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Strategies & Tips

1. Uses of Relic 1) Effect of Relic Relics greatly increase various attributes of all your monsters.

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  2) Attribute Bonus Attack Power bonus: Increase Attack Power of all monsters. Health bonus: Increase Health of all monsters. Spell Power bonus: Increase Spell Power of all monsters. Gold Acquisition bonus: Increase Gold Acquisition (from battles and mines) Soul Acquisition bonus: Increase Soul Acquisition from prestige. Crit Chance bonus: Increase Crit Chance (up to +60%). Crit Damage bonus: Increase Crit Damage. Damage Reduction: Reduce damage taken from enemies (up to +50%). Skill Charge Rate bonus: Increase Skill Charge Rate (up to +60%).     2. Obtaining Relic

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1) How to Obtain Relics You can obtain a relic from the relic purchase screen, by tapping the 'Buy' button. However, you need an available slot to buy a relic. You can also obtain relics by purchasing packages. A package also gives you relic slot(s), so it is easier to obtain relics through a package.   2) How to Add Slots First, you need an available slot to obtain a relic. You can add a relic slot by tapping the 'Add Slot' button at the bottom of the relic list.  

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