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Dev Note #84: Update Notice & Community Suggestion Review (Expected Date: September 16)

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #84: Update Notice & Community Suggestion Review (Expected Date: September 16) image 1

Greetings Heirs,   We are here to go over details of update expected to arrive next week.   ========================================================= New Combine =========================================================   We are constantly switching out the element of Fuse servants in Fire > Water > Forest > Fire order. For this Combine, Heirs can fuse one of the most popular servants, [Forest] Lucrecia. ([Forest] Lucrecia is available for Combine until 10/14. [Forest] Lucrecia can be combined only once during the duration.)   Following servants are required to combine [Forest] Lucrecia > [Fire] Enoch > [Water] Mary > [Forest] Griselda > [Dark] Dunkelhund (Nat 4★ can be combined 3 times during the period)   Here are the list of combine materials for Nat 4★ servants: > [Fire] Enoch: [Fire] Gwyllgi, [Fire] Dorrit, [Water] Gottorp, [Forest] Medjed > [Water] Mary: [Fire] Gottorp, [Water] Otik, [Forest] Nutkin, [Forest] Gretel > [Forest] Griselda: [Fire] Monolith, [Water] Marat, [Forest] Nutkin, [Forest] Gretel   ============================================================= Servant Update =============================================================   >Buffing Servants That Received Feedbacks<   Every patch, we are working on servant balance of Heir of Light, and following servants will be buffed this patch.   [Light] Ankou: We are changing [Light] Ankou's Passive from "Increase SPD by 50% for 30 sec upon active skill use" to "Increase SPD by 50% for 30 sec upon skill use" so that he can further utilize SPD buff from his passive.   [Dark] Ankou: We are making his Passive Skill more meaningful by changing his Passive Skill to "Heal all allies upon skill use for 15 sec (Lv 5), and remove 1 buff from all enemies."   [Dark] Heide: His Team Passive will be changed to "ATK of All Element allies increase by 52% at [Abaddon Tower]," and his Passive will be changed to "ATK increases by 1 Lv. when undamaged for 3 sec. Resets when damaged. Also, [Dark] Heide "Becomes Immune to ATK Reduction. Increases Crit Rate to the max when the battle starts" so that he hits harder   All Element Archangel: Currently Archangel's Combo Skill is 2 Hit Skill and the damage ratio of first and second hit is 3:7. While the first hit of Multi-Hit Skill is becoming more important than before, Archangel won't be able to switch to Single Hit Skill since we do not have plan of making Archangel Avatar. Therefore, we are changing the damage ratio of 2-Hit Combo Skill to 5:5.     >Ezebell<   A lot of Heirs have been waiting for Ezebell buff.   [Fire] Ezebell (Support)   The DEF Wave Effect Lv 2 from his 1st Skill will be changed to ATK Wave Lv 2, and we will be adding DEF Wave Effect Lv 3 to his Combo Skill. Since there is no fire servant with DEF Wave Effect in the servant's Combo Skill, we believe [Fire] Ezebell will synergize well with Tank servants or DEF-Based DPS servants.   [Water] Ezebell (DEF-Ignoring ATK)   The damage ratio of DEF-Ignoring attack on Combo Skill will be increased from 2454% to 2772%.   [Forest] Ezebell (DEF-Based ATK)   His Passive Skill "Becomes Immune to DEF debuffs. Removes 1 debuff from yourself when a skill lands as a Crit Hit. Increases Crit Damage by 50% upon skill use. (Max 250%)" will be changed to "Becomes Immune to DEF debuffs. Removes 1 buff on an enemy upon Combo Skill use. Increases Crit Damage by 50% upon skill use. (Max 250%)" so that [Forest] Ezebell could either remove a DEF buff or Taunt from the target for effective attacks.   [Light] Ezebell (DEF-Based ATK)   His Passive Skill "Becomes Immune to DEF debuffs. Increase DEF by 20% upon skill use. (Max 100%)" will be changed to "Becomes Immune to DEF debuffs. Removes 2 buffs on an enemy upon Combo Skill use. Increases DEF by 20% upon skill use. (Max 100%)" By removing two buffs, [Light] Ezebell will be able to do more effective attacks like [Forest] Ezebell.   [Dark] Ezebell (Support)   The DEF Wave Effect Lv 2 from the 1st Skill will be changed to ATK Wave Effect Lv 2, and we will be adding DEF Wave Effect Lv 3 to his Combo Skill.   Also, his Passive Skill will be changed to "Reduces damage received by all allies by 30% for the duration of Leech. Removes 1 buff on all enemies upon Combo Skill use." We will be adding buff removal because damage reduction during Leech by itself seemed underwhelming.   