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1. Don't skip tutorials. They exist in this day and age for a reason. 2. Experience is the best teacher. Don't follow someone's advice blindly - especially if what he/she is trying to "teach" you isn't based on first-hand experience. 3. When making tough decisions, go with your gut. 4. Be wary of misinformed guides as these can easily derail your gaming experience. A perfect example of these would be videos that have something like "Top 10 best dps servants", "Top 10 L/D servants to farm", or pretty much anything that uses the word "best". 5. Although there is nothing in this game that can be considered the "best" or "the ultimate end-all-be-all" servant, it is important to focus on building ONE servant (preferably a DPS unit) when starting off to ensure smooth sailing when doing story quests and all that good stuff. User Info: Not doing this for the rewards. Just wanna help out.

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