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CM_Heylel's Top 5 Game Tips!

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My personal 5 game tip that all users must know:   🔷 For new users, focus on building a D.O.T (damage over time) damage team and aim to clear all Awakening Dungeon 10th floors.   Ideal D.O.T Damage Team > any 2 Servants with D.O.T Damage Skills *Fire Blavatsky is #1 D.O.T damage servant. Personally used Water Moira and Fire Laura during my early stage of the game. > 2 Tank or 1 Tank + 1 Healer   🔷 Always keep your valor above 2k and always use auto-repeat for farming. 150 auto-repeat count is ideal for multitasking purpose.   🔷 Farm Gears only in the Gear Dungeon and don't forget to use the auto-repeat & auto-sell settings. I recommend farming gear dungeons because you will be able to obtain gears and gold at the same time. You can use the auto-sell settings to sell certain level or below gear grades automatically. Gold is always useful :)   🔷 Do not use unwanted NAT 3 (3star) servants to craft common soul crystals first. Always fuse them first until 5 stars, then use them as craft material for common soul stones. I always fuse NAT 3 ~ NAT 4 servants until they reach 5-star grade and hope for a NAT 5 from fuse :)   🔷 Take advantage and participate in official communities (Moot & Discord) for events!   User Info IGN: Server: Global PID:   *Credits to Songbird for creating an amazing Thanolel emote on Discord :)    

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