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[Announcement] v4.2.4 Release Notice

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Announcement] v4.2.4 Release Notice image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   We would like to notify all users that a v4.2.4 has been released for Android and iOS to resolve issues that were found after the 4.2 Update. We recommend Heirs to download the newest version of Heir of Light for a pleasant gameplay experience.   Please see below for the v.4.2.4 patch release details   Release Date: > [US Server] 4/26 11:00 PM CDT > [EU Server] 4/27 6:00 AM CEST > [SEA Server] 4/27 12:00 PM SGT   v4.2.4 Release Details:   1. Guild War > Resolved an issue where the servants in the Guild War DEF Team were not able to be used as a material or moved to the barrack when leaving a Guild after being set as a DEF Team. > Resolved an issue where the Guild Leader could not deploy a Guild member's DEF team when a Guild Member leaves and rejoins the Guild after setting up their DEF team. > Resolved an issue where the PvP or other contents related passives were shown to be in effect when managing the Guild War DEF Team. > Resolved an issue where the UI would not display correctly upon entering the Guild War on certain types of Android devices.   2. Demian > Resolved an issue where Fire Demian's Transcendence Stat and Collect Effect were set as an ATK-based DPS Servant. > Resolved an issue where the DEF debuff on Dark Demian's Combo skill was set at Level 3 instead of Level 5.   3. Miscellaneous > Resolved an issue where the party raid was unplayable by displaying a server error message when inviting a player or a support team to the raid upon using a servant in a Subteam in Fuse, Evolve, or Dismiss. > Resolved an issue where an error message would display when joining a guild with an Infinite PvP team that does not have any servants with team passive skills related to Explore. > Resolved an issue where the Leto & [A] Leto's "Iyagagak's Feast" skill motion would stop and would not apply any damage when the skill is used right after an enemy's combo skill.   Thank you.

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