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Dev Note #83: Suggestion Notice After 3.6 Update

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #83: Suggestion Notice After 3.6 Update image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   Today, we want to go over some suggestions community made after the 3.6 Update.   ============================================================ Infinite PvP Cult Training Ground ============================================================     There were various feedbacks regarding Infinite PvP Cult Training Ground such as: "Infinite PvP Cult Training Ground is giving way too many PvP Points so that simply playing Infinite PvP Cult Training Ground can get Heirs to high rank. It is not reasonable for Heirs to climb up the rank in Infinite PvP through Cult Training Ground when Infinite PvP is a content for true duel between Heirs."   The main reason we developed Cult Training Ground is because we thought negative initial experience in Infinite PvP of beginner Heirs discourages those Heirs to engage in Infinite PvP. In order to provide taste of victory along with PvP Points and Honor Points, we developed Infinite PvP Cult Training Ground.   Cult Training Ground consists of 5 Stages of opponents. While Heirs of Crusade Level (Account Level) 13~14 can win against 1st stage opponent without much trouble, it will be much difficult to win against 5th stage opponent whose team consists of servants with Level 60 ~ 62. Therefore, we believe that beginner players will also have certain cap in their PvP Points from Cult Training Ground, such as 1100, 1200, 1300, or 1400.   For veteran Heirs, it was very difficult to gain PvP Points through intense battles because all Heirs in 1100 ~ 1300 PvP Points range were also very experienced, well-developed Heirs. This was why PvP Points of Heirs that reached Top 100 on Infinite PvP only scored 1,200~1,300 Points.   After the patch however, if beginner Heirs start developing presence in 1100 ~ 1300 PvP Points range, experienced Heirs with well developed team will be able to claim victory against the beginner Heirs. Since winning against opponent of similar PvP Points will give 10 PvP Points, winning 20 Infinite PvP will give 200 PvP Points, making it a lot easier for experienced Heirs to reach 1400 ~ 1500 PvP Points range.   Many Heirs have been commenting on PvP Points of Infinite PvP, asking us to take a look at PvP Point situation of previous Season Rank to see how serious the issue is. We expect the update to make it significantly easier to gain PvP Points, bringing up the average PvP Points of Heirs in Infinite PvP to resolve the issue.   We believe that Heirs will still have concern about possibility of grinding for higher points.   Currently all PvP contents calculate PvP Points upon Victory/Defeat based on PvP Point difference between the two Heirs. Heirs will receive smaller amount of PvP Points against opponents with lower PvP Points, while Heirs will receive greater amount of PvP Points against opponents with higher PvP points.   Since Cult Training Ground is supposed to prepare Heirs for Infinite PvP, Cult Training Ground and Infinite PvP operate under the same rules. As Heirs gain more PvP Points and as the difference of PvP Points between Heirs and opponents in Cult Training Ground increases, Heirs will start receiving less and less PvP Points until Heirs end up gaining 0 PvP Points from Cult Training Ground upon victory. Heirs can receive any PvP Points between 0 to 5 based on the difference of PvP Points between Heirs and opponents. For example, while Heir with 1,000 PvP Points will receive 5 PvP Points against opponents with 1,000 PvP Points, Heirs with 1,501 PvP Points will receive 0 Points against opponents with 1119 PvP Points. Cult Training Ground is designed so that Heirs will start gaining less and less PvP Points as they gain more PvP Points, and it would be necessary for Heirs to win hundreds of rounds without losing to reach 1,500 PvP Points.   There are Heirs that reached 1,500 PvP Points using over 300 PvP Tokens. While it seems like some Heirs had excess PvP Tokens to play 300 Cult Training Ground, we believe that this is only a temporary situation and that this situation will be resolved after couple seasons. Also, we want to remind Heirs that using 300 PvP Tokens in Cult Training Ground is a very inefficient way to use PvP Tokens. Once you have a solid team, it is far more efficient to use PvP Tokens on Infinite PvP rather than Cult Training Ground.   If it seems like the new Heirs and veteran Heirs are not forming Rank environment as we intended even after 3 Seasons, we will look into lowering PvP Point acquisition in Cult Training Ground.   To summarize: - While it is possible to gain Points just from Cult Training Ground, it is very inefficient. - With more beginner Heirs from Cult Training Ground joining Infinite PvP or PvP, Heirs that already had solid team will be able to gain more points, and we expect Top 100 Heirs to score way above 1,500 Points - If things do not go as our intention, we will look into decreasing Point acquisition from Cult Training Ground.   ============================================================ John Wick & Sofia ============================================================     After Mildred Patch, we promised to maintain reasonable balance between servants. We tried our best to keep our promise as we released our new servant.   While most Heirs probably expect the Collaboration servants to have stronger performance to certain degree, we tried hard not to ruin the servant balance. From now on, we will try to guarantee certain level of performance to any servants that Heirs invest their resources to. Some Heirs have been commenting that they don't really feel the need to pull the new servant. It is inevitable for the new servant to outperform other servants to make it necessary for Heirs to pull the servant. However, since we are focusing more on the balance as we stated earlier, we want to recommend Heirs to focus on what servant they "want" to work on, rather than what servant they "need" to work on. We hope that those contemplating between John Wick & Mildred would not think that Mildred is absolutely better than John Wick since Mildred will go under some adjustments.   