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Dev Note #93: 3.9 Update Preview

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #93: 3.9 Update Preview image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   We are here with details of 3.9 Update Preview. We are here with rather early Update Preview because there are certain changes that we want to update Heirs in advance.   We are constantly trying to improve Heir of Light while keeping its own unique characteristics.   One of the biggest characteristics of Heir of Light is that it is collection-based RPG.   There are two things we are constantly trying to improve on: "How can we improve acquisition of servants? "How can we promote usage of various servants?   Covering the two major concerns above, we focused on details that should be notified in advance.   ========================================================= Shard Farming & Summon Support =========================================================   There are two main ways of obtaining servants: Shard Farming and Summoning.   A lot of Heirs love the Shard Farming feature of Heir of Light that allows Heirs to obtain the servant they want as long as they constantly put in effort, unlike other games where most servants(characters) can be obtained only through summoning.   To keep up with Heirs love for Shard Farming of Heir of Light, we have been constantly improving Shard Farming feature in various ways. For example, we improved Repeat Battle function and revamped Mass Invasion so that Heirs can farm servants that typically cannot be farmed in Sanctuary stages. Furthermore, we have been bringing various changes that would help Shard Farming such as improvement in QoL and Power-Saving Mode and adjustment to All-in-One Package price.   With 3.9 Update, we are further improving Shard Farming of Heir of Light by adding new game guide about Shard Farming, bringing additional QoL improvements, and adding Shards to Shop.   Most importantly, with this update, we worked on placing popular servants that were only farmable in Sanctuary stages to regular Explore stages. We are notifying this to Heirs in advance to prevent any disturbance among Heirs because while the location of servants will be changed, the accumulated Shard Reward count will not be changed with the servant.   For example, Water Carmilla from [Sunken Capital 1-5] will be changed to Water Lenore. Since the accumulated Shard Reward count will remain in the same tile, Heirs will receive shards for Water Lenore instead of Water Carmilla if they claim the Shard Reward after the update. In order to claim Carmilla Shard Reward, Heirs must claim Shard Reward before the update.   While Shard Farming is a popular way to obtain servants in Heir of Light, we cannot leave out Summoning. While we improved Shard Farming experience, we have also been improving Summoning experience of Heirs by adding Special Summon or Rate Up Summon so that it is easier for Heirs to summon the servants they want. However, it was often difficult for Heirs to obtain the servant of their choice because available servants for Rate Up Summons were often the newest servants or servants selected by Heir of Light team. Furthermore, since the available servants for Rate Up Summons constantly changed, Heirs were not having enough time to obtain servants through Rate Up Summon. Therefore, we will be adding new Rate Up Summon that includes popular servants from each class with 3.9 Update.   While the chance to obtain Nat ★5 servant remains the same, we believe that the new change will make it easier for Heirs to obtain some of the extremely popular servants.     ========================================================= Collection Effect Added =========================================================   As a collection based RPG game, we have been putting constant effort in creating an environment that various servants can be utilized by adding various contents such as Boss Raid, Party Raid, Boss Invasion, and Infinite PvP. While it will be optimal for Heirs to have reasons to collect / develop every single servants, in most cases certain servants are prioritized over other servants. Heirs usually end up consuming unwanted servants through systems such as Fusing or Crafting.   Many Heirs have been suggesting adding perks to collecting various servants. Therefore, we are adding Collection Effect in 3.9 Update. We will go over more details about Collection Effect next week. To give a brief explanation, Collection Effect will give small increase in stats to servants based on Transcendence / Awaken progress of servants of the the same class in Collection.   Ultimately, this will give more value to servants sitting in Barrack. We expect this change to give more meaning to collecting aspect of Heir of Light.   Of course, aiming to develop a popular servant rather than aiming for Collection Effect will still remain to be the most significant, fastest way to become stronger. We want to leave it up to Heirs' choice on deciding how to use unwanted servants. We advice Heirs to carefully compare pros and cons of two options, saving up a servant for Collection Effect or using a unwanted servant as a material, before Heirs make their choice on how to use a servant.   ========================================================= Potential Adjustment =========================================================   We have been putting great amount of thoughts to current Potential system and consumption of Potential Change Stone.   We will be removing "Increase Stun Resist" & "Increase shield ignore rate when attacking enemy of certain class" that are relatively less popular than other Potentials from Normal Potential 3, 4, and 5 so that it is easier for Heirs to pull the Potential they want.   Also, we are reducing required amount of Potential Change Stones to change Special Potential 4 from 15 to 12. Furthermore, we are planning on adding new Potential that would allow ATK Based DPS servants and DEF Based DPS servants to reduce DEF when they attack an enemy.   We advice Heirs with plans of changing Potentials to be aware of this future change   Lastly, many Heirs have been introducing Heir of Light to their friends. We want to remind Heirs that Heir of Light offer significant amount of reward when Heir invite a friend through Invitation Link. Please check out the reminder post below!   Invite Friends Feature Reminder:

  Thank you   Flynn  

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