kaiiton LV.5 Lurker
Dec 17, 2020, 01:25 AM 266 read

Isles of Avalon Slightly Boosted Cluster (XBOX/WINDOWS 10)

Are you looking for a new start on a fresh server cluster? Never been able to get that one map location you’ve always wanted? Keep reading survivor! Welcome to Avalon. We’d like to extend you an invite to join a new server and new community. Join us to be part of the start of something great. >PvE win 10/Xbox crossplay server, including Valguero, Ragnarok, Aberration, Genesis, Extinction, and the Island as a rotating map. >Providing a long term home for all survivors. Slightly boosted for your enjoyment with still a hint of a grind for those that don’t want everything instantly. >Events, auctions and boss runs available regularly. >Modified loot drops to ensure the potential for something good in every drop, as well as kibble, Cryopods and skins in drops. >A very active admin team from various time zones to ensure someone is available when you need it. >Active small but growing discord community (survivors are required to join discord). >Additional dinos added to each map including Reapers, Managarmrs, velos, snow owls, basilisks, gachas and griffins. >Permanent item/structure pickup, to make base moving much easier. >1.5 x XP >4 x Tame >1.5 x Harvest >5 x Stacking We look forward to seeing you in The Isles of Avalon. https://discord.gg/bT7w2hK

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