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Dev Note #100: 3.11 Update Preview #2 - Growth Score & Groups

Dev Notes
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  Greetings Heirs,   After the last Dev Note, We have received various feedback from users who are concerned about the changes and also from those who are anticipating the new changes.   So for today's dev note, we would like to share more details on the Growth Score and also answer some questions that arose from the community regarding the new group system.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The background story behind the new Growth Score System ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently, in Heir of Light, the strength of the servant is displayed with CP(Combat Power). However, sometimes there are cases where the CP was not reliable due to the increase in CP by increasing specific stats for each servant class.   Also, Potential skills and skill effects played a part in servant's strength but there were cases where these were not being calculated into CP. Thus, it led to the difficulty of indicating a servant's strength with just CP.   So, in the preparation for the 3.11 Update, we decided to revamp the CP System. Each Servant's growth can be the measure of strength and have a similar score based on the growth so that it would be easier to compare your servant with others. Thus, we decided to Growth Score that indicates the servant's growth progress.   The CP will change to Growth Score and components that affect Growth Score are listed below.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Growth Score Calculation Formula -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ⭐️1. Base Stat of the Servant (Awakening Included) The basic Growth score of each servant is decided based on each servant's base stats: Attack, Defense, and HP. Thus, a servant's basic Growth Score may vary based on the servant's natural grade and element. The basic growth score will be similar among the servants in the same natural grade and element due to minor differences in the basic stats.   ⭐️2. Transcendence The Growth rate from transcendence may change based on the servant's Natural grade and whether the servant is farmable or not. So, the unfarmable Dark / Light Nat 5 servants will receive the highest growth rate.   ⭐️3. Gears The increase and contribution to the Growth Score will be based on the following list: > Gear's Natural Grade (1 ~ 6★) > Gear's Rarity (Normal ~ Legendary) > Enhance Level (0 ~ +19) > Number of equipped gears (0 ~ 8) *The Primary Stat and Secondary Stats will not affect the Growth Score.   ⭐️4. Potential Skill The increase and contribution to the Growth Score will be based on the following list: > Number of unlocked Potential Skills (Normal / Special) > Potential Skill Levels > Skill Grade (S ~ C) for Special Potential Skill #3 & #4   ⭐️5. Skill Enhanced Level The increase and contribution to the Growth Score will be based on the following list: > Enhance Level of the 1st Skill > Enhance Level of the 2nd Skill > Enhance Level of the Combo Skill *The Growth Score is a measurement of a servant's growth so the bonus stats from the Collection Effect and Element Upgrade will not be included   ⭐️The Growth Score will be maxed and reach 100% upon the following conditions: > 5th transcendence & 5th Awakened > All gear slots equipped with 19+ enhanced legendary gears > All potential Skills ( Normal and Special) enhanced to Level 20 > S grade potential skills for both Special Potential Skill Slot #3 & #4> > All Skills (1st, 2nd, and Combo Skills) enhanced to max Levels.

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  Growth Score and Growth Rate can be viewed in the servant info and you will be able to sort your servants based on their Growth Rate.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awakening Dungeon Entry Condition Changes -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   The entry conditions for Awakening Dungeon 11th and 12th Floors will change from CP to Growth Score.  

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  We set the Growth Score of 3500 as the entry condition for Awakening Dungeon 11th Floor by converting the Growth Score of a 1 ~ 2 Awakened Level 60 Nat 4 servant equipped with 5 ~ 6★ +15 Epic gears.   As for the Awakening Dungeon 12th Floor, we set the Growth Score of 6000 by converting the Growth Score of a Trans 1 and 2 ~ 3 Awakened Nat 5 servant equipped with 5 ~ 6★ +15 epic gears. The CP entry conditions varied due to the CP difference among each class, however, the Growth Score will stay similar even among servants in different classes so the entry conditions will be unified.   We have minorly alleviated the entry condition for the 11th and 12th floor so that it wouldn't be a problem even for Heirs who have grown their servants to hit the minimum CP for the entry conditions. We believe that there won't be any problem due to the alleviation of the entry condition. However, if you cannot enter due to the entry condition changes, we would like to ask heirs to grow the servants slightly to reach meet the entry conditions again.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Group Placement based on Growth Score -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   We would like to share information about the group placement as we mentioned in the last Dev Note. The group placement is determined by the Servant's growth, and the condition for the group placement is determined by the sum of the 6 Servants' Growth Scores with the highest growth scores.   The sum of growth scores will remain the highest even if they are lowered by removing the gear or by selling your servants, so you cannot lower them even if you try to intentionally lower them.   The Group breakdown based on the Growth Score:

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  A Nat 5 [Fire] / [Water] / [Forest] Servant with 100% Growth Rate will have around 50,000 ~ 60,000 Growth Score and if you have 6 servants with 100% Growth Rate, you will be placed in the Diamond group.   This will be applied to all contents and even if your servants for PvP do not have a 100% growth rate, you will be placed in the Diamond group if the total Growth score of your 6 strongest servants is above 300,000.   We believed that the standard for group placement would be known when the standard is unified throughout every content in the game. Also, it was difficult to create a standard for group placement for each content so you won't be placed in the group that's specifically optimized for each content in the game. Thus, for certain content, you may feel that you might have been placed in a higher group than you expected. But the overall ranking season rewards will be improved with 3.11 update so it would be best to grow your servant that's optimized for each content to compete with users within your group.   That's all we have for the Growth Score. Lastly, we have compiled concerns and questions that arose from the previous dev note.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Group Revamp Q & A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q. I would feel that I would prefer staying in the low group if the #1 rank reward in the low group is better than #20 rank in the top group. What are the rewards for the high ranks in the low groups and low ranks in the top group?   A. Good question. The first place reward is better if you compare the 20th place in Gold A Group (high group) and the 1st place in the Gold B group (low group). However, to get 1st and 3rd place in the group, the Servant Growth and a lot of playtimes were expected, so we thought the 1st place reward should be better. Overall, Gold A group's reward is better so in the long run, it's better to move to the Gold A group. This means that you have more chances of receiving better rewards as you go for the higher groups. The rewards for Platinum and Diamond Groups are set to make Diamond Group rewards better, as some may hesitate to move from Platinum to Diamond.   For your reference, we will inform you in advance of some of the ranking rewards for each group.  

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Q. Is the Overall Ranking going to disappear due to the Group Revamp?   A. There won't be a reward for the overall rankings. However the overall top 100 Rankings will be displayed for that you can see the strongest Heir in the server.   Q. Can I lower the Growth Score to be placed in the lower group?   A. As we explained about the Growth Score, you can't deliberately get into the lower group and get good rewards even if you unequip your gears or release your servants to lower your growth score because the highest total of Growth Score will remain the same.   Q. Is the growth of light / dark servants well reflected in the group placement standard? Will users who focused a lot on Light / Dark Servants be placed in higher groups?   A. Since the [light] / [dark] servant's stats and transcendental effects are taken into account when calculating the growth score, the growth of the [light] / [dark] servant is weighted more in the growth score than the [fire] / [water] / [forest] Servants. A [Light] / [Dark] Servant with 100% Growth Rate will have around 70,000 ~ 80,000 Growth Score, so even if you have only 4 [Light] / [Dark] Servants with 100% Growth Rate, you'll be placed in the Diamond Group.   That's all for Today's Dev Note. The upcoming update is planned to have a wide range of changes compared to the previous updates. Thus, the upcoming update may not bring satisfaction to all Heirs. However, please bear with us as we are trying our best to make the game more enjoyable while thinking about the long term directions.   If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 17, 2020, 01:15 AM

    from what i will need to work out the group formations.
    as of now many many many players who dont progress much and are stuck around say rank100....they all in my opinion have 6 a5t5 rgb on them to give them growth score of 300k. which means they will now be grouped with rank1 player whereas they never were grouped with the top ranks ever & were facing similar ranked players.
    dont think those players will like being grouped with top players all of a sudden....and all the time.

    this system will need matching/balancing in terms of groups as well....

    also.....i dont think 'seasons' will be good anymore. they never did anything earlier as well, and now for a rank100 player to be stuck with the top player for a month will be a bit much for that player. let it be the weekly thing and no seasons.
    if a person gets into an unlucky group.....then he can be out in a week instead of being stuck there for a month due to seasons.

  • LeXLP LV.9 Nomad Jan 19, 2020, 12:27 AM

    Will there be new things for The Guild soon? Maybe a guild boss or guild war?

  • oof02 LV.3 Lurker Jan 19, 2020, 12:31 AM

    Or guild levels with rewards

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Jan 16, 2020, 04:02 PM

    I think base speed, cdmg, acc and res should also be considered in growth score calculation. LD servants not only have higher base ATK, DEF, and HP, but they are generally also *much* faster, have higher base accuracy, res, and cdmg as well. This is especially relevant for spd-based DPS and support servants. Please consider this and balance accordingly.

  • DeathWalker LV.8 Nomad Jan 17, 2020, 02:39 AM

    Sorry, I am still not convinced.

    I fear that this group idea ruins the game
    and make the players quit.

    We will see ...

  • Heroik94 LV.5 Lurker Jan 17, 2020, 07:41 PM

    also what about inaktive Players there are many Guys which where able to get 300k + but they are inaktive at older Ranking they will just not come into top rank Battles but now especially diamand will be a graveyard or do you disable people who doenst Play for time xy?

  • Hokan LV.4 Lurker Jan 19, 2020, 07:46 AM

    do not agree with the awards, if earlier you could get l / d in the top 200. Then in the future, the current elect of those with ld t5 will receive l / d for beginners it will be unrealistic to catch them. Even if there are more groups, then the rewards are very low compared to the fact that now even a noob can enter the top 200. But in the future it is not realistic to get l / d 3/5 with pvp, for a beginner and someone who does not have l / d t5 .

  • oof02 LV.3 Lurker Jan 24, 2020, 03:04 PM

    We need more Features for the Guilds like guild war, Guild Levels with rewards and other stuff 🤭

  • Weley LV.2 Lurker Jan 22, 2020, 05:53 AM

    Any plan to make archangel and john wick able to be summoned again?