As we developed John Wick & Sofia, we tried our best to diverge away from the tendency of changing meta upon releasing new servant that is strong in PvP, which forces Heirs to summon certain servant. Therefore, we designed John Wick & Sofia so that they can excels in Explore or PvE while having decent performance in PvP.   ============================================================ John Wick ============================================================   Since there aren't that many Melee Ignore DEF servant, we designed Water John Wick so that it can easily defeat Tank servants while avoiding attack of AoE Ranged DPS servants.   Forest John Wick was designed to specialize in farming with its capability to take down enemy boss quickly in Explore stages.   Fire / Light / Forest John Wicks are ATK Based DPS servants that we expect to be widely used in both PvE and PvP. As Single Target DPS servants, they will have higher damage ratio than AoE DPS servants to perform well in PvE. In PvP, on top of avoiding Ranged AoE attacks, these servants have DEF Increase as passive to give them advantage against even Melee AoE Attacks. Since Light/Dark servants must have some advantage over servants of other elements, Light/Dark version of John Wick will be slightly better in PvP with better effects.   ============================================================ Sofia ============================================================   Fire/Water Sofia - Fire/Water Sofia have special passive that gives her "50% chance to fill caster's Combo Skill gauge by 100% when battle starts in Explore." We designed this passive so that she can be used more often with John Wick in Explore. When we added the Relation Effect to Sofia that snipes Carmilla, the main intention was to provide a solution against difficult opponents in PvE, such as Light/Dark Carmilla. In fact, we believe it will be difficult for Heirs to use Fire/Water Sofia instead of other main support servants just to snipe Carmilla in PvP. On top of that, we believe that the SPD Wave Effect on Fire Sofia and DEF Wave Effect makes it even more difficult to use her on PvP. Furthermore, the passive that gives her Combo Skill gauge is completely useless in PvP as it only applies in Explore.   Forest Sofia - She is a typical Healer that revives a single target instead of the entire allies. As a Melee Healer, Forest Sofia is less likely to die against Ranged AoE attack than other Healer servants. Also, she has better synergy with DEF based DPS servants as she increase DEF.   Light/Dark Sofia - Some Heirs have expressed their concern that the passives of Light/Dark Sofia are too strong. However, we believe certain strength is inevitable for Light/Dark servants. We do not think that Light/Dark Sofia would completely dominate the meta like Heirs are concerned. Since the passive activates by chance in the beginning of the battle, it would be a complete waste of a passive if the passive does not activate. Even with rather high activation rate, there will be cases that passive does not activate as long as the activation rate is not 100%. For this reason, we believe that Light/Dark Sofia do not guarantee PvP Points since there is always a risk of losing a lot of Points when an Heir loses to an opponent with less Points due to passive not activating.   In case of Light Sofia, since there is 30% chance to fill Combo Skill gauge of caster by 100% and there is 85% chance for Secondary Mark activation(given that there is no glancing hit), the chance for Secondary Mark activation comes out as 25%. This means that Light Sofia can take a lead in every one out of four battles. (Since this is all based on possibilities, the actual number might be different) Also, Carmilla snipe on Light Sofia was intended more for Explore or Abaddon Tower rather than PvP. Plus, while Sofia can be used in PvP, we believe it is reasonable in terms of servant balance for Light Sofia to snipe Carmilla.   In case of Dark Sofia, she can take a lead in a battle with her passive that gives her "50% chance to fill ally Tank class' Combo Skill by 100% when the battle starts." However, this is nothing close to guaranteeing victory in the battle. Also, while Dark Sofia is a Healer servant with Revive, she revives a single target instead of all allies.   ============================================================ Transcend Guide ============================================================   The purpose of the new guide is to provide new Heirs chance to experience significant progressions through Awakening and Transcending Water Lenore that can be extremely useful for beginning players. We understand that the Transcend Guide that forces Heirs with fully Awakened and Transcended Lenore to 2nd Awaken or 1st Transcend Water Lenore can seem very unfair.   Since the Transcend Guide is focused more toward new Heirs, we believe it is meaningful only when we provide a clear goal. While there were various feedbacks such as: " Transcend Guide should also count Awakening of other servants," "Please complete the quest for those who already 2nd Awakened Water Lenore." However, since Transcend Guide was intended more for new Heirs, we want to maintain the current status until we make additional changes.   We would appreciate generous understandings from the community.   That is it for today's Dev Note.   Thank you.    

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  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad Sep 6, 2019, 10:56 PM

    wait what i think i didn't read the patch notes correctly i didn't knew we could get rank points from cult training i thought it's just a way to test your teams and then go to main infinite pvp for ranks and rewards