Transcend Stat Change   It was difficult to bring greater buffs to Water / Forest / Light Ezebell for the sake of balance because he has been adjusted multiple times in the past. Therefore, while adjusting Ezebell's Skill to certain degree, we will also be bringing Stat buff upon Transcendence.       ========================================================= Rate+ Summon Improvement =========================================================   To balance out shard farming and Summon, we have been making several changes to improve servant acquisition from Summon.   While we wanted to provide Heirs opportunity to acquire certain servant they want with higher chance through Rate+ Summon, there are cases where Heirs summon a servant that is not even a part of the Rate+ Summon.   While it is only logical for Heirs to be able to summon servants that are not part of the Rate+ banner because Rate+ Summon only means there are higher "chance" to summon certain servant, it is quite devastating to summon a ★5 servant that is not part of the three servants Heirs were aiming for.   Therefore, we are changing the Rate+ Summon so that servants can only receive Rate+ servants from Rate+ Summon just like Special Summon.   As we excluded all other ★5 from the Summon list, the summon rate of Rate+ Summon went up slightly while the chance to acquire ★5 overall slightly decreased. We will make additional announcement regarding this issue.   ========================================================= Additional Improvements ========================================================= >Lesser Element Stone Craft Added< As many Heirs have been asking, we are finally adding a function that allows Heirs to craft Lesser Element Stone out of Common Element Stone. With 1 Common Element Stone and 100,000 Gold, Heirs can craft 8 Lesser Element Stones.   >Common Soul Crystal Craft Adjusted< Since Common Soul Crystal Craft consumed 30 ★3 servants each time, there were many cases where ★3 servants were left in the Barrack without any purpose. Therefore, we are changing the Craft so that Heirs can consume 10 ★3 servants at a time, and the amount of Common Soul Crystals crafted will be changed from 15 to 5.   >Removing Invasion Mission< We will be replacing Invasion content with new PvE Content Boss Invasion. Therefore, Invasion Mission will be removed from Daily/Weekly/Cumulative Missions.   ========================================================= Issues Brought up by the Community ========================================================= >About Mildred Nerf< Many Heirs are taking Mildred issue very seriously, waiting for a fast update. We are also taking this issue very seriously, and we are preparing to make changes as soon as possible. In order to deliver proper patch, we are going through various internal tests, and Mildred adjustment is expected to arrive with 3.7 Update. We apologize about failing to bring the change this update as we are still in testing stage. We believe that the main focus of Mildred is "AoE Damage Nerf," and we will make detailed announcement in future Dev Note.   >Direction About New Servant and Future Updates< After the previous update, several Heirs have been making predictions about direction of future updates. We learned a lot from the Mildred Issue, and we are trying our best to make adjustments.   We will try our best to avoid a situation where it is absolutely necessary to invest on a new servant, neglecting all the other servants that Heirs have been putting so much effort on in the past. Even when we release a new servant that is stronger than previous servants, we are planning on keeping the servant balance within acceptable level. While there were several feedbacks commenting that John Wick & Sofia are not as strong as expected, we have mentioned already that we won't be releasing obviously powerful new servants. From now on, we will continue to balance out servants of Heir of Light within certain boundary so that there is no absolute dominance of certain servant.   Considering the acquisition difficulty, we want to maintain our current direction of making Light/Dark servants stronger than Fire/Water/Forest servants, while making servants that cannot be farmed stronger than servants that can be farmed. However, we will continue to work on balance so that both Fire/Water/Forest and farmable servants will have certain amount of performance. We will execute buffs or nerfs if necessary as we move on.   >About Sniping with Relation Effect<   We went over the general direction we want to take with Relation Effect in previous Dev Note.   Dev Note #81:

