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Dev Note #66 3.3.6 Update Notice (Expected Date: 6/10 CDT)

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #66 3.3.6 Update Notice (Expected Date: 6/10 CDT) image 1

Greetings Heirs,   We are back with Dev Note, featuring Update Preview of 3.3.6 Update scheduled for June 10th.   New Combine   New servant on Combine will be [Forest] Ankou, a servant loved by many Heirs in Party Raid.   Due to Relation Effect with various servants, [Forest] Ankou is also extremely popular in Infinite PvP. (Mid~High Rank)   [Forest] Ankou will be available for Combine until July 7th. Please be aware that [Forest] Ankou can be combined once during the duration.   Following Servants are required to Combine [Forest] Ankou: > [Fire] Charlotte > [Water] Belladonnas > [Forest] Hopkins > [Dark] Ashimov (Nat 4★ can be combined 3 times during the period)   Here are the list of Combine materials for Nat 4★ Servants: > [Fire] Charlotte: [Fire] Gwyllgi, [Fire] Dorrit, [Water] Gottorp, [Forest] Medjed > [Water] Belladonnas: [Fire] Gottorp, [Water] Otik, [Water] Monolith, [Forest] Mordu > [Forest] Hopkins: [Fire] Monolith, [Water] Marat, [Forest] Nutkin, [Forest] Gretel   Servant Update   > [Fire]/[Water]/[Dark] Ignis: The first and second skill of Fire / Water / Dark Ignis will be changed to AoE attacks. We also increased the size of hitbox of her Combo Skill in order to enhance Ignis' role as an AoE DPS servant.   > [Water] Ezebell: Water Ezebell has been doing relatively less damage because his [Increase Damage Received by Enemies] debuff often failed to apply on the enemies. To improve [Water] Ezebell's damage output, we will be adding "Every attack has 20% chance to increase damage received by enemies (Lv. 1)" to his passive so that Ezebell can utilize his debuff more often.   Potential Enhance Cost   We have seen Heirs having a difficult time to enhance Potential even with enough Potential Enhance Stone because of the high cost of gold to enhance.   We will be decreasing the gold cost of Potential Enhance so that it is easier for Heirs to enhance Potential.   Here is the Enhance Cost Comparison of at Lv. 10.  

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #66 3.3.6 Update Notice (Expected Date: 6/10 CDT) image 3

  Party Raid Valor Cost   The high Valor cost to participate in Party Raid made it harder for some Heirs to enjoy Party Raid. As we mentioned in previous Dev Note, we will be decreasing the Valor cost of Party Raid so that more Heirs can join without worrying about Valor cost.  

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #66 3.3.6 Update Notice (Expected Date: 6/10 CDT) image 5

Many Heirs have been asking for a reset on or June 10th. Please feel free to leave any feedback on the comments.   Heads Up:   Many Heirs have been asking for reset on Invite Friend count in order to bring more friends to Heir of Light.   Especially because the newly added Party Raid is even better with friends, the Invite Friend count has been reset in 3.3 Update, which means you can start claiming rewards from inviting friends again.   Every invitation will be rewarded with 300 Karats and 5 Epic Summon Stones, which means inviting all 30 friends will translate to 9,000 Karats and 150 Epic Summon Stones. Please check out the new “Invite Friend!” We would love to see Heirs bringing friends to Heir of Light!   - Flynn  

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