CM_Lucien LV.16 Staff
Dec 7, 2021, 02:17 PM 99 read

[Notice] v6.3 Update Preview

Update Preview & Patch Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Update Preview & Patch Notes - [Notice] v6.3 Update Preview image 1

Greeting, Heirs.   As you've all seen from the pre-registration, we are here with a v6.3 Update Preview!   ①New 5★ Servants!​ ②Special Dark Fairytale Drop Event! ③Dark Fairytale Event Dungeon! ④Increased Transcendence Level for Origin 4★​ Servants! ⑤Improved Sanctuary Area! ​⑥​New extras will be added for watching new Videos!​   Stay tuned for these amazing updates!   Check out the link for more details!  

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