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[Announcement] v4.4.4 Release Notice

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Announcement] v4.4.4 Release Notice image 2

  Greetings Heirs,   We would like to notify all users that a v4.4.4 has been released for Android and iOS to resolve issues that were found after the 4.4 Update.   We recommend Heirs to download the newest version of Heir of Light for pleasant gameplay experience.   Please see below for the v.4.4.4 patch release details   Release Date: > [US Server] 6/24 11:35 PM CDT > [EU Server] 6/25 6:35 AM CEST > [SEA Server] 6/25 12:35 PM SGT   v4.4.4 Release Details:   1. Potential Skills Issues [Resolved] > Resolved an issue where a certain servant's passive skill would not activate upon unlocking the special potential skill #2. * List of Servants that were affected by the Issue: - Light Nuu - Light Oracle - Dark Carmilla - Forest Valk   > Resolved an issue where a certain special potential skill #4 would not activate properly on Healer Servants * The issued Potential Skill: "15% chance to heal an ally with the lowest HP by n%of MAX HP upon basic attack"   2. Pop Up & Other Improvements > Added an alert where it would advise to change your team composition if the team passive information does not match. (ex. you change out your servant but the passive is set to the servant that you previously exchanged) > Removed "bloom effect" during the battle for AD devices to prevent displaying issues from occurring. (The blooming effect is a graphic option and it caused the display issue on Android devices when turned on).   Thank you.   -CM_Heylel  

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