Snoopkr LV.3 Lurker
Sep 19, 2019, 08:31 AM 453 read

Snoopys tips


1. Focus on getting a strong attacker and build him/ her as best you can. 2. Using the main character use the element to farm (fire > wind, water > fire, wind > water). 3. Keep all summoned to train using the above main character as your main attacker. 4. Everytime you max a character (start with low stars 2 to 4) use a summoned character to evolve. 5. Now you will have a list of evolve characters without having to use the buns. I would keep 10 5 *s and use 5 everytime your weekly 6* rewards run out. The extra 5 is when you get a special nat5 summon so you can already evolve to 6* after using the above method to train. User info: Ign: Snoopkr Server: Global Ps.... I'm horrible at trying to write tutorials, so i hope my tips are easy to understand and helpful.

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