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Update Notice 4/28(Tue) (UTC-7)

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG: Notices - Update Notice 4/28(Tue) (UTC-7) image 1

* Due to the internal schedule, next week’s regular maintenance will be held on 5/06(Wed) 00:00AM – 02:00AM (UTC-7) instead of 5/05(Tue).   ▶ Maintenance Info. - Maintenance Time: 4/27(Mon) 23:00PM – 4/28(Tue) 02:00AM (UTC-7)   ▶ Update Details 1. New Feature: Ascension 2 - Ascension 2 is available for Ascended 5-Star Knights.   - Upon performing Ascension 2, knight’s Max Gold Level increases from 5,500(AS1) to 7,000(AS2).   - ATK and HP will be doubled, and skill damage will be enhanced compared to Ascension 1.   - Passive Skill Rank will be increased from Rank 9 to Rank 11.   - For 'Normal Ascension', appropriate Soulstones and Ascension Stones are required, and for 'Special Ascension', Special Rank-up Tickets and Ascension Stones are required.   - New Dance moves related to Ascension 2 will be added.     2. New 13-Level Runes will be added - 13-Level runes can now be acquired by fusing two 12-level runes. - 13-Level runes can only be equipped by the Knights with Ascension 2.   3. Maximum value of Knight Rank-up Bonus (Gold Level) increased: 8,650 → 10,000   4. Numbers of Daily x2 Rebirth without spending Diamonds will be permanently increased from 3 to 6.   5. Rookie Packages’ purchase counts have been reset.   6. Weekly Reset: Regular Collection Event, Weekly Package   7. Minor Bug Fixes     Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.

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