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[Payment] How to Make a Refund

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Here are the instructions on How to Make a Refund after you purchased an item.   ▶ How to Apply for a Refund - Please send us your ‘Purchase Receipt’ through two possible ways: 1) In-game: [Settings] → [Inquiry] 2) E-mail: - To check the ‘Purchase Receipt’, please refer to the E-mail of the Google Account which you made your purchase.   ▶ Cautions - You must apply for a refund less than 7 days since you purchased. - You must not receive the purchase items from your Inbox (Purchased items must remain inside your Inbox). - Purchased items will be collected from your Inbox before the refund (Refund will be unavailable if the items are not collectable). - In case of items like 30-day Premium Package where items are given on a daily basis, you must not receive any items from you Inbox to be able to apply for a refund. - Cancelling the purchase through Play Store without contacting us may be perceived as trying to make a refund while successfully receiving the purchased items, which may result Account Suspension.     Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.  

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