Dev Note #81: 3.6 Update Preview #2: Potential & Servant Balance Notice Dev Note #81: 3.6 Update Preview #2: Potential & Servant Balance Notice Greetings Heirs, In today's Dev Note, we want to go over Potential & Servant Balance. 1. AoE Damage Reduction Potential Equation Change / Numerical Value Change AoE Damage DPS servant started from [A] Sphinx, and currently there are several AoE Damage servants including the most recent Mildred. If we say that the main target of AoE servants' attack takes 1 damage, the rest of the servants take 0.3 damage. While numerically AoE servants are supposed to do less damage to other servants beside the main target, we see more and more battles where even the 0.3 damage kills enemy servants as we added more servants capable of doing even greater damage. Currently, there are 6 Normal Potentials regarding damage reduction: 3 potentials that reduce damage received by Multi-Hit Combo Skill by 20%, and 3 potentials that reduce damage received by AoE damage by 10%. Since these values add up, servant will receive only 10% of the damage equipping all the Potentials above. This means that a servant will still take 70% of the damage against Mildred that does a Single-Hit AoE attack or any other AoE servant who's Combo Skill is set to a Single-Hit even with the 3 Potentials that reduce damage received by AoE damage by 10%. When we first implemented Potential system, we wanted to provide a mean for Heirs to improve on what their servants lack to defeat the opponent. Given such intention, we judged that current AoE Damage Reduction Potential is rather underwhelming. In the 3.6 Update, we will be changing the equation for damage reduction due to Potential from Addition Equation to Multiplication Equation. Also, we will be improving the numerical value of AoE Damage Reduction from 10% to 20%. To provide more details of the equation: Current Equation: Damage = ( 1 + Potential Damage Increase - Potential Combo Skill Multi Hit Damage Reduction - Potential AoE Damage Reduction) After 3.6 Update: Damage = ( 1 + Potential Damage Increase - (1 - (1- Potential Multi Hit Damage Reduction)*( 1- Potential AoE Damage Reduction) ) ) To make the change more visual:

  First of all, we want to let the community know that we are aware of efforts that Heirs put in providing feedback regarding Relation Effect. However, we want to reiterate that sniping through Relation Effect is a necessary system for us to manage servant balance in Heir of Light. Sniping with Relation Effect has been around for quite a while, and different servants found their spot in the meta based on the sniping. While we went through lengthy consideration about removing sniping with Relation Effect with this Relation Effect Improvement, we decided not to remove sniping with Relation Effect because it will be serious nerfs for Heirs that were using specific servants for sniping purpose.   While we will gradually adjust sniping with Relation Effects to reduce the tendency of it focusing too much on certain servants, we are planning on continuing sniping with Relation Effect. For those wondering about Lucrecia & Mildred sniping, we want to worry about this issue after 3.7 Update as we mentioned earlier. We must work on Lucrecia and Mildred balance before we consider sniping with Relation Effect. While there will be ways to snipe Lucrecia, we are very careful with our approach because we are expecting huge impact especially because her passive is so important.   Also, we saw many disappointments about Sofia sniping Carmilla. Many Heirs have been expressing their concerns and disappointments about sniping Dark Carmilla that may take anything between three months to a year to develop. We have already mentioned that Fire/Water Sofia was not designed for PvP in previous Dev Note. However, it is true that Carmilla's performance will be hindered significantly if she goes against Fire/Water Sofia.   We understand the concern from the community. However, we believe that the concern is only viable when significant amount of Heirs use Fire/Water/Light Sofia in PvP. We believe that Sofia will not be widely used in PvP for two reasons below:   First, we believe it will be difficult for Heirs to simply switch out Support or Healer servant with a new servant just to snipe a certain servant. It is quite difficult to alter a developed team because all Support and Healer servants have their unique characteristics. While it is technically possible sacrifice all other effects and switch out servants to snipe certain, we believe it is very difficult to do so.   Secondly, while sniping a certain servant will help Heirs raise their PvP win ratio if the sniped servant is widely used in PvP, sniping will only hurt the PvP win ratio if the sniped servant is not widely used among Heirs.   Ultimately, it will be very difficult for Heirs to add [Water] Sofia to the team to snipe [Dark] Carmilla not only because [Dark] Carmilla is not as common as other servants among Heirs but also because the synergy of [Water] Sofia with the rest of the team will likely be worse than the synergy of the servant [Water] Sofia replaced with the team.   Sniping with Relation Effect is always very difficult for us even starting from designing stage because our decision will end up creating snipes that cannot be avoided. However, we hope that Heirs don't think that their servants will become completely useless because of sniping with Relation Effect.   Lastly, we want to let the community know that we value the long-term fun of the game through proper balancing rather than making more money by releasing new servants. We have promised to take approach different from previous updates, and we are continuing to change.       Thank you.    

