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Dev Note #89: Update Notice (Expected Date: October 14)

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #89: Update Notice (Expected Date: October 14) image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   Today we will go over some details of Update scheduled to arrive next week.   ========================================================= New Combine =========================================================   We are changing our element for Combine servants in Fire>Water>Forest>Fire order. Next servant in Combine will be Fire [A] Sphinx that is not only widely loved by Heirs, but also receiving buff this update. Fire [A] Sphinx is available for Combine until 11/11. Fire [A] Sphinx can be combined only once during the duration.   Following servants are required to combine Fire [A] Sphinx > [Fire] Laura > [Water] Executioner > [Forest] Mary > [Light] Otik (Nat 4★ can be combined 3 times during the period.)   Here are the list of combine materials for Nat 4★ servants: > [Fire] Laura: [Fire] Ashimov, [Fire] Gretel, [Water] Nuamaan, [Forest] Sirucus > [Water] Executioner: [Fire] Nutkin, [Water] Ashimov, [Water] Moira, [Forest] Rhamaan > [Forest] Mary: [Fire] Gwyllgi, [Water] Rhamaan, [Forest] Mordu, [Forest] Nuamaan     ========================================================= AoE DPS Servant Adjustment =========================================================   As we notified the community earlier, we will be bringing buffs on Ignis and [A] Sphinx along with adjustments to servants with AoE attacks.   ⭕Fire/Forest/Light [A] Sphinx & Fire/Water/Dark Ignis   First Skill & Second Skill   We will be expanding area of AoE attacks so that they can place AoE attacks on larger area. Also, just like Mildred, while the main target will receive 100% damage, enemy servants beside the main target will receive 20% damage if they are within the area. Furthermore, Fire/Forest/Light [A] Sphinx & Fire/Water/Dark Ignis will be able to attack greater number of enemies as their first and second skills will damage all enemies within range instead of damaging up to 3 servants.   Combo Skill   We will also be increasing the AoE area of Combo Skills. Combo Skills will do 100% damage to the main target along with 25% damage to other enemies within range. AoE Damage will be reduced from 30% to 25%. ([A] Sphinx & Ignis will do greater AoE damage than Mildred because AoE area of [A] Sphinx's & Ignis' Combo Skill is smaller than AoE area of Mildred Combo Skill.)   ⭕All Element [A] Sphinx & Ignis   We are constantly trying to buff servants that cannot be farmed through shard farming according to their acquisition difficulty. Therefore, we are buffing Transcendence Stat of [A] Sphinx & Ignis.   ⭕Water/Light Rem   First Skill & Second Skill   The AoE attack area will be expanded. Also, just like Mildred, while the main target will receive 100% damage, enemy servants beside the main target will receive 20% damage if they are within the range. Furthermore, Water/Light Rem will be able to attack greater number of enemies as their first and second skills will damage all enemies within range instead of damaging up to 3 servants.   Combo Skill   AoE attack area of Combo Skill will also be expanded. Combo Skill will do 100% damage to the main target along with 25% damage instead of current 30% damage to enemies beside the main target within range.   Damage ratio of 2nd skill will be increased from 1,025% to 1,400%. Damage ratio of Combo Skill will be increased from 7,075% to 7,700%. (We are buffing the skill damage ratio so that the damage ratio matches AoE skill damage ratio of other Nat ★5 servants.)     ========================================================= Shard Farming Shard Reward & Drop Rate Adjustment =========================================================   We have already covered some feedbacks and questions about decreased servant shard drop rate after 3.7 Shard Reward Update through previous Dev Note.   Dev Note #88:

Dev Note #88: About Shard Farming After 3.7 Update Dev Note #88: About Shard Farming After 3.7 Update Greetings Heirs, Many Heirs have been discussing about Shard Farming after the Update. Today, I want to go over some comments regarding Shard Farming. We went over feedbacks from the community to summarize the most popular feedbacks. 🔴Question: If I purchase Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack, will the guaranteed Shard Reward also double? 🔵Answer: Yes, it will. If you purchase Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack, the [Shard Reward] count will be doubled. For example, with Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack, Heirs will receive 200 Shard Reward count instead of 100 Shard Reward count when Heirs clear 100 stages. Therefore, Heirs will receive 10 servant shards for stages that give shard reward for every 20 stages(Early stages of Fire/Water/Forest Sanctuary). Those who didn't purchase Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack will receive 100 Shard Reward count for 100 stages cleared, receiving 5 servant shards. 🔴Question: It seems like the Shard drop for Light/Dark stages decreased significantly given that I play 550 stages. Sometimes, I end up obtaining 0 shards. Isn't this an error considering that I normally used to obtain 5 ~ 10 shards? 🔵Answer: No it is not an error. When we released the shard drop rate on August 2018, we stated that the shard drop rate of Light/Dark ★5 servants are 1.4%. The very last stages of Light / Dark Sanctuary give one shard reward for every 100 stages played. Therefore, the 1% of the servant shards are obtained through guaranteed shard reward while the remaining 0.4% of shards are obtained through drops.

