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Dev Note # 72: 3.5 Update Preview #1: Servant Update Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note # 72: 3.5 Update Preview #1: Servant Update Notice image 2

Greetings Heirs,   There have been active discussions among the community making predictions about the next servant update. (We want to mention that a lot of predictions were on point.)   Since many Heirs are wondering about the details of next update, we tried to prepare this Dev Note as soon as possible.   Part I   In the bigger picture, the difference between servants that can be acquired from both farming and summoning and servants that can only be acquired through summoning, and the difference between Fire / Water / Forest servants and Light / Dark servants are closely related to difficulty of acquiring them. We believe that the difficulty to acquire certain servant should determine the performance of the servant to certain degree.   Light / Dark servants being stronger than Fire / Water / Forest servants is the direction that we intend to take.   However, if Fire / Water / Forest servants have absolutely no chance against Light / Dark servants, it will ruin the diversity of Heirs' team. It will also force Heirs to either go through very difficult Shard Farming or make considerable amount of purchase to summon certain servants.   Major concern from the community regarding this issue includes: > Light / Dark servants are simply too strong > It takes great amount of effort for many of Heirs to summon Fire / Water / Forest servants, and yet they are not that useful.   We are aware that this issue must be addressed.   Therefore, we are planning on buffing Fire / Water / Forest servants that cannot be farmed and can only be acquired through summoning to have similar performance to Light / Dark servants that can be Shard farmed. We will be starting this process with servants that were released more recently. We are hoping that this change would increase excitement among Heirs when they summon Fire / Water / Forest servants that cannot be farmed.   As some Heirs might have guessed, this will put farmable Fire / Water / Forest servants to slightly weaker position, while giving some advantage to Light / Dark servants that cannot be farmed. While we believe this difference is acceptable considering the difficulty to acquire certain servants, we also believe it is going to be difficult for certain team to dominate the meta once the variation of Heirs' team brings Rock/Paper/Scissor type of battle where no single team completely dominates over all other teams. (Since there are Heirs working hard on farming servants with Double Shard package, we put great amount of thoughts to this servant balance.)   We went over general direction of the update. Let's go into a little more detail about 3.5 Update focused on the direction we mentioned above.   Lucrecia Buff   When we designed Lucrecia, we were trying to design a servant that is strong against Multi-Hit Combo Skill in order to give more presence to Single-Hit (Multi-Hit 1) servants. However, Multi-Hit servants are still dominant, making it hard for Heirs to utilize Lucrecia in their team. Therefore, we will be changing her passive to [Reduces damage by 70% for the second hit, and by 90% for third hit and afterward] in order to make her stronger against Multi-Hit servants. While Single-Hit skills can be countered with tank servants like Fire Heide that limits damage of a Single Hit nuke skill, Multi-Hit skills can be countered by servants like Lucrecia who is strong against Multi-Hit skill.   * Along with the Lucrecia buff, we will be adding her to Rate+ summon.     DEF Based DPS Servants Buff   We believe that main reason many Heirs have been commenting on DEF Based DPS servants is because DEF Based DPS servants do not have much presence in iPvP. We believe that two conditions must be met in order to make DEF Based DPS Servants viable: 1) DEF Based DPS Servants must have sufficient amount of damage output. 2) Melee servants must become more viable in general.   Therefore, we decided to work on the first condition, increasing the damage ratio of all DEF Based DPS servants.   1. Damage ratio of Archangel's Combo Skill of all elements will be increased from 6776% to 7084%   2. Forest Ezebell's Combo Skill damage ratio will be increased from 6160% to 7084%. Ezebell's new passive will also make him [Immune to DEF debuffs]. Plus, his passive will [Increase 50% Crit Damage (Max 250%) upon skill use] instead of 25%.   3. Light Ezebell's Combo Skill damage ratio will be increased from 6160% to 7084%. We will also be adding [Increase DEF for 60 sec (Lv.5)] to his second skill. Furthermore, his passive will give [20% increase in DEF (Max 100%) upon skill use] instead of 10%.   4. Water Simone's Combo Skill damage ratio will be increased from 6160% to 7084%. Also, her passive will [Increase Crit Damage by 150% upon skill use] instead of 60%.   5. Light Carmilla's Combo Skill damage ratio will be increased from 6160% to 7084%. Also, her 2nd skill will [Increase caster's DEF for 60 sec (Lv. 5)], while Leech Buff on her 2nd skill will be moved to her Combo Skill. As we add Leach Buff to her Combo Skill, we will be removing DEF debuff on her Combo Skill. Lastly, her passive will now [Increase DEF by 70% during the Leach buff] instead of 50%.   