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Dev Note # 70: Notice About Party Raid #2

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs,   After looking over reactions from the community to the lengthy Dev Note posted last night, we were able to realize once again how every Heirs have their own unique, reasonable opinions.   About Party Raid Schedule Test   Here are some issues with Party Raid that we are currently working on: > Synchronizing issue with Party Raid > Issue that prevents Combo Skill activation with black screen > Issue that prevents servants from activating skills   We had internal discussion suggesting that it will be better to test out new Party Raid schedules after we fix the basic issues that prevent Heirs from enjoying Party Raid in general.   Also, there have been a lot of concerns from the community that opening up Party Raid 24/7 for a full week would result in excessive reward for those who can play Party Raid, leaving those that can't play Party Raid behind.   Therefore, here is what we are going to do: 1. We will be having another patch this Thursday or Friday in order to fix Party Raid issues. 2. We will be opening Party Raid 24/7 on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to collect data of Heirs' Party Raid experience. (We believe that full weekend and a working day would be enough to collect data.)   Once we collect data from 24/7 Party Raid schedule, we will make additional announcement about experimenting 12 hours schedule of Party Raid.   About Rewards   As we mentioned in the Dev Note, we are NOT considering entry limits on Party Raid. However, we believe it is inevitable to adjust the reward if we decide to remove the time constraint on Party Raid.   While Heirs will be claiming less reward on average with adjusted reward, we want to let the community know that we will be preparing means to reward Heirs for the minimum participation in Party Raid. (For example, Heirs would receive additional reward upon reaching certain number of participation.)   Also, as we mentioned in the Dev Note, we will be sending out 10 Transcending Aura daily between 6/26 ~ 7/2. Please check out the announcement in our community for details. Lastly, we want to thank the community for all the feedbacks and words of encouragement and appreciation. We hear all the concerns from the community, and some feedbacks actually enlighten us with new inspirations. We will try our best not to disappoint the Heirs putting faith in us.   Thank you.    

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