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Dev Note #95: 3.9 Update Preview #2: Collection Effect & Reflected Feedbacks & QoL Improvements

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes -  Dev Note #95: 3.9 Update Preview #2: Collection Effect & Reflected Feedbacks & QoL Improvements image 2

  Greetings Heirs,   We will deliver details about Collection Effect, reflected feedbacks from the community, and QoL improvements we will be adding in 3.9 Update.   ========================================================= Collection Effect =========================================================   We briefly went over Collection Effect in previous Dev Note.   Dev Note #93: 3.9 Update Preview   Collection Effect gives additional passive stats based on Awaken & Transcendence progression made with collected servants.   Servants of the same class will be sharing the same Collection Effect. Instead of categorizing servants into 4 original classes (DPS, Tank, Support, Healer), we decided to categorize servants into more specific classes.   While Tank, Healer, and Support class servants will remain the same, DPS class servants will be further categorized based on what kind of damage they do, instead what kind of attack range they have (Melee / Ranged). Therefore, DPS class servants will be categorized into 5 types of classes: ATK-Based DPS, DEF-Based DPS, SPD-Based DPS, Enemy Max HP-Based DPS, and Ignore-DEF DPS.   Acquiring even just one servant for a class will activate Collection Effect that will be shared among the servants of the same class. Each class will have different Collection Effect that would fit the characteristic of the class.   We did not want to give too much presence to bonus stat received for collecting each servant because we are afraid it might stress out Heirs about completing the Collection for Collection Effect. While it is not necessary to Transcend and Awaken Nat ★5 servants that are not even being used, we believe that Heirs will find significant bonus stats to their main servants if they start from collecting Nat ★3 and Nat ★4 servants that are easier to acquire and enhance.   Awaken progression for servants that Heirs already consumed before 3.9 Update will be reflected in Collection Effect level. However, we were not able to collect data of Transcendence progression of servants that Heirs already consumed before 3.9 Update. Unfortunately, Transcendence progression of consumed servants will not be reflected in Collection Effect. (If you are planning on consuming Transcended servant, we recommend doing so after 3.9 Update.)   Once the 3.9 Update hits, the Transcendence and Awaken progression of servants will be reflected & saved on Collection Effect. Therefore, consuming Awakened / Transcended servant after the Update will not impact Collection Effect.   Lastly, Nat ★1~2 Light/Dark servants can be acquired from Black Market.     ========================================================= QoL Improvement =========================================================   3.9 Update Preview:   As it was announced in 3.9 Update Preview, the two significant QoL improvements we will be making is Improvement to Repeat Battle and Expedition.   1. Repeat Battle used to stop when there were not enough servants to be replaced automatically. We will be adding new option that will continue Repeat Battle even when there is no servant left for Replace for Heirs that want to focus on Shard Farming.   2. In the past, Auto Replace of servants automatically started from Nat ★3 servants. We will be adding option to Reverse Order of Auto Replace so that it starts from Nat ★5 servants.   3. We will be adding option to adjust number of Repeat Battle. We hope that this function will be useful for Heirs that have only couple of shards left until they reach their goal.   4. As most Heirs are aware, Awakening Dungeons of all elements open from Friday to Sunday. In this case, Heirs had to tap on Dungeons 12 times in order to clear 11F/12F of 6 different dungeons. Therefore, we will be adding Expedition function that will automatically clear Awakening Dungeon in Magic > Fire > Water > Forest > Light > Dark order.     ========================================================= Additional Shard Farming Support Notice =========================================================   There are certain servants for each class that are absolutely necessary and yet are very time-consuming to farm Shards for. While there are different popular servants for different contents, it is difficult to develop the popular servants in short period of time. Therefore, we will be making certain popular servants easier to acquire so that Heirs can enjoy various contents quickly.   Following servants fall into the category:   Fire Xita: He is a basic Ignore-DEF DPS servant. While Heirs often find replacement as they continue their journey in Heir of Light, it is quite easy to fully Transcend Fire Xita since we are also providing his shard as Star Rewards.   Forest Carmila: As a DEF-Based DPS servant, she is capable of surviving powerful attacks. Also, with her Leech effect on her 2nd skill, she is very useful to farm DPS servants with powerful damage. Most importantly, DEF-Based DPS servants is a must when Heirs attempt Party Raid or Boss Raid Forest Monarch: Bastille.   Water Rem: She is widely loved in PvP not only because she can be farmed, but also because of her powerful AoE attack.   Fire [A] Lucien - As a Healer servant with Revive, her performance is quite impressive considering how it is fairly easy to farm her. Healer servants with Revive tends to be popular in PvP contents.   Forest Sinistra: As an Enemy Max HP-Based DPS servant, she is very powerful against enemy with high HP. She is very popular in contents such as Boss Raid Water Monarch: Ragna and Abaddon Tower where enemy has very high HP.   Water Blavatsky: Water Blavatsky is a top tier SPD-Based DPS servant that can be acquired through Shard Farming. With her outstanding performance, I believe it is not even necessary to go over why she is so popular. She is known as a must-servant in Party Raid. Furthermore, she is often used to farm shards because she is capable of clearing stages quickly.   The servants above will be available as a reward for Shard Collecting Guide that we will be adding with this Update. Heirs will be able to acquire 500 Shards for each servant mentioned above so that Heirs can summon one of each servant. Shard Collecting Guide will be available for both new and current Heirs.   Furthermore, Heirs will be able to purchase 20 Shards twice a day, 40 Shards total, at a cheap price from Honor Point Shop, Guild Shop, and Party Shop. This means that Heirs can Summon at least one servant every 12 days as long as they make purchase everyday from the Shop. Of course, it will take significantly less time to fully Transcend servants if Heirs engage in both Shard Collecting Guide and Shard Farming at the same time. For Heirs that are looking to acquire additional Shards, please note that the price of Shard from the shop will increased based on number of purchase.   Lastly, we added new missions on Transcend Guide so that Heirs can acquire more Water Lenore Shards.     ========================================================= Mass Invasion =========================================================   We wanted to add some popular servants to new Mass Invasion.   With this Update, Water Ezebell, Fire Lucrecia, and Forest Ignis will be joining Mass Invasion.   Water Ezebell - Ezebell is a very popular Ignore-DEF servant that unfortunately cannot be farmed. We believe that he will be very useful in Abaddon Tower.   Fire Lucrecia: With new servants Caesar and Aria joining Heir of Light, some Heirs have been commenting that Lucrecia will be completely out of meta. However, Fire Lucrecia remains to be a very competitive in many contents with the exception of extremely high rank PvP.   Forest Ignis - She is a top tier Support Class servant in Infinite PvP. Many top rankers have already confirmed the outstanding performance of Forest Ignis.   The Mass Invasion will start on the day of 3.9 Update (November 25th) and end on December 21st.   ========================================================= Promotion =========================================================   Many Heirs have been introducing Heir of Light to their friends. We want to remind Heirs that Heir of Light offer significant amount of reward when Heir invite a friend through Invitation Link. Please check out the reminder post below!   Invite Friends Feature Reminder:   That is it for 3.9 Update Preview. Please stay tuned for 3.9 Update scheduled for next week.   Thank you.   Flynn

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