6. Dark Carmilla's Combo Skill damage ratio will be increased from 3080% to 3696%. We are also adding [Increase caster's DEF for 60 sec (Lv. 5)] to her second skill. Additionally, her passive now has [40% chance of basic attack activating Leech for 30 sec] instead of 20% chance. Lastly, her Team Passive will be changed to [DEF of All Elements allies increases by 57% in PvP].   7. Fire / Forest Carmilla’s Combo Skill damage ratio will be increased from 6160% to 7084%.   While Dark Valkyrja can also be categorized as DEF Based DPS Servants, we won't be changing her damage ratio since she does AoE attack. (From now on, we are planning on differentiating damage ratio of AoE Attack DPS servants and Single Target Attack DPS servants.)     Christine   General feedback about Christine includes: > She is simply weak. > She is not that special from previous Ranged Ignore DEF servants.   While we would love to see a powerful new servant being loved by all Heirs, we are also careful about adding a new servant because we are aware of the frustration that rises among the community when a powerful new servant dominates the meta, making servants that Heir already invested so much in useless. Therefore, rather than making simply stronger servant, we are focusing on differentiating servants through unique passives.   As we mentioned above, we believe that we need to differentiate servants that can be farmed and servants that cannot be farmed. Therefore, we came to a conclusion that Christine's performance is underwhelming considering the difficulty to acquire her.   Therefore, we will be buffing the stats upon her Transcendence, along with her damage ratio. > Upon transcendence, Fire / Water / Forest Christine will receive 25% increase in base stats, and 15% increase in her special stat ATK. > Upon transcendence, Light / Dark servants will receive 30% increase in base stats, and 25% increase in her special stat ATK. > Combo Skill damage ratio will be increased from 2464% to 2772%.   Part II   Along with our direction about performance of servants, another major direction we are pursuing is providing an environment where Heirs can form their own unique team with various servants, rather than providing an environment where Heirs are forced to form a standardized team.   Servant Balance changes frequently as we add new servants, make changes to certain effects, and buff old servants. Rather than releasing an extremely powerful servant, we want to release new servants that counter certain other servants, creating a Rock/Paper/Scissor like environment where Heirs can strategize against other Heirs to bring victory.   We have already mentioned several times that we won't be working on servant balance by directly nerfing certain powerful servants. While direct nerf can bring immediate solution to the game in the short run, we believe that it will ultimately lead Heirs to be disappointed by the game in the long run as it raises the anxiety that servants that Heirs own can be nerfed. Therefore, as we have mentioned before, we will either add new servants or make changes to effects as we work on servant balance rather than placing direct nerf on certain strong servants.     Following changes will be made according to the direction we explained above:   Melee Servants Indirect Buff   Melee servants continuously dying to Ranged AoE DPS servants ruined the Rock/Paper/Scissor design of PvP, making it difficult for Heirs to utilize the Melee servants that they invested on in PvP contents. We believe that same applies for majority of DEF Based Melee DPS servants. However, we don't believe that simply buffing Melee servants' ATK or DEF is the right way to make Melee servants viable.   We believe that there needs to be a mean for Melee servants to fight against Ranged DPS servants in order to make Melee servants viable again. Once the mean is provided, we believe that Melee servants will have solid presence in PvP.   As one of our attempt to make Melee servants viable again, we will be releasing new servant Mildred. DPS Mildred has characteristics of attacking Ranged servants. The addition of new servant that counters Ranged servants will require further consideration of Heirs when utilizing Ranged servants, possibly leading Heirs to look for alternatives of the Ranged servants. Overall, we expect this change to bring more presence to Melee DPS servants.     Skill Gauge Increase / Decrease Changes   We believe that the Skill Gauge Increase / Decrease meta is ruining the balance in various ways. That is why we added [Increases Skill Gauge Reduction Resist in PvP] to the potential, and we actually believe the patch brought some changes. However, since the issue is not completely fixed, we will giving another shot to solve this problem by adding new servant. Support Mildred is capable of giving [immunity to Skill Gauge reduction to all allies] while leaving curse that [prevents all enemies from receiving Skill Gauge Up]. Therefore, Mildred will give hard time to many popular servants related to Skill Gauge, ultimately bringing more variety to Heirs' strategy.   * Fire / Water / Light Mildred is DPS, while Forest / Dark Mildred are Supports.     Summarizing:   Our main focus can be divided into two parts: 1. Creating an environment allowing Heirs to utilize various servants to form their own unique team rather than environment forcing Heirs to form one standardized team. 2. Balancing servants' performance based on their rarity and creating an environment where effort pays off.   Please feel free to submit any feedback, and we will continue our effort to reflect communities' demand.   Thank you.  

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