itsPANDA LV.3 Lurker
Sep 18, 2019, 04:04 PM 384 read

5 Tips


TIP1: Don't reroll accounts, its practically pointless in this game.   TIP2: Don't build towards meta, it will frustrate you. Instead find a decent unit you like and build a team with synergy and ENJOY the game.   TIP3: Don't use expoits or game glitches, you will regret it. :)   TIP4: Even if you are trying to be F2P, get the repeat packs, it will be worth your time.   TIP5: Always work on the Combine units, its a free NAT5 or 2!   BONUS TIP6: Buy Bastille Shards and Bastille NAT5 unit even if you dont want him, its a free NAT5 Fuse.   BONUS TIP7: Water Heylel is OP, don't care what anyone says....     User Info IGN: itsPANDA Server: Global PID: 10003227100

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