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Dev Note #99: 3.11 Update Preview #1 - League System Revamp

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #99: 3.11 Update Preview #1 - League System Revamp image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   Happy 2020!🥳 We wish everyone a happy new year and wish everyone all the best!   As you all know that March of 2020 is the 2nd anniversary for Heir of light. We are in preparation for massive updates until and even after the 2nd anniversary in March.   Starting from the January update, we will be holding massive 2nd-anniversary celebration updates for 3 ~ 4 months.   The first content and focus for the January update will be the revamp of the league system.   Currently, Competitive content such as PvP, Infinite PvP, and Tower Invasion is where all Heirs participate in the ranking competition.   Competitive contents are fun because it allows Heirs to test their strategies and build compositions using their own strongest servants.   Due to the nature of the ranking system, the competition in the top 100 is fierce and fun. However, the fun decreases as the ranking go down towards the lower ranks.   We believed that it would more fun if everyone got matched with opponents with similar growth levels and compete for the top ranks within those groups. That's why we decided to revamp the league into groups in the first update of 2020.   The revamp of league details: 🔸 1. League will be removed and will be revamped into groups. 🔸 2. The group is based on the growth of the servants of the Heir. 🔸 3. You will only be matched with other Heirs in the same group. 🔸 4. The group will be divided into 20 Heirs and the ranking competition will be held within 20 Heirs. 🔸 5. As the ranking competition is within 20 Heirs, the weekly ranking reward is also composed of 1st place ~ 20th place   In short, the core idea of this revamp is   📢 "Everyone can aim for Rank #1"   For example, if you have 1st transcendent servants then you will be grouped with Heirs with similar growth levels for a single season (1 week).   Your rank within the group will be determined by how hard you have grown your servants and how hard you have played for a week. So unlike now, everyone can aim for Rank #1.   New heirs would experience despair when attempting the Infinite PvP. They would constantly meet heirs who have kept their spot in the top ranks of the league. Heirs in the top ranks would also agree and probably have experienced the same situation in the past by retracing your memories of the past. Now Heirs will be separated and grouped based on their growth so new Heirs will not be able to meet high-rank Heirs. New Heirs will be able to aim for the top by fighting against Heirs who have started a similar time and barely have reached the account level of 50 with 1 completed team composition.   Top ranking Heirs will have much more fierce competition than now. Since you complete in the ranking within the other 20 Heirs in your group, you will have a more chance of taking top ranks. Ranking Rewards will remain similar or even be increased, so you will be able to earn more rewards as you place higher in the ranks.   To summary everything again   📢 "You can be Rank 1 if you do your best in your current situation"   As we mentioned in the beginning, the league revamp will be for competitive content. Changes will be made in 3.11 Update for Infinite PvP, PvP, Tower Invasion, and Boss Invasion.   Heirs who have placed 1st ~ 3rd place in each group in Infinite PvP will see an icon next to the group name in the chat and user information window to proudly show off your ranks.  

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  There are 10 groups in total: Diamond, Platinum, Gold A, Gold B, Silver A, Silver B, Silver C, Bronze A, Bronze B, and Bronze C. You will be placed in a group based on your account growth at the beginning of a season. The group placement is based on growth, that is, [Growth Score], is a newly added system and requires detailed explanation so it will be discussed in the next Dev Note.   There are a few more things that change as the league is revamping into groups.   🔸 1. A medal will no longer be rewarded. Medals were playing a huge symbolic role in Heir of Light but it will no longer be updated and the medal rankings before 3.11 update will be displayed in the Hall of Fame. We are planning to provide rewards for those who have made a lot of effort in increasing their ranks in the medal ranking Many have made a lot of effort to increase their medal ranks, so we are planning to provide rewards for those who are ranked within the top 100 medal rankings. Details about the top 100 medal rankings rewards will be announced with next week's event post.   🔸 2. Tower invasion reset time will change from 7 hours every 4 hours at a set time (0, 4, 8, 12, 16:00, 20 o'clock) so that you can meet more opponents. Additionally, we have improved the part where the invading opponent would not lose any points if they have invaded other opponents and lost more than a certain number of times. (15 times).   🔸 3. The invitation reward when using the PvP ticket will be changed due to the change in PvP ticket contents. The invitation to enter the Global Infinite PvP will not be rewarded when using PvP Tickets. The Global Infinite PvP content is a place to determine the Rank #1 of the world, so we believe that the Global Infinite PvP content should base the ranking on quality of the win rates rather than the quantities of tickets consumed. Additionally, the Global Infinite PvP Beta duration will end and will be revamped to become a content where Heirs can truly determine the Rank #1 in the world.   🔸 4. The criteria for selecting World battle opponents will change due to the changes in Infinite PvP. Currently, the No.1 ~ No. 5 was determined by Heirs from top to low ranks. But it will be changed to select one of the Rank #1 from the top group to the low group (For example, No. 1 will be selected as one of the Rank #1 in the Diamond Group, and No. 5 will be selected as one of the Rank #1 in the Bronze A Group.)   🔸 5. Due to the massive revamp, we will not calculate the league reward that is originally planned for January 20th. Also, all ranking data will reset starting from the 3.11 update and will start brand new. For example, the Infinite PvP ends and is calculated on 1/19 00:00 AM and a new season starts. However, there's only a day until the update. So we decided to reset rather than calculate the ranking because it will not be fair to everyone to determine a ranking based on the data of a single day.     🔸 6. The Abaddon Tower will not be revamped with the new group system due to the nature of the content. For the Boss Raid, we decided to implement the group system after the stabilization of the new group system.   That's all we have today for the revamp of the league system. It was very difficult for us to make this decision to revamp because it is a massive change however, we hope that this change will allow more Heirs to enjoy competing against each other.   We believe that you may have a lot of questions due to our explanation of the league revamp in forms of large concepts.   Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments.   Thank you

Comment 27

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 11, 2020, 12:34 PM

    Will LD heavy teams be paired against other LD heavy teams? Or will it only be based around transcendence level in which element does not matter?

