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Dev Note #80: 3.6 Update Preview #1: Suggestion Reflection / QoL Improvements Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #80: 3.6 Update Preview #1: Suggestion Reflection / QoL Improvements Notice image 1

Greetings Heirs,   Today, we want to go over suggestions that were brought up by the community that are being addressed in 3.6 Update.   1. Adding Infinite PvP Mock Battle Many Heirs have been commenting that: "I want to enjoy PvP with Friends & Guild Members." "I want to go against a Heir that I won/lost against once again."   In 3.6 Update, we are finally adding Mock Battle to Infinite PvP. Heirs can now engage in Mock Battle against Infinite PvP team that is displayed in User Info.   2. Defense Team Mark Lock   Currently, changing Mark setting of a servant used in Infinite PvP in Boss Raid or Exploration stages can potentially leave significant impact on the team setting of Infinite PvP.   We will be reflecting popular suggestion from the community and make change so that the Mark setting of Defense Team(Support Team) of PvP, Party Raid, and Infinite PvP wouldn't change.   From now on, Heirs will be given option to adjust even Mark setting when they set up their team for PvP or Party Raid. For Infinite PvP & Global Infinite PvP, the Mark Setting will be saved along with the team once an Heir's team wins a battle, and the Mark will be locked even if you change Mark setting of the servant in different content.   3. Servant Barrack Organization / Mark Information Added   While Sort Function is available in Servant Inventory, it is not available for Servant Barracks. Currently it is extremely inconvenient to select low Star Grade / Level servants from Servant Barracks.   Sort Function in Servant Barracks has been constantly suggested by the community for some time. Also, with addition of Mark Gear Craft, we have been getting requests to add Mark display in Servant Barracks.   In 3.6 Patch, we will be improving Servant Barracks so that Heirs can use Sort Function & check Mark at one glance.   4. World Battle Opponent Matching Change for Beginner Players / Excluding Revive in Result Reward Screen upon Defeat.   World Battle was initially designed as a high-level content divided in 5 stages that Heirs get to go against various opponents, rather than a content for beginner players. We also wanted to give Mid-Rank Heirs chance to go against/check out Top Rank Heirs' team. (1st ~ 20th Rank)   Regardless of our intention, many Heirs suggested reworking World Battle content by matching players with slightly easier opponents, instead of forcing Heirs to lose all the time against 3rd. 4th, and 5th Team. Currently, World Battle became an extremely difficult content that requires Heirs to be within Top 20 Rank to actually defeat all 5 teams. We are making changes to the difficulty issue of World Battle in 3.6 Update.   With 3.6 Update, Heirs placed in 1st ~ 300th place in Infinite PvP will be matched against different opponent from Heirs placed between 301st place and below. We are expecting Heirs to find up to 3rd Team winnable, and we will also be adjusting matching system of 4th Team so that Heirs can win time by time based on matching luck.   Also, before the update, Heirs received F Rank if an opponent servant Revives all servants. Therefore, we are changing World Battle so that revived servant is recorded as a kill.   5. AoE & Penetration Notice   There has been continuous questions asking if Piercing Damage (Example: Fire Ignis' Combo Skill attacks enemy in straight line) is categorized as AoE damage and if Piercing Damage can be reduced by AoE Damage Reduction. In 3.6 Update, we decided to clarify some categorizations. First, Piercing Damage will be categorized as AoE damage. Also, upon this patch, we will be adding details to skill description describing if the skill does Single Target Damage or Piercing/AoE Damage.   6. Gear Inventory Expanded   This was probably one of the most frequently requested changes. There has been tremendous amount of requests to expand Gear Inventory, especially since the new Gear Super-Enhance system intensified shortage of Gear Inventory. We have been going through lengthy optimization process to solve some issues with expanding previous Gear Inventory. In 3.6 Update, the maximum number of Gear Slots will be increased from 400 to 450. While we understand that Heirs want more significant increase, we want to take small steps increasing the Gear Inventory since suddenly expanding it to 500 or 600 slots could cause stabilization issue.   7. Servant Shard Acquisition Description   This was also brought up quite frequently. Previously, Heirs had to click on each tile of Explore stages to figure out where to farm Servant Shards when Heirs want to start farming for a specific servant. Starting 3.6 Update, we will be adding information of where each servant can be farmed in servant "Collection," along with a function that redirects Heirs to the applicable stage.   8. Skill Lock Improvement   Many Heirs have been asking for a function that lets only the ★6 servant of Heir's choice use skills during Repeat Battle in Explore stages. While searching for various possible improvements, we concluded that it is the best to develop a function that lets Heirs lock usage of servants' skills. Upon 3.6 Update, Skill Lock during battle will be improved. In Battle screen, tapping on servant portrait once will lock Combo Skill, while tapping it again locks all skills.   Today, we went over changes focused on community's suggestions. In the next Dev Note, we will be going over the essences of 3.6 Update: Boss Raid Improvement, Infinite PvP Training Addition, Single Target DPS Buff, and AoE Damage Reduction through Potential.   We are trying our best to review feedbacks from the community and apply as many changes as possible. Many changes so far have been based on the feedbacks from Heirs. We hope to see more constructive feedbacks from the community to improve Heir of Light.   Thank you  

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  • ConejitaDeNieve LV.5 Boo! Aug 17, 2019, 04:25 PM

    Awesome.. I hate world battle... its depressing lol. wish infinite PVP matching could be better balanced too... I bounce between slaughtering way under leveled components right to being matched with a level 60 with all L/D fully Tran&Awake Nat 5 servants to be ruthlessly murdered... it's hard to really tell if I am actually improving my team at all because no method that I can see to the matching to let me gauge if I am progressing.

    Would be cool also to filter by checked material combine servants too....

    but liking several of the improvements mentioned!! Keep up the great work!

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Aug 17, 2019, 10:15 AM

    Why differentiate on the World Battle experience cutoff based on a concrete 300 rank instead of a percentage (or buckets of different percentages)? A percentage-based system would scale the experience better for the long term as the game grows and number of stronger Heirs increases.

    One idea of an algorithm is that if I'm ranked at a certain percentile, the battles that I matched against may be relative to some X% of the *remaining* (with a cap) upper percentile, and the difficulty adjusts upwards from there.

    For instance, suppose I'm ranked at the 80th percentile in iPvP. For the first battle, I can be reasonably paired with opponents at the 75th percentile (20% remaining, divided by 4). For the second battle, I can be matched against someone at the 85th percentile, all the way up to the 100th percentile for the 5th battle (the increase also doesn't have to be linear and equal each step).

    The percentile difference used for the step calculation can be capped to accommodate Heirs at lower percentile rankings. For instance, an Heir in the 20th percentile can have his/her matchmaking capped at 40 percentile points difference relative to him/her, resulting in the first match being against an opponent at the 10th percentile, second match in the 30th percentile, up until the 60th percentile for the 5th battle.

    In such a system, no matter what rank I am in, I can be expected to be matched against people I can win against and people progressively stronger than me while allowing me to fight and experiment against opponents much stronger than me - this would work even up to higher ranks in the top 1% or even 0.1%.

  • ConejitaDeNieve LV.5 Boo! Aug 17, 2019, 04:27 PM

    This would be perfect.. challenging but not utterly impossible! lol 👍