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Andrew's Game tips


I wrote these lines with all the regrets of losing precious resources for unwanted results. These are not exactly tips, but rather "rules" for beginners to manage their team better. Here we go:   1. Buy Repeat battle packs Super cheap, and the packs allow you to farm awakenning stones/ gears / Global Infinite PvP or leveling up all those heroes that you'd never use during play time. Events in the game provide huge amount of valors, and buying valors is also as cheap, so you won't have to worry about running out of valors to "light" you grinding.   2. Read Statistics and Review Before investing everything you have into 1 hero, especially if you are new to the game, you should read carefully her skill set, her reviews and her statistics. The frequency of use of the hero at certain raids and stages tell a lot about whether you should invest in her or fuse her for a more suitable hero for your team.   3. Buy mission pack Also a cheap pack with so much value, especially a selection stone at the end when all quests completed. you get at least 1500 diamonds, summon stones, rainbow stones and all, and you can do the whole thing every month!   4. Use wind set and chain set They don't sound as attempting as an attack boost or critical damage boost, but trust me, Casting more really means better damage output, especially with a supporter or healer casting continuously during the fight. Sometimes your global cooldown blocking the buffing skills from working the way it should.   5. Rate+ summoning if you have 1000 diamonds, do rate+ summoning, because in my experience, Rate+ seems to yield better result than normal epic stone summoning. I've got my Green John Wick transcended 4 times just by Rate+.   IGN: Asian PID: 10012914448 Server : SEA Crusade Name : WickedAndrew  

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