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 14, 2020, 04:56 PM

    The group placement is based on growth score. I will explain on next dev note.

  • DeathWalker LV.8 Nomad Jan 11, 2020, 04:36 PM

    Sorry, I do not like the idea to be in a group and fight the same 19 heirs again and again. That is no fun. Let us keep the old system. Thank you

  • Pirogeth LV.24 Vampire Jan 11, 2020, 06:58 PM

    i agree death....

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Jan 12, 2020, 03:19 AM

    Even in the old system, you'd be fighting the same people over and over again eventually due to the way that matchups work. You get matched against someone stronger, you lose and drop down, you get matched against someone weaker, you win and go back up against those stronger than you, etc. The only time you aren't matched like this is initially after reset when you climb ranks and stomp weak players.

  • ঐariewayq LV.20 AWPer Jan 13, 2020, 04:36 PM

    yeah, dont put all to be come one, make a CP group or higer and newbie diferen stage, 😁 i cant hit old player but i always meet them,

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 14, 2020, 05:01 PM

    rank will be within 20 heirs.
    but matching will be within same group.
    so you can fight with anyone in your group.

  • DeathWalker LV.8 Nomad Jan 15, 2020, 01:25 AM

    I have understood it before. Sorry, but your answer does not change my mind. I do not like this group idea and for me it will not work. I do not want to fight the same players again and again. For me this is no fun. Maybe it is time to look for an other game.

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 15, 2020, 01:29 AM

    You will fight hundreds of users. Not 20 users. You will not see same players again and again

  • LLCoolJ LV.5 Lurker Jan 11, 2020, 11:42 PM

    I like the group idea! But I'm excited to know how the growth scale will be calculated... I think LD nat5s should be a huge part of the calculation

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 14, 2020, 05:03 PM

    yes sure. I will write on the next dev note.

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Jan 11, 2020, 12:28 PM

    Keep the massive changes coming! It helps keep the game fresh and allows for more innovation to make the game better.

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 14, 2020, 04:55 PM


  • ঐariewayq LV.20 AWPer Jan 11, 2020, 04:45 PM

    I like this game, I only follow the applicable rules and events, put LnD shards be a bonus too 😁

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 14, 2020, 05:02 PM


  • ঐariewayq LV.20 AWPer Jan 14, 2020, 06:03 PM

    have a nice day sir Leo 🙏💝

  • Skaffa93 LV.4 Epic Jan 12, 2020, 06:20 PM

    Wouldn't isolating players like that make it impossible to see what rank a player truly is? If I am rank one of a diamond group, will I know how I am doing compared to the other diamond rank 1 players? Will I even be able to see them? It seems like this would feel LESS competitive and challenging since the game is now hand picking and limiting the opponents I can fight against.. I guess it all comes down to what will determine a players growth level.

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 14, 2020, 05:04 PM

    we will provide total rank for diamond users. don't worry about that.

  • Xuan Bach Lai LV.2 Lurker Jan 13, 2020, 07:43 PM

    I am very sceptical about how growth is calculated. Why not just use elo system, enough points gets you promoted to next group/tier. Use the standard elo system or use with some slight changes, like fixed promotion time/cycle and no promotion during the cycle, etc.

    Btw, elo is useless when ranking BOTH pvp and pve so maybe this proposed system would work better. So...pretend I didn't say anything

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 14, 2020, 05:06 PM

    we are using elo system internally. but if some users lose intentionally, elo system don't work well. so we are changing with other system.

  • Xuan Bach Lai LV.2 Lurker Jan 15, 2020, 04:44 AM

    right, burning tickets for Honor points and maybe for winstreak. That a side, I could really use an option to burn/trade for instant 3 honor points each. Unlike world raid it doesn't take lots of time but it'll be pretty neat to be able to trade for points.

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 15, 2020, 10:45 AM

    You can sorta do this if you use cult training ground, with a decent team matches don't take over 40 seconds each

  • Tika LV.5 Lurker Jan 14, 2020, 09:26 AM

    If the rewards for top group are insane, some of us will never attain them but if they are semi equal, we can just put a crappy team in and steal the rewards from the newbs... am I right? I mean it seems like there are ways to cheat the system based on the information you’ve provided so far. I’m skeptical but we shall see ;)

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Jan 14, 2020, 05:08 PM

    Hi Tika! if you read next dev note, you will see. heirs can not cheat.

  • Tika LV.5 Lurker Jan 15, 2020, 01:00 AM

    oh hmm I must have read the older one..... I'll go read it now ;) thanks Leo!

  • KillaQueen LV.2 Lurker Jan 15, 2020, 02:28 AM

    i don't think it is a good idea to radically change the system.
    I am very skeptical that it motivates. sounds more like frustration. the same opponents for a week ... :-(

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 11, 2020, 12:53 PM

    what is the point for groups in boss raid ?
    how will the groups come into play in tower invasion ?

    groups in ipvp makes sense but groups in tower invasion seems like it might not be a good idea. we will certainly need more clarification on these leagues from other aspects.

    do clarify about what other changes are going to be implemented in tower eg. no more loss after 15 hits, instead now it will be no loss of points after xx hits, xx hits count will reset each 4 hrs or xx hrs, xx hits will be irrespective of win or loose.

    will await the next dev notes....