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Boss Invasion Tips!

Boss Invasion Tips & Guides

Did you know: boss invasion is all the rage these days! Don’t ask why, it just is! Don’t know ‘bout some boss invasion? Well, the following text-wall should help! The boss invasion game mode lets you fight a super-sized Ignis(sporting her groovy avatar). It’s got some really choice rewards, notably rainbow stones. However, super Ignis isn’t just going to fall over and burst into rewards, you need to work for it. She’s got three really irksome phases, and each phase requires a little strategy to clear it. Note also that this game mode is very potential dependent, and most of the ones you’ll want will start at Normal3, requiring awakening level 5. That’s level 5. AKA, the last level, A5. And not for just one, either. More like 8! Ok maybe not all 8, but it helps. Phase 1: Big Iggy’s first phase is weak to ignore defense damage. So you definitely want to bring a servant whose combo skill deals that type. The game also recommends potentials for this, raising ignore defense accuracy. The higher the floor, the more you’ll need. You’ll also want your tanks to be HP heavy, as Ignis will deal more damage the less HP your tanks have. Phase 2: Ignis drops her defense ignore weakness for a defense-based damage weakness in phase 2. As if that’s not enough, she’ll do speed-based damage. At some point, you’ll need to invest more into potentials again, namely those that reduce enemy DPS speed, in n order to cut her damage down. Phase 3: In phase 3, Ignis gets fed up with you, and just ends all your servants, except for the DPS ones. Sadly, the actual servant Ignis doesn’t get that skill. Again, her weakness changes, this time it is attack-based damage. While you can get by with any old ATK servant, those with AoE combo skills( A Sphinx, Rem, etc.) will work much better. Kinda weird really, until you realize there’s a ton of eyeballs with HP bars. Also in this phase, the enemies will target your def-based servant, provided it survived. That part is important, the survive part, since that servant can double as a baby tank. In summary, you want servants with defense, attack, and defense ignore based damage types, and at least 2 HP built tanks. The potentials are the details, and ignoring them will cost you. Generally, you’ll want supports toting speed reducing potentials, and maybe healers too, while tanks should have defense ignore resist. Potential requirements will also increase as you progress through the floors. That’s a lot of reading, but it really requires some forethought if you want to clear the floors. I hope this helps and good luck! IGN: Ravast Server: US ID: 10001069503

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