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Coolest Tips in here


Yo Boys and Girls, while Im chilling at work i thought why not share a few Tips while getting paid anyways ?! So leggggoo   Tip Numero Uno:   Always and i mean ALWAYS do some PvP/iPvP matches and try to get placed. Even if u are a new player its kind of simple to get ranked in the Top 200/500 and u will get some nice rewards every week !   Numero Dos:   Dont start shard Farming in early/mid-game. You will get a bunch of Nat5s in this game and especially in the beginning your Team will change a lot, according to the servants u will pull. So farming for a special servant could be Risky since u wont know for sure that u will really use this servant.   Numero Tres:   Dont be afraid of using Nat4s! There are a few Nat4s that are really worth building early or even mid-game. Servants like Fire Enoch or Charlotte (All Types are good but LD versions are really nutty!) can easily push you through the game and are really easy to Trans+Awa.   Numero Cuatro:   Try to Concentrate on one Servant for awakening before you start with a second or even third one. It is hard to get your hands on enough Surpremes and your Servants will really shine starting from A4+, so try to save them till u have ur DPS and/or Tank at least at A4 before u start to awaken another servant!   Numero Cinco:   Last but not least, HAVE GOD DAMN FUN !! Dont push yourself always to get the meta team, use and build Servants u like and u think they look cool, even if they are weak ! Obviously dont waste Ressources on them when ur struggeling but if you have enough Ressources and u like the Design of Torhino, fu**ing GO FOR IT !   So Lads thats it from me, wish u guys a nice weekend and some nice RNG luck with ur Pulls !     IGN: LLCoolJ Server: EU PID: 10011489937  

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