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Dev Note #81: 3.6 Update Preview #2: Potential & Servant Balance Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #81: 3.6 Update Preview #2: Potential & Servant Balance Notice image 1

Greetings Heirs,   In today's Dev Note, we want to go over Potential & Servant Balance.     1. AoE Damage Reduction Potential Equation Change / Numerical Value Change     AoE Damage DPS servant started from [A] Sphinx, and currently there are several AoE Damage servants including the most recent Mildred. If we say that the main target of AoE servants' attack takes 1 damage, the rest of the servants take 0.3 damage. While numerically AoE servants are supposed to do less damage to other servants beside the main target, we see more and more battles where even the 0.3 damage kills enemy servants as we added more servants capable of doing even greater damage.   Currently, there are 6 Normal Potentials regarding damage reduction: 3 potentials that reduce damage received by Multi-Hit Combo Skill by 20%, and 3 potentials that reduce damage received by AoE damage by 10%. Since these values add up, servant will receive only 10% of the damage equipping all the Potentials above.   This means that a servant will still take 70% of the damage against Mildred that does a Single-Hit AoE attack or any other AoE servant who's Combo Skill is set to a Single-Hit even with the 3 Potentials that reduce damage received by AoE damage by 10%.   When we first implemented Potential system, we wanted to provide a mean for Heirs to improve on what their servants lack to defeat the opponent. Given such intention, we judged that current AoE Damage Reduction Potential is rather underwhelming.   In the 3.6 Update, we will be changing the equation for damage reduction due to Potential from Addition Equation to Multiplication Equation. Also, we will be improving the numerical value of AoE Damage Reduction from 10% to 20%.   To provide more details of the equation: Current Equation: Damage = ( 1 + Potential Damage Increase - Potential Combo Skill Multi Hit Damage Reduction - Potential AoE Damage Reduction)   After 3.6 Update: Damage = ( 1 + Potential Damage Increase - (1 - (1- Potential Multi Hit Damage Reduction)*( 1- Potential AoE Damage Reduction) ) )   To make the change more visual:

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #81: 3.6 Update Preview #2: Potential & Servant Balance Notice image 3

After 3.6 Update:

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #81: 3.6 Update Preview #2: Potential & Servant Balance Notice image 5

Ultimately, when attacked by a Single-Hit that is not related to Multi-Hit Damage Reduction, there will be increase in Damage Reduction from AoE Damage Reduction. If both Multi-Hit Damage Reduction and AoE Damage Reduction applies, the final amount of damage received will vary depending on the number of Potential.   Also, we added 25% AoE Damage Reduction to Normal Potential 2 of DPS, Support, Healer servants to reduce AoE Damage even more.   AoE Damage Reduction Potential will be automatically changed to 10% to 20% so that Heirs that already have their Potentials set toward AoE Damage Reduction wouldn't have to change their Potential.   As we are expecting various changes in the meta due to the big change in Potential, we believe it is necessary for us to provide Potential Change Stone to Heirs to adjust their Potential. Therefore, we will be providing 100 Potential Change Stone to all Heirs upon the Update.   In this 3.6 Update, we tried to indirectly prevent excessive damage of AoE attack with Potential to improve current situation. We want to let Heirs know that we are even considering directly reducing the splash damage on other servants beside the main target of AoE attack in future patches.     2. Relation Effect Change   We have been asking Heirs for their feedback on Relation Effect as we were preparing Relation Effect change. Please check out the post below:

