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In-Depth Tips for Party Raid

Party Raid Tips & Guide

1. The recommended tank def shown on each floor does not necessarily have to be followed exactly (can be under slightly), however just know that anything under the tank def recommended will likely be inconsistent, and bound to fail on occasion. As a result, try to reach that threshold.   2. Have at least 3 DPS, spd-based, def-based, and atk-based (preferably AOE-atk). These types of DPS deal much more damage in certain phases of the boss, allowing for quicker clear times.   3. In order to maximize efficiency, bring healers/supports that combo into your DPS. These healers/supports should in total have a def-break on combo skill, have some sort of enemy buff removal skill on combo skill (or a DPS such as Water Blav has to be present), and there should be a team cleanse upon combo skill as well. As long as you have all three of these skills, party raid will be very fast.   4. Try to keep your DPS at either neutral or strong element to the enemy. Unless you have a weak-element tank on one of your teams, never bring a DPS at an element disadvantage (except maybe a really good def-DPS). These DPS will pull aggro onto themselves, and more often than not the boss will just 1-shot them.   5. "World Raid" potentials will help in either increasing damage to the boss or decreasing damage received from the boss. Make use of them!   6. Things NOT to bring: DPS based on ignore def, enemy max HP. A high HP, low defense tank.   IGN: Asian Server: Global Player ID: 10000803088

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