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Dev Note # 75: 3.5 Update Preview #3: Global Infinite PvP Notice

Dev Notes
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  Greetings Heirs,   In today's Dev Note, we want to go over Global Infinite PvP & Infinite PvP.   Heir of Light is a global game enjoyed by millions of Heirs all over the world. Instead of providing a different build for each region, we provide a single, identical build of Heir of Light to all regions.   Since the launch of Heir of Light, we realized that each region develops its own strategy unique from strategies of other regions. We also noticed that community of each region comes up with very different community guide.   We believe that Global Infinite PvP can not only expose Heirs to various teams from different regions, but also motivate Heirs to come up with different strategies as Heirs of all over the world compete against each other with their own team. Most importantly, we believe that Global Infinite PvP will determine the #1 Heir of the world.   While Korea & Global server with large Heir population did not have much issue with PvP matchmaking, this was not necessarily the case for other regions with less population. We believe that opening up Global Infinite PvP will resolve the matchmaking issue for less populated regions as it matches up Heirs from all servers.   So far, we briefly went over the necessity of Global Infinite PvP. Let's go over more details about Global Infinite PvP, along with some explanation about the direction we want to take with Heir of Light.   Global Infinite PvP Details > Since Global Infinite PvP is a global content, all Heirs will have a National Flag tag. > All battles in Global Infinite PvP will be identical to battle in Infinite PvP. > Heirs need 2 Invitations to participate in Global Infinite PvP. Invitations can be acquired through following methods:

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Rank / League / Reward   In Global Infinite PvP, you can acquire Honor Points regardless of the result and earn Winning Streak Bonus upon winning multiple PvP consecutively just like Infinite PvP.   Here is the details of Weekly Rank Rewards of Global Infinite PvP. (Since Heirs from all around the world compete in Global Infinite PvP, Rank 1 player will receive L/D ★5 Summon Stone. Also, to reflect a larger number of participants, we will be adjusting the reward tiers so that more Heirs qualify for each reward tier.)

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  Season   Global Infinite PvP will go by Season, and each Season will last for a week just like Infinite PvP.     Since all regions with different timezone must participate in Global Infinite PvP based on a single Weekly & Calculation schedule, we will be basing Global Infinite PvP schedule on KST. The Weekly & Calculation schedule will be different for every region.)

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  Global Infinite PvP Beta Status   Big part of Global Infinite PvP development is already complete. While we decided to add Beta label to Global Infinite PvP, the status of Global Infinite PvP is quite different from previous status of Tower Invasion or Party Raid. We don't intend to make huge changes that would alter the direction of Global Infinite PvP.   However, since Global Infinite PvP incorporates servers from all around the world, we decided that it is better to prepare for possible issues from unstable network connection or extreme network delay. While we have already conducted internal tests targeting all regions, we want to focus on stabilizing Global Infinite PvP while we maintain the Beta status.   Infinite PvP Change   Since Global Infinite PvP closely resembles Infinite PvP, these two contents focus on similar type of fun. Some Heirs might think that adding Global Infinite PvP is just another addition of chore that Heirs have to do everyday.   Since there can be unexpected problems with Global Infinite PvP as we mentioned earlier, we are planning on keeping Infinite PvP for a while. Please note that we are planning on replacing Infinite PvP with different content once we stabilize Global Infinite PvP.   As many Heirs wanted, we are designing a PvP where even unpopular servants can shine. Here are some possibilities suggested by the community that we are considering for new PvP: > Requirement to use Nat ★4 Servant > Ban on certain servants > Strengthening / Weakening servants based on their usage   We hope that everyone enjoys the new Global Infinite PvP. Tomorrow, we will come back with Servant Balance #2. Please stay tuned for details about servant balance update.   Thank you.

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