Dev Note # 77: Relation Effect Future Update Notice Dev Note # 77: Relation Effect Future Update Notice Greetings Heirs, We are back with long-awaited notice about Relation Effect. The Relation Effect Improvement that we have been working on for around 3 months is expected arrive with next 3.6 Update. Issue with Relation Effect Majority of the feedbacks from the community included: "The Relation Effect is either preventing Heirs from utilizing servants they want to use or forcing Heirs to form certain team based on the Relation Effect. Therefore, if there is a certain servant that outperforms other servants, the meta revolves around forming a single standard team tailored toward the outperforming servant. Heirs need to be able to form various teams with different servants." When we first designed Relation Effect, we wanted to give more reasons for Heirs to invest on various servants rather than to invest on one servant per class by utilizing in-game story to give powerful synergy between certain servants. However, as the depth of servant development became deeper after multiple updates and as we added more systems like Awaken, Transcendence, and Potential that are bound to servants, we came to think that Relation Effect is only worsening the issue of standardization of team as the community suggested. Therefore, after lengthy consideration, we decided to improve Relation Effect. 2nd Relation Effect Added Since many Heirs have already been working hard to utilize current(1st) Relation Effect, we want to keep the 1st Relation Effect while adding 2nd Relation Effects that are more commonly utilized but slightly weaker than the 1st Relation Effects. Tank / DPS servants will receive effect when a certain class is in the ally team, while Healer / Support servants will receive effect based on who the enemy Boss is. Here are more details about 2nd Relation Effect: 1. 2nd Relation Effect will be added on top of current Relation Effect. 2. Tank Servants: "If an ally Healer servant is present, HP increase by n%" 3. DPS Servants: "If an ally Tank servant is present, ATK increase by n%" 4. Healer Servant: "Decrease ATK of Boss Raid A by n%" 5. Support Servant: "Increase damage dealt to Boss Raid A for all allies by n%" 6. Relation Effect will be added to Nat ★4 & Nat ★5 servants 7. Relation Effects for all Nat ★4 servants that don't have a Relation Effect yet will be added with 3.55 Update (Mid August) and 3.6 Update (Early September) 8. For DPS servants, the Relation Effect will increase DEF for DEF-based DPS servants while it will increase CRIT DMG for DPS servants that do damage based on enemy's MAX HP. ATK & SPD based DPS servants will receive increase in ATK from Relation Effect. We are considering around 60~ 80% increase of stat through 2nd Relation Effect for Tank / DPS servants. Since the 1st Relation Effect increases stat by 100%, we want to make sure that the 1st Relation Effect maintains its dominance over 2nd Relation Effect, while giving 2nd Relation Effect enough significance to form different teams. We are considering 20 ~ 30% numerical value for Healer / Support servants' Relation Effect based on the Boss of Boss Raid. We are open for any feedback about the numerical value of the 2nd Relation Effect. Please feel free to provide any feedbacks in our community. 1st Relation Effect of Healer / Support Class Servants Currently, many Healer / Support classes' 1st Relation Effects are focused on sniping certain strong servants. (Ex: If an enemy A is present, the target's passive skill effect will be blocked) Internally, we are going through heated discussion between two following opinions about 1st Relation Effect that snipes certain servants: "We need to get rid of servant sniping as we change the 1st Relation Effect. Currently, there are situations where all other elements of a servant is completely useless because of one certain element of the servant. For example, we can barely utilize Fire / Forest / Dark Heylel because of Relation Effect targeting Water Heylel." "Currently many Heirs are utilizing the Relation Effect for not only PvP but also for farming shards in Exploration to block passive of the stage boss. We should keep the current 1st Relation Effect because it is still meaningful and a lot of Heirs are utilizing it." We agree that removing sniping mechanic could improve PvP in the long run, especially because we have Co-Destruction and Potential. However, we believe that it is very dangerous to change all current 1st Relation Effect since it would be a direct nerf for Heirs that developed certain servants for the Relation Effects. Therefore, we are leaning more toward not making any change to the 1st Relation Effect while maintaining our direction of incorporating certain servant in the 1st Relation Effect for future servants. We have not finalized our decision on this issue yet. Please feel free to provide any feedbacks about this issue also. Thank you

