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Dev Note #61 When do you want to quit Heir of Light the Most?

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While we have been very busy getting ready for 3.3 Update, we prepared this Dev Note because we wanted to ask a very important question to Heirs.   For Heir of Light to be loved in the long term, we believe that Heirs should be able to enjoy the game regardless of how long they have been playing Heir of Light.   One of our major concern is the point when Heirs feel the urge to quit Heir of Light.   Even after lengthy discussions among the community, it is extremely difficult to agree on the specific point that Heirs want to quit because it can be very different based on Heirs' gameplay pattern.   While it is difficult for us to satisfy everyone, we believe that we need to be open to all the feedbacks and fix what seems to be an issue for Heirs to enjoy Heir of Light throughout a long time span.   Therefore, we want to use this Dev Note to provide a space for Heirs to openly discuss Heir of Light.   Please share about your experience when you wanted to quit Heir of Light. Topic Example: > Things that you were lacking the most > Things that you needed the most > Things that made you feel most frustrated   Any feedback like above from the Heirs are welcomed.   - Please refrain from leaving arguments to other Heirs' comments since we are looking for truthful feedbacks from all Heirs. - Please feel free to criticize us on anything you feel we are doing wrong. - Dev and CMs won't be responding to comments to facilitate open discussion.  

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