Pirogeth LV.24 Vampire
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Party Raid Tips & Guide

To Clear floor 4 u should use 3 Tanks (all of them should get 15k def) 2 good Heals And some beastly dmg Dealer for every Stage ;) A Support who spells Defbreak on Boss is very important, if u havent one your dmg on Boss isnt enough and u will be Not in time..so in the End u die. All of your Team should be use Servants who have max.potential, max. skills, full awaken and max. transcendent. The gear should be At least +15 or higer. We use this Heals: Camila red, heylel green(u can also use other Heals. Good is one who can dispel Debuffs from your Team and u should gear them to trigger dps comboskill. ***For example..in our Team i use Water Ankou Tank, Water Arcangel dps and Water Heylel for Support. Heylel uses her Combo and trigger my Arcangels Comboskill. This is very important to make more dmg.*** Tanks:we use Lucretia Water and Ankou Water.(u can also use other Tanks, but look out to use the Relation effect of your Servants. ***For example Water Ankou->Water Blavistky gets her Relation effect, Fire Heide-> carmila etc.*** Dmg Dealer : *Water Blavitsky for Stage 1( Stage 1 u allways need a dmgdealer who make SPD based dmg) *Water Arcangel for Stage 2 (def based dmg Dealer)u can also use other def based dmg Dealer like Carmila, Ezebel or Simone..but i prefer the Water Arcangel, because he can heal the Team with his Skills. *for AoE and Stage 3 water mildred and Water or Fire ignis ( Atk based dmg Dealer)..u van also use A Sphinx..but u need AoE Dps. Support: our Team use water heylel for def Break. Thx for reading my Post, i hope i can help. Username: pirogeth Userid:10005054901 Server:EU

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