    We went through lengthy internal discussion and 2nd (Class) Relation Effect is finalized as below: > Tank Servant: "If an ally Healer servant is present, HP increase by 70%" > DPS Servant: "If an ally Tank servant is present, ATK increase by 70% / DEF increase by 70% / Crit Damage Increase by 100%" > Healer Servant: "Decrease ATK of Boss Raid A by 90%" > Support Servant: "Increase damage dealt to Boss Raid A for all allies by 30%"   - If 1st(Servant) Relation Effect applies, the new 2nd(Class) Relation Effect will not be applied on top of the 1st Relation Effect. - We have tested values between 60% ~ 80% and concluded that 70% is the most appropriate value with exception of Crit Damage which is increased by 100%. Also, all of the numerical value of Crit Damage Increase in 1st Relation Effect will be adjusted from 100% ~ 150% to 150%, which will be a buff to DPS servants that do damage based on enemy's HP.   - There were a lot of discussions about sniping. Heirs have been suggesting both removing sniping from PvP or simply removing sniping all all. However, we decided to maintain sniping since removing sniping would be a nerf for Heirs who built a team for sniping purpose.   - We will be making adjustment to the fact that sniping is focused on certain servants, and we will not be sniping certain element. Also, since the meta continues to change, new sniping Relation Effect will focus on other servants rather than Lenore, Heylel, and [A] Leto. Sniping for Lucrecia and Mildred, in which many Heirs are expecting a nerf, will be considered starting 3.7 Update. Also, we want to let Heirs know there can be further adjustments regarding sniping in the future.   - One thing we learned through countless internal tests as we make change to Relation Effect is that many servants are actually viable. We are expecting some servants that are used for various purposes even without a relation effect to gain more popularity.     3. Servant Balance   ♦Single Target DPS Servant Buff♦   On top of adjusting Potential to put a stop to current meta that AoE DPS servants dominate with excessive damage, we also want to place a buff on Single Target DPS servants to improve their performance.   Therefore, following servants will receive increase in damage ratio on Combo Skills of the following servants:   > [Dark] Ankou > [Water] Lenore > [Water/Forest/Light] Eimyrja > [Fire/Light] Sinistra > [Water] Sphinx > [Light][A] Lucian > [Water/Forest/Light/Dark][A] Leto   Damage ratio of Combo Skills of all the servants above will be changed to 8316%.   DEF-Based DPS servants, DEF-Ignoring DPS servants, and DPS servants that do damage based on enemy's HP that have their own characteristics were excluded from this buff. We will be making additional changes to these servants that didn't receive a buff yet after observing the situation.   ♦Lucrecia♦   Many Heirs were against Lucrecia buff on 3.5 Update. Even though we were aware of potential impact of the Lucrecia buff, we wanted to make a servant that is strong against Multi-Hit, just the way Lucrecia was intended. Also, it was our understanding that Lucrecia can be defeated under certain circumstances.   However, observing the situation after 3.5 Update along with increasing usage of Lucrecia, we came to a conclusion that Lucrecia needs some adjustments.   As many Heirs have been suggesting, one of the issues with Lucrecia is that she is extremely difficult to kill because of the synergy between her Special Potential 4 "The amount of damage received at once does not exceed n% of Max HP" and her passive that reduces damage against Multi-Hit Combo Skill.   While some Heirs suggested "Let's roll Lucrecia back to her previous status," we are afraid that such change might diminish Lucrecia's characteristics of being strong against Multi-Hit Combo Skill. Therefore, we want to make another change in 3.6 Update to make adjustment to her performance while keeping her characteristics.   We are increasing the damage reduction on second hit from Multi-Hit Combo Skill from 70% to 90% so that Lucrecia is even stronger against Multi-Hit Combo Skill.   We are also adjusting numerical value of Lucrecia's Special Potential 4 "The amount of damage received at once does not exceed n% of Max HP" to: > S: 49% > A: 59% > B: 69% > C: 79%   While we buffed Lucrecia's Passive Skill, we concluded that it is inevitable to nerf Special Potential 4 of Lucrecia. We want to sincerely apologize for those who put in so much effort on the Potential.   Even though we are trying our very best to avoid nerf, we believe that we must to fix balance issue between servants even through nerf when it is absolutely necessary. We hope that Heirs will understand our decision for the future of Heir of Light.   In principle, we try not to make compensations regarding buffs or nerfs as we make character balance adjustments. The reason we avoid making compensation is because it could cause excessive requests for compensation even for the smallest change, and it is often difficult to distinguish if a change is a buff or a nerf. However, for this specific change, we are planning making certain amount of compensation so that Heirs could work on their Special Potential 4 again, considering how big the nerf is. (We will make an announcement as soon as we have a solid plan on this issue.)   Today we went over the servant balance which is the most sensitive and also the most impactful change. For the past couple months, many Heirs have been concerned about the Balance while also making a lot of suggestions. From now on, we will try our best to facilitate an environment where all servants can be used evenly, rather than releasing an extremely strong servant. While this process will take some time, we will be constantly work on this balance issue starting 3.6 Update. We are aware that this Dev Note is going to be very controversial as it will impact gameplay and team formation of many Heirs. We hope that Heirs will understand our decision for the future of Heir of Light. If you have any concern, please feel free to leave comments.   We will try to come up with the best solution through community's feedback.   Next Dev Note will cover Boss Raid Improvements, Cult Training Ground, and New Collaboration.   Thank you.        

