at the bottom of the mine list.     2. Make Mines Produce More Gold

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1) Level Up You can level up mines by spending gold. Leveling up mines with gold is the easiest way to earn more gold, but mine levels are reset after prestige (rebirth). Please keep that in mind.   2) Upgrade You can upgrade your mines by spending souls.

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