  While we wanted to guarantee relatively consistent acquisition of servant shards through the change, many Heirs have been expressing their disappointment about diminished excitement of acquiring servant shard due to lower drop rate. Based on results of surveys throughout global communities, we decided that we need to increase the ratio of shards acquired through drops.   Therefore, we will be making following changes:   ⭕ 1. Nat ★4 & ★5 Servants from Light/Dark Normal Explore & Sanctuary Stages   To decrease the presence of shard farming through guaranteed Shard Reward, we will be increasing the number of stages required to receive Shard Reward while also increasing the drop rate of Shard from stages accordingly. For normal Explore stages, guaranteed Shard Reward every 100 stages with 0.4% drop rate will be adjusted to guaranteed Shard Reward every 110 stages with 0.5% drop rate to give more presence to shards from drop. For Sanctuary stages, as we increase ratio of shard acquisition from drop, we are bringing additional increase in drop rate so that Heirs can acquire more shards. Ultimately, the total number of shards acquired in Sanctuary stages increased.

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #89: Update Notice (Expected Date: October 14) image 5

  ⭕2. Nat ★5 Servants from Fire/Water/Forest Sanctuary Stages.   In order to increase the total amount of shard acquired, we will be increasing shard drop rate while maintaining number of stages required to receive a shard. Ultimately. the total number of shards acquired will be increased just like Light/Dark Sanctuary stages. (We have checked that the increase in drop rate is quite significant considering the original drop rate. We believe Heirs will be able to tell the difference right away.)

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #89: Update Notice (Expected Date: October 14) image 7

    ========================================================= 3.8 Relation Effect Adjustment Notice =========================================================   While Relation Effect change will not arrive in the Update next week, we want to notify Heirs in advance since Relation Effect adjustment is a very sensitive topic.   ⭕1. Sniping Relation Effect Activation Range Adjustment Many Heirs have been leaving feedbacks about Relation Effects that were meant to snipe Water Lenore or Water Heylel sniping even the Light/Dark servants.   To address this feedback, we are making following adjustments to Relation Effect in 3.8 Update: 1. Sniping Relation Effect of Fire/Water/Forest servants will only activate against Fire/Water/Forest servants. 2. Sniping Relation Effect of Light/Dark servants will activate against servants of all elements.   Example: Forest Valkyrja: Relation Effect that activates when enemy Lenore is present will be adjusted to activate when enemy Fire/Water/Forest Lenore is present. Therefore, Light/Dark Lenore will not be sniped by this Relation Effect Light Sofia: Maintain current Relation Effect that activates when enemy Carmilla is present.   ⭕2. Relation Effect Adjustment As we have mentioned in previous Dev Notes multiple times, we are planning on spreading out the sniping Relation Effects that are excessively focused on countering Heylel and Lenore. In particular, Light/Dark servants failed to fully perform in PvP unless they go against Heylel because their sniping Relation Effects focused too much on Heylel. Therefore, in 3.8 Update, we are planning on focusing on adjusting Relation Effect of Light/Dark servants like below:

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #89: Update Notice (Expected Date: October 14) image 9

  That's it for today. Please stay tuned for the next update.   - Flynn  

Comment 12

  • ikkigo kurosaki LV.3 Lurker Oct 9, 2019, 02:01 PM

    this is not a question, I just wanna tell my opinion from long time ago, maybe dev can add some characteristic glowing aura on every characters according to their elements. for example water is blue,forest is green,etc. I think thats will make them more epic & more easier for all heirs to notice every characters in this game. The new ignis avatar was superb I really love it,but the problem is they look exactly same on all elements they got all red aura, the only diffrent is the colour of the hair. thats makes me a bit dissapointed maybe if dev can add more colour according to their element.
    btw thanks for the update :)

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Oct 9, 2019, 10:39 AM

    Can we get specific numbers on drop rate for Sanctuary stages both before and after this upcoming change? You mentioned 0.4% to 0.5% change for Explore mode only...would be good to have the similar kind of numbers as a whole.

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Oct 13, 2019, 12:35 PM

    Sorry mystic. Officially we don’t tell that. I just can say sanctuary end tiles rate is about 1.6 ~ 1.9%

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Oct 15, 2019, 12:15 AM

    Thanks for the clarification regardless, Leo!

  • MadElves LV.5 Lurker Oct 10, 2019, 08:12 PM

    The relation adjustment is just dumb if u make it like that. New and old gap will be even larger and makes it hard to catch up. A lot of ppl makes the snipe because they have problem with that mons even sith the snipe ld mons wipes the units

  • KyaPavil LV.5 Lurker Oct 10, 2019, 10:21 PM

    I totally agree.
    They make non farmable servants stronger so its easier to catch up if you start playing they said. So it doesn't make much sense to do this relation adjustment.

