SteelStryker LV.5 Lurker
Sep 18, 2019, 06:25 PM 381 read

SteelGUN's Top 5 Starter Tips


  1. Initial Farming Team: Form a DOT (2)/Tank (1-2)/Healer or Support (1-2) team for Omen 7 auto-farmable.   2. Secondary Farming Team: Form a similar team for Omen 10. Grind on 10 a LOT to get good gear & resources.   3. Ignore DEF Servants are really good early game.   4. Don't worry about ranking high in PVP until later. Can always run normal PVP to get points.   5. Decent early-mid-game, farmable, easy-to-transcend NAT 3*-4* servants may include: [Dark] Ishmael, [Dark] Charlotte, [Dark] Dunkelhund, [Fire] Enoch. The only easy-to-transcend NAT 5* servant is [Water] Heylel, because you can always combine for her every month.   IGN: SteelGUN Server: Global PID: 10001556963

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