Empress_Angelia LV.20 Wraith Main
Feb 17, 2021, 08:03 AM 241 read

Greetings and salutations my fellow Mooties! <3


I’m Angelia, a at times shy and quiet but also super friendly and outgoing gender fluid bean who identifies as she/her! A boomer who enjoys music, art, classic film, and obviously competitive shooter gaming enthusiast! I’m not exactly all that great but I do manage to handle my own! ^~^ I live in Bat Country (Las Vegas, NV.) I’m just here mostly to pass time and make friends! I stream daily whenever I hop on to play Apex, and as a matter of fact I’m currently live now! https://www.twitch.tv/thelonelycpu_gaming I’m always looking for fellow lady legends to play and even possibly stream with but gender doesn’t matter in general speaking terms, just anyone who isn’t toxic, or racist~ If you’re wanting to play some games hit up my profile for my socials! If you tune in my stream, don’t be a stranger & say hello as I absolutely love interacting with my viewers! I also play with my viewers/followers quite frequently especially upon request! If you like the vibes and content, don’t forget to hit that follow and bell to get notified the next I go live! If you’ve managed to miss out of my live stream no worries! I’ve got plenty of VODs of me getting severely bodied available! xD P.S. I’m going to be so sad when moot dies and moves to Band >w<

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