Kyoob LV.2 Lurker
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Kyoob's Heir of Light Tips


1. Do your best to finish all the tiles at 3 stars as you progress. You are rewarded for doing so and the rewards are well worth it!   2. You can craft Valor out of *1-3 summon stones. 100 stones can be turned into 250 Valor, and is often a good alternative to spending karats if you find yourself running low.   3. 6* Epic (purple) gear can be crafted using common soul stones in the 'Servants' crafting tab. Up to 10 pieces can be crafted per month. This can be a good way to quickly gear up characters if you are missing gear with the right stats.   4. Each time you fuse two servants, you get a reward of 10 karats (max 100 per day). These extra karats can quickly add up!   5. Duplicate nat *5 servants are important in Heir of Light. They are used to transcend your units to higher levels. Never feed or fuse a dupe nat *5, unless you've just got too many.   User Info IGN:Kyoob Server: SEA PID: 10009270601

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