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Raid 4

Party Raid Tips & Guide

I tried many combos for stage 4 but the following is the best way imo. To clear successfully stage 4 you need 3 tanks that reach a total of 15k def (they also need some hp) 1 spd based dps 1 def based dps 1 atk based dps (aoe) 2 healers 1 support (Water Heylel is absolutely made for this) The higher the servants awakened the safer it is. But max awakened (purple) preferred. Its important to take off the debuffs on your teams and strip the buffs on raid boss. Thats why water Heylel does a very good job here. She cleanses and gives a def wave buff + def break on boss. Because without def break, it takes too much time. If your gear is decent, not any servant will be able to use skill 1 or 2. So you need a def break on a combo skill. To strip the boss you can use Water Blavatsky. As a spd based dps she is needed anyway and she strips for every critical hit on combo skill. AoE dmg is definitely needed for the minions. The phase between def and atk phase. They're killing your tanks fast if you can't kill them first. In case your aoe dmg wont kill all of them in one hit, you have a second healer. Also if boss does too much dmg with his aoe. Trust me, you better have two healers :) Btw def ignore doesnt work on boss, so let your def ignoring dps at home :) Most effective is to have one dps class in each team. And they should be faster than your tanks. The servant with highest spd will use its combo skill first. With decent spd, the combo skill gauge should be maxed on every second turn which means one turn your dps using combo skill, then your healer/support, then your dps again. You support/healer should combo with your dps. Most tanks dont have a combo skill that will help much here, so its not important to let them move. One last tip for faster clear: if you reach 15k def with two tanks, you can remove one tank for another dps. Im running in 2min or less with following teams Water Blavatsky, Vanessa (Fire Valk), Fire Ignis Water Ankou, Ariel (Water Archangel), Water Heylel Water Lucrecia, Water Mildred, Forest Heylel (Thanks to Pirogeth and Gubén) Edit: I'm using following with my own servants Fire Ignis, Water Blavatsky, Vanessa Water Lucrecia, Ariel, Water Heylel Camilla (Water Valk), Water Mildred, Forest Heylel Name: KyaPavil ID: 10010882768 Server: EU

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