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Sep 22, 2019, 01:30 AM 526 read

Tips For Free


1. First of all for begginners try to build the 5 star dps servant that youve got for free its very convenient to have a 5 star servant in your team for best result.. 2. Obtain Ismael in the dark quest chapter 4infor smooth progress in the game this dark tank servant is better than any fire water or forest tank servant in early games because based on my experience dark and light servants are way more stronger than normal element servants rather than forest water and fire that have weaknesses to each other.. 3. for beginners I recommend clearing quest and game guides for advantage because youll slowly understand the game mechanics through quests and game guides and guest what rewards like diamonds awekening materials or instant 6star buds epic summoning stones are free to get by completing quest and game guides 4. build servants that youll need the most dont aim for collecting them all because this game is not about having to many servants its about how you can progress your servant how you can build it strong for future battle .less servant less awekening materials less gear to use. 5. link your account dont snab this tip.or else youll end up crying like me... its better if youll link or create an account using hive for account deletion prevention IGN: Juvymexei SERVER:USA PID: 10012213633

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