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Dev Note #67 3.4 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #67 3.4 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance image 1

  It has been a while since we delivered our last Dev Note. We have been very busy trying to reflect various feedbacks from the community in 3.4 Update. We apologize about the delay.   Let's jump right into the first 3.4 Update Preview, featuring Servant Balance.   Healing Class Servant Buff   When we first worked on buffing Healer Class servants, we tried to develop two types of Healer Class servants: a type that specializes in reviving and a type that specializes in healing.   However, we realized that the type that specializes in reviving is far more popular than the type that specializes in healing, which is why we are bringing the following update:   [Forest] Ankou & [Dark] Eimyrja & [Fire/Light] Sphinx & [Light] Heylel: > The heal amount on the 2nd skill will be increased from 70% of the caster's max health to 100% of the caster's max health. (Enhancing skill will increase the amount of heal.) > We are adding "Heal all allies by 50% of the caster's max health upon Combo Skill use" to the passive to increase the amount of heal.   [Forest] Heylel: > Since [Forest] Heylel is a Healing Class servant scaling off ATK, we are adding "Heal all allies by 800% of the caster's ATK upon Combo Skill use" to her passive.   * Due to the Healing Class Servant patch, the Potential Update for Healing Class servants will be taking place in the next Update. We believe that we must focus on balance of Healer Class servants itself before we start working on the Potential.   Additional Servant Balance   [Fire/Forest/Dark][A] Leto: > As it has been constantly suggested by the community, we will be adjusting her passive so that the ATK buff from her passive is not removed by skills that [remove buff]. > Now that her passive is not affected by buff removal skill, it only depends on her HP.   Bastille: > Since Bastille was only available through Guild Shop, it was very difficult for Heirs to reach 5th Transcendence for Bastille. > Therefore, we will be adding Fire/Water/Forest Bastille Select Summon in Guild Shop for 60,000 Points, and Bastille Shards can now be exchanged for 4,000 Points instead of 7,000 Points. (For those aiming for Bastille, we highly recommend you do so after 3.4 Update.)   Potential   While servants with Skill Gauge Reduction have been at the center of the meta, there was no real way to counter Skill Gauge Reduction.   Therefore, we are adding [Increase Skill Gauge Reduction Resist in PvP] to Potentials. [Increase Skill Gauge Reduction Resist] can be applied to Normal Potential Slot 3~5, and the max resist is 40% just like Silence Resist.   Additional Balance Improvement & Adjustments   > Resilience Block will now remain on servants even after reviving. > We have fixed several issues related to skill usage, such as the issue that disabled regular Skill or Combo Skill and issue that activated multiple Combo Skills at once. (We are very confident that this update will fix all the issues related to skills! We promise!) > Ranged servants will now keep certain distance from enemies.   Progression with device heating issues   Through community's help reporting their device and situation, we were able to make some progress addressing device heating issue. The following update will arrive in 3.4 Update, so please hang on there a little longer.   We apologize that we failed to keep our promise about posting servant balance update notes earlier.   It was only 8~9 days ago that these updates were finalized, and this was the earliest we could deliver the Dev Note.   We would try our best to deliver faster Servant Balance Update details in the future.   Thank you, and see you in the next Dev Note!  

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