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Rock the 3rd Floor

Party Raid Tips & Guide

Hey Boys and Girls,   I thought Im going to sharing a few Tips for the Party Raid.   The first obvious Tip is (i hope u all already know) that u need 3 different types of DPS servants to Clear the higher Floors effectively. For the lower Floors (1+2) u actually can take a maxed out Speed Based DPS (for example water Blav) and that will do all the work. But for Floor 3 and higher u will definitely need a   - Speed Based DPS for the first Stage - DEF Based DPS for the second Stage - ATK Based DPS for the third Stage (every ATK based DPS works here but Servants with Aoe Skills are even more effective, i personally use Ignis)   For the Tank (or Tanks if u gonna use the new Add Team feature) u need as much DEF on them as Possible, so they can survive and protect ur DPS and ur Healer/Support. Recommendation from the Game is 10k DEF (3rd Floor) summed up from all the Tanks u are using, and from my experience u will need at least that much.   A good Healer will complete ur Team and help u to survive (Dont need a Healer with revive, since that wont work anyways).   For the Higher Floors all of ur Servants should be on a high transcendence Lvl (at least Lvl 66 for Nat5s) and they should be max. awakened or u wont be able to clear the Floor.   Regarding the new Add Team feature: i personally LOVE IT ! Before the Update i was just doing a few Raids a Day with Supporting Teams, cuz it was just to hard to find good Teammates, some went AFK, some had to leave after 1-2 Raids etc. etc. ...but now ?! YOU are ur own Team ! Make sure to build up 3 Different Teams (each with the according DPS mentioned above) and u can collect them sweet sweet rewards. It will even benefit u more than once to build up more servants, COLLECTION EFFECT BABY and u can use them for the World Battle where u need even more Teams !   Finally i have to say i really do like the changes to Party Raid, i already did my 20 Raids today, i didnt had to wait for anybody and i even have the motivation to build up new Servants so i can climb higher on my own (For now i can easily do Floor 4 but Floor 5 is the new Goal).   The Teams im currently using for 4rd Floor: 1. Fire AA T5A5 Fire Rem T5A5 Water (A) Sphinx T2A4 2. Fire Ignis T5A5 Fire (A) Lucien T4A3 Water Valk T5A5 3. Light Bella T5A5 Forest Sphinx T5A5 Dark Ishmael T5A5   So even some L/D Nat4 servants will do the work if they are maxed out and have some decent Gear. (Tbh i think for Floor 5 they wont be good enough)   So go and build ur Servants, keep climbing and enjoy the new Party Raid !   Cya Lads   IGN: LLCoolJ Server: EU PID: 10011489937  

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  • Kristy.C LV.1 Mootie Dec 24, 2019, 01:26 AM

    I still can't beat F4... Someday lol