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  • BaldBarcode LV.3 Lurker Aug 24, 2019, 10:10 AM

    I like the additional changes to aoe reduction in potentials. and I like that you are focusing on Lucrecia to bring her down a tad. However, Lucrecia isnt too much of an issue. shes very strong, but not OP. Aoe is very strong, but not OP. Mildred is an issue, and is Definitely OP.

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Aug 29, 2019, 07:44 AM

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • YoshioHaruki LV.22 Game Critic Aug 24, 2019, 08:52 AM

    Hmmm seems like you guys are nerfing every AoE DPS servant in the game instead of just focusing on re-working Mildred. Not sure how I feel about this...guess I'll just have to wait and see once the update goes live...

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Aug 29, 2019, 07:34 AM

    We understand your concern about AoE change. We will look into the issues in further detail to deliver satisfying update.

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Aug 24, 2019, 09:02 AM

    Well thought-out and considerate dev note.

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Aug 29, 2019, 07:35 AM

    Thank you!

  • Jeremy LV.3 Lurker Aug 25, 2019, 12:27 AM

    totally agree with the comments above! the main issue is not the AoE, many team can still perform well against the AoE enemy! the main issue is Mildred. We can see the post on reddit and here! shouldn’t dev please first focus adjusting Mildred first rather than nerfing old AoE servants or Lucrecia?! there are already may discussions about it, and also many have said Mildred is too OP. Why Mildred’s adjustments are still on the waiting list?
    Then, Mildred keeps ruin the pvp with this „good“ reason: not saying they won’t be nerf but wait...
    thanks for the reading, and really appreciate that dev always listen to the players, though balances do need time to be done

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Aug 26, 2019, 11:42 AM

    As much as I don't want to play devil's advocate, but Mildred is not as much of a problem as you guys think. I do agree she is definitely very strong and needs a tweak, but she pales in comparison to lucrecia. Lucrecia is essentially impossible to kill with the capped dmg potential. With healers
    prevalent in an immunity filled meta, even if you use single hit servants its near impossible to kill lucrecia unless you pull off a lucky silence or petrify on the healer.

    Mildred on the other hand is really only OP because she has a link with lucrecia (the combo is literally just like the old water lenore ish combo again...). This update is already nerfing mildred since I'm fairly certain her ranged damage is affected by AOE reduct potentials. People are mostly mad because literally everyone runs ranged dps/supports/healers to counter AOE and now they get countered.

    One thing I have to add about Mildred is that she occasionally hits melee units and it is absolutely infuriating... if they just tweak her AOE dmg multiplier down a tad and also make her hit ranged units only instead of melee she will be fine.

    As for powercreep in terms extra stats for new units... I'm not a fan and pretty sure a good majority are not either... I just hope these stats will transfer to farmables eventually.

    Overall I'm happy with the progress made, but there is still a lingering powercreep that irks me. Add more campaign stages!

  • Jeremy LV.3 Lurker Aug 26, 2019, 04:25 PM

    yah, you are right about Lucrecia, but IMO for Mildred, even without Lucrecia she is still too OP.
    She target on the backlines,which is normally the weakest part however the most important part. When you healer died it’s not that serious,but when the support died, then people can’t link more. Which means lower chance to defeat even a full trans tank, at least you can one shot them. otherwise the HoT or healer from the enemy will keep their Tank alive till the end.
    i believe this is the reason why people keep saying Mildred is too powerful.
    Besides, fixings all the AoE seems „balancing“ but the problems are most about Lucrecia(which is going to balanced) and Mildred, People discussed about these two but Mildred are still waiting...

  • WalksWicked LV.4 Lurker Aug 25, 2019, 08:14 PM