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[Announcement] v3.6 Update Compensation Reward Notice

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Announcement] v3.6 Update Compensation Reward Notice image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   We would like to make a special announcement to all users. The following information was included in the v3.6 Update Patch Notes, however, it seems that many have missed the information In order to prevent that from happening, we would like to inform all users about the compensation rewards again. Please see below for more information.   #1 AoE damage related adjustment compensation Reward - Reward Date: 3.6 After finishing the update check ~ 9/9 23:59 (Server time) - Compensation User List: All Users - Reward: Potential Change Stone x100 - Notice: Compensation Reward can only be claimed once per account. Compensation Reward will be sent to your mailbox upon login and will be stored for 7 days.   #2 Lucrecia Potential skill-related adjustment compensation reward - Reward Date: Within 3 days after the v3.6 Update [Delivered on 9/5] - Compensation User List: Users who have set their Lucrecia's 4th special potential skill to "The amount of damage receive at once does not exceed xx% of Max HP". - Compensation: Number of potential change stone to change the 4th special potential skill slot in the last 3 months. - Notice: Compensation Reward will be delivered to users who qualify for the compensation. The compensation reward will be delivered to the mailbox and will be stored for 7 days.   Thank you

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