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Apr 20, 2021, 07:19 AM 236 read

[Notice] 4/19 CDT Live Patch

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Notice] 4/19 CDT Live Patch image 1

  Greetings Heirs   We are here to notify you that there was a Live Patch on 4/19 CDT. Please see below for more information.   ⭕ 4/19 CDT Live Patch was performed on 4/19 at 9:00 AM CDT.   ⭕ 4/19 CDT Live Patch Details: 1. Boss Raid Issue (Resolved) > An issue where a pop-up message would display and the damage would show as " - " when the bomb from Forest/Dark Oracle would explode when battling in the Boss Raid.   2. New Trial Servant Event Revision. > The basic T Lv. of the New Trial Servant is changed from T5 to T1. * If the highest T Lv. of the servant you possess is above T2, then basic T. Lv. of the Trial Servant will be above T2. Ex) If the highest T Lv. of the servant you possess is T3, then the trial servant will be T3 at 5th Awaken. ** If you received the Trial servants before the 4/19 CDT Live Patch, then the basic T. Lv of the trial servant will remain the same and the new changes will not be applied.   Thank you

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