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Dec 18, 2019, 11:03 AM 344 read

Raid 3 team and strategy

Party Raid Tips & Guide

For party raid three, I’ve found it’s best to take two tanks, two supports, two healers, and three dps. The key is having tanks with the required hp, but also enough dps to beat the timer. A major factor in the beating the boss in time is dealing with his armor buff. A stripper like fire ignis works well at first, but you’ll find that after the first combos start, there will be very little active skill use, except for heals and occasional taunts. The best counter then is to take dps heroes whose combo skill also strips (potential). Finally, since there is so much combining throughout the match, arrange your heirs so that they’ll combo into each other, even if it makes some teams look wonky. My team: Main: fire ignis t5a4, water Ankou t5a4, fire Valkryja t4a3 Team 2: fire (A)Sphinx t5a4, nature Lucrecia t5a4, Dark Blavatsky t0a4, Team 3: water Mildred t5a4, dark Eimyrja t1a3, water (a) Sphinx t4a3 So as you see, non maxed and even nature heirs can fare well Info: Starstatic, US Server, 10012350597

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