    Moreover I'm afraid that HOL becomes to a pay2win game, if LDs become so much stronger. LDs already are strong. Look at the top list in pvp, a lot of LDs. If they do this adjustment, you have to focus on your own LD team to keep up with those. Which means you pay for it or you don't and quit one day.

    Look at abaddon, you'll need some LDs to clear the stages then. At least for Lenore, its kinda impossible to kill her if you can't block her passive.

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Oct 13, 2019, 12:45 PM

    If new user got l/d servant from luck or money, i think they can use them, but know.... they will be sniped from non LD servant. Also many non paying users is acquiring LD servant from shard farming. It is not about new user, paying user.

    Many users got ld servant from their own hard way. ( 2 month shard farm or very highly paying )

    I think we need to keep their value.

  • KyaPavil LV.5 Lurker Oct 13, 2019, 07:42 PM

    I agree, they should keep their value. But not like this pls. Think about a new way. Like way higher base stats, or they get immunity to smth if theyre touched by relation effect. Idk, just that dont force people to farm or summon only for LDs.
    What about the value of the other elements? They are outshined by LD in EVERY part then. Doesnt sound fair.

  • Merzoth LV.2 Lurker Oct 16, 2019, 07:19 AM

    Regarding the changes to Relation effect. I believe this change will negatively impact the game if it goes into effect as stated.

    From what the announcement says, the purpose of the change is to maintain the value of L/D servants that current players own and to prevent them from losing value by being countered by relation sniping from non-L/D servants. This is all understandable and I agree with it. I personally have L/D servants that I do not use in PvP because of how common relation sniping is, despite the difficulty of acquiring them in the first place.

    The problem I forsee with this upcoming change is that it will have many unintended consequences which will outweigh the benefits. Please consider a possible change: Make this upcoming change only apply in PvP content. This will still preserve the value of L/D servants that players own and prevent them from being sniped in PvP, and will not prevent players from making progress in PvE.

    First, players who can currently complete content such as Abaddon Hard and sanctuary stages will no longer be able to complete the same content.
    For Abaddon Hard: Floors 99 (Dark [A] Heylel), 96 (Dark Carmilla), 94 (Light Lenore), 91 (Light Carmilla), 89 (Light Lenore), will become much more difficult to clear unless players have Light Sofia and Dark [A] Sphinx, which are the only two L/D characters who can counter L/D Carmilla and Lenore respectively. Both servants are not farmable, which will create a high barrier of entry for many players. Players who depend on the relation effects of RGB servants to clear these floors will no longer be able to receive rewards that they used to receive and so many players will actually receive less rewards after the changes than they did before.
    In Explore, many players, especially new players, will no longer be able to clear many stages of both Light and Dark areas because they were previously depending on relation effects to help them clear these stages. This will make it much more difficult for new players to progress through explore.

    Second, it will be more difficult for players to farm for L/D servants without the help of relation effects. Many players depend on relation effects to help them farm L/D servant shards, and the proposed changes will make farming much more difficult if not impossible. This will create a massive problem: Players won't be able to farm for L/D servant shards because they don't have any L/D servants.

    Please consider the information. If these relation changes go into effect as stated many players will lose out on rewards and progress that they currently have. Making these changes PvP only will prevent the loss to many players while still preserving the intended effect of the changes.

  • Wick1369 LV.4 Swifty Sailor Oct 12, 2019, 02:09 AM

    Thanks for the information!

  • 老黑 LV.17 Sage Oct 16, 2019, 05:51 PM

    Well done! Now, after I have spent a lot resources on Ignis, u guys only use a little adjustment to make me regeret. So, it finally hit me, pvp is short for the progammmers vs players. No doubt, the progammers always win.

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Oct 20, 2019, 01:42 AM

    The LD relation changes, while understandable for preserving value of LD Nat 5s, has serious repercussions and consequences that I think will do more harm than good.

    1. LD servants are already rare as is - people spend a ton of time and money to farm them, and they aren't prevalent. Making this change will benefit only top 0.x% of all the players.

    2. Many PvE content centers around being able to beat LD Nat 5 servants, especially Sanctuary farming, for both paying and F2P players. If this change is applied, you'll be creating a chicken and egg problem - players would have to farm/buy LD servants in order to beat/farm high level LD content in PvE. **I can foresee this change to complete demolish the value and purchases of the all in one pack - if the Dev Note announcement hasn't done this already.**

    3. Creates further gap between P2W and F2P, as well as existing vs. new players, worsening the problem of balance in PvP, and making future GvG content even harder to balance towards with paying players always being on top.

    If this change goes into effect, LD servants **need** an overall heavy nerf across the board to make sure that they remain relevant for those who have them but still not OP and completely P2W. Even if this is done, I still foresee #2 above to be a problem.

    If you want to grow this game, I advise focusing on content and changes that have larger positive impact on the whole community instead of catering to the top 0.x%. I'd hate to see such a good game with great potential fail due to monetization and balance strategies that don't scale.

    Please take these points into seriously consideration.