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  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Sep 12, 2019, 11:28 AM

    The direction seems promising with this Dev Note. Thank you for the continued hard work and good engagement with the community!

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Sep 18, 2019, 07:32 AM

  • Nathery LV.2 Lurker Sep 12, 2019, 02:29 PM

    Such a great dev team for engaging, providing details and feedback with the community. Thank you for your hardwork, cheers!

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Sep 18, 2019, 07:32 AM

  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad Sep 12, 2019, 03:21 PM

    as always thanks for your replies and your work

    the case of relation i personally always thought it cool that some heroes will affect other heroes when paired together or put against each other this prevents everyone from using same teams in pvp and instead work on making different types of teams for different situations, ipvp is just going to be like that as enemies are random so you build whatever team you have and hope for best

    also it's a case in every game that people who puts money will always have upper hand over f2p as they can have variety of heroes they have built so they can counter a lot of teams while f2p have to build some of the units and focus on building a main team first, people who put money in the game got to have some kind of incentive after all, also i'm by no means a paid player i'm f2p but i understand that as an f2p i'll have limited characters built

    another thing the change of making non farmable servants stronger than farmable servants does that mean fire carmilla and fire lucien are going to get a nerf?
    one last thing will any new heroes will become farmable in future? i don't mean like brand new but like some heroes which have been released for months

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Sep 18, 2019, 07:50 AM

    Thank you for your feedback. We do not have details on future servant changes yet. We will look into adding new servants that can be farmed with shards.

  • gamer943890524 LV.1 Mootie Sep 13, 2019, 01:34 AM

    I'm pretty new to the game but i just want to let you know that we appreciate all your hard work!

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Sep 18, 2019, 07:48 AM

    Welcome to Heir of Light!

  • gubén LV.2 Lurker Sep 14, 2019, 06:12 PM

    Is this an improvement? A change yes but hardly an improvement since you decrease the chance of acquiring 5*.
    'As we excluded all other ★5 from the Summon list, the summon rate of Rate+ Summon went up slightly while the chance to acquire ★5 overall slightly decreased'.

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Sep 18, 2019, 07:49 AM

    The change was mainly to help Heirs acquire specific servant of their choice.

  • LFthicc LV.7 Nomad Sep 16, 2019, 07:26 AM

    Question: is there a cap on the speed stat? I know it affects skill cool downs.

  • CM_Flynn LV.17 GameManager Sep 18, 2019, 07:35 AM

    I believe SPD is capped at 350.

  • Heir of gods LV.2 Gym Leader Sep 21, 2019, 01:11 AM

    howbmuch longer until u urban account from your mistake in the ricecake events.. this is starting to get annoying.. I'd gladly take a refund from my purchases