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HoL guide Part 2 (Early - Mid game)


Early - Mid game guide: 1. KEEP YOUR DUPE NAT 5s!!!! HoL has a feature called transcendence, where you can combine same servants to increase the overall power of one of them. Each unit maxes out at T5 (T being transcendence) , so you actually need SIX of each servant to max transcend them. Transcendence is arguably the highest value upgrade you can make to your servants. 2. Build a farmer! A farmer is a dps servant who will be used to level up your low level servants for intents and purposes of 6* ing your units. By using this farmer unit to solo tiles, you allow yourself to have three separate units leaching exp. This 1 farmer, 3 food setup will be your ideal setup for acruing exp. if you dont know who to use for a farmer, use water lenore as she is very easy to transcend early. 3. Build a tank! Tanks are CRUCIAL to all content in HoL! Having a strong tank allows your dps servants to do their job efficiently, because, well... You cant exactly output any damage if youre dead.. The tanks main purpose is to stay alive, and to hold aggro (attention of the enemy). If you werent lucky enough to pull any duplicate nat 5 tanks, i highly recommend investing in Dark Ishmael (attainable though the quest guide). 4. Once you have a tank and a farmer built to at least 6* and A3, its time to start building a team! While stacking your best dps on a team sounds like it could work, its actually more beneficial most of the time to use just ONE dps, and to build a team around them. S3 or ultimate abilities, have a pretty unique feature to HoL. Marks. What are they, and how do they work? Well, each servant has a primary mark, and a secondary mark. The PRIMARY MARK is the one tied to your servants ability. Meaning any servants who shares the same primary mark, will essentially be sharing their ultimate charge to a degree.. Which is bad.. (Generally.. There are a few exceptions which i will explain in another guide). The SECONDARY MARK is a mark that has a chance to be called upon, or combo'd when a servant uses their ultimate ability. For example, my [A] Sphinx has a chance when she ults, to call upon my Ankou's mark, for no penalty whatsoever. In doing this, you can further utilize your dps servant by allowing for them to use their ultimate ability more than they could alone. An ideal team would have 4 separate primary marks, that all utilized your dps' primary mark. 5. Start thinking about your f11 and f12 awakening dungeon teams! Magic is the easiest, and used the most, so i recommend building this team first (especially because the restrictions here are much less than the other awakening dungeons). Element specific awakening dungeons f11 and f12 need FOUR of a specific type to complete (four heals, four tanks, four ranged dps, four melee dps, etc.) again, this should only be done once you have at least one core team built and ready for gear dungeons and other content.

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