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Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   We would like to share some changes and decisions we made after reviewing all the feedback and comments from the last Dev Note.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Notice for Purifying Grounds -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ⭕️ Notice for Expansion of Regions   The most controversial topic was the expansion of regions through IAP. We think that many are concerned about the usage of mileage & All In One Package to expand regions. Also, even if you expanded the region, many are concerned about the amount of valor it would consume and the fact that you are not able to use servants that are being used in the Purifying Grounds. Many have suggested that making the content available for the majority of the user with the cost of a small amount would create a better balance in the game and the ecosystem of the game. After reviewing all the feedback, we have made adjustments based on the feedback and would like to share them with everyone.   Following changes have been made

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance image 3

  The Region Expansion (30days) will be available for 3000 karats. We have set the cost at 3000 karats by based on the number of karats you can acquire through PvP contents and events in a week. For those who would like to use the karats on different contents such as summon or dungeons, we added an option to purchase with the price of $9.99. Also, the Region Expansion IAP price will be on 50% sale, $4.99, to celebrate the 4.0 update celebration for some time.   We have adjusted the price of Region Expansion (permanent) to be lower than the All-In-One Package. We set the price to 50 mileage points where you can easily obtain by purchasing the most effective packages for 1 month (Karat Package, Mission Package, and Auto-Repeat Package). You can obtain 50 mileage points by making a total purchase of $49.99.   As for All-In-One Package, we decided to keep our initial idea of adding the benefits to the All-In-One instead of additional packages. (There were many discussions regarding the All-In-One price and we are internally reviewing it)   Thus, you will be able to unlock up to region 2 with karats and unlock region 3 with a small number of mileage points.     ⭕️Shard Farming for Collaboration Servants   Many have shared the following feedback regarding Collaboration Servants: > Unlocking the 4th Region just for Collaboration servants is putting a restriction on transcending them. > You should lower the difficulty of obtaining Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration servants because many were able to T5 them with karats from the event and in-game contents. > If you can only farm collaboration servants in Region 4, then it is disadvantageous to users who use collaboration servants as their main team. > It is understandable that you can only farm Dark/Light collaboration servants in the 4th region but the condition to farm Fire/Water/Forest collaboration servants must be reduced.   We agree with much feedbacks regarding the collaboration servants, thus we decided to support and reduce the difficulty of farming Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration Servants.   Originally, collaboration servants were not included in Region 2 (Alter) but we decided to add them. Thus, you will be able to farm Fire/Water/Forest collaboration servants in Region 2 (Alter).

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance image 5

  ⭕️Purification Speed & Success Rate   Many were concerned that you cannot use servants that are stationed in the Purification Grounds in other contents.   We adjusted the Purification Speed & Success rate so that you may use servants that are not part of your main daily team more often. You may complete a stage in the purification ground around 80~100 seconds with Fire/Water/Forest T3~4 Servants. Also, you may complete a stage around 60 seconds with Fire/Water/Forest T5 Servants (Total Growth Score of 22k)   (Purification Speed is calculated based on the elemental advantage and presence of DPS Servants. The example above is under the condition where all 4 servants have an elemental advantage with the presence of DPS servants. You will be able to shard farm quickly when the purification speed is between 20 ~ 30 seconds however please note that it will consume and require a lot of valors. Thus, we recommend making an adjustment to your purification speed based on your needs.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcendence Stat Notice -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Many have viewed the sudden increase in transcendence exp for transcendence and questioned the stat increase per transcendence. We were not able to share the increase in stats per transcendence due to continuous balance testings, however, we are on the verge of finalization so we would like to share them with you.   The stat increase for T1 ~ T5 will remain at the same level as they do now. From T6, the stat will increase based on the servant's ATK & HP to fit each servant's class. The increase in exp per transcendence will increase drastically, thus the stat from transcendence will increase drastically also.   ⭕️Stat per Transcendence for Fire Ignis & Fire Caesar ⭕️ Fire Ignis

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance image 7

⭕️ Fire Caesar

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance image 9

  ⭕️ Shard Farmable Light/Dark Servant Transcendence Stat Adjustment   We are planning to adjust base stat and special stat for shard farmable Light/Dark Servants The ratio of Shard farmable Light/Dark servant's stat increase per transcendence was low. We have increased the ratio with the increase of Transcendence to T10 thus it will receive more stat compare to the current T5.   ⭕️ Base Stat per Transcendence Adjustment

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance image 11

⭕️ Special Stat Per Transcendence Adjustment

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance image 13

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcendence EXP -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   🔹 Don't you think that the exp required for transcendence is too much?   To make up for the flaw of the current transcendence system which only required 1 servant, we adjusted the exp required in the early stages of transcendence to reduce the difficulty for the new users. Also, we made it so that the required exp and difficulty would increase as you progress through the higher level of transcendence.   The exp requirement is too much if we are in a condition where you must reach T10. However, due to a large amount of increase in exp requirement per transcendence, we didn't set the balance to where everyone must reach T10. The only PvE content that would require T10 would be Abaddon Tower. Thus we believe that it would be best if you set a goal based on your capacity and transcendence servants after the update. T10 is not a content where it can be reached with a little effort similar to Abaddon Tower, Party Raid 5th Floor, and Boss Invasion 5th Floor. So if you are aiming for T10 for a better result in PvP, it will require a long time and effort.   Due to the increase in exp for T8, T9, and T10, the level of difficulty will be high. Because of the high difficulty level, many would not choose to reach T10 thus, we think that the transcendence level among the users would stop at a certain point.   Many have suggested that T10 is a must due to the co-destruction system. There will be a point where you would have to T10 when the majority of the users have reached T10. Also, co-destruction is only in a situation where you meet the same servant. So, we don't think that T10 is a must.   🔹 Why did you revamp the transcendence system when there was no need for it? what's so good about it?   The current transcendence system is a transcendence system where you only require 1 servant per transcendence. We believed that difficulty in progressive growth was required. The gap caused by transcendence will increase if everyone (such as new users, users who just started shard farming, users who would purchase packages to shard farm) can transcend with 1 servant. We believe that it would have a better balance if the difficulty of transcendence increases per level by increasing the exp requirement for transcendence. This is a similar concept where you would acquire more abilities based on levels and increase in exp per level. Additionally, Fire/Water/Forest servants would be able to acquire more stats due to the increase in exp per transcendence, you will be able to challenge against Light/Dark servants. If we kept the current transcendence system, everyone would only focus on Light/Dark servants. The Light/Dark servant must indeed be strong due to the difficulty of obtaining them. But we believe that users should enjoy the game and to enjoy the game with a little amount of IAP, the transcendence revamp is required.   🔹 Everyone's going to focus on Light/Dark anyways so is there a point in focusing on Fire/Water/Forest?   We wish everyone to enjoy the game so as for transcending Fire/Water/Forest servants, we will continue to support everyone by providing more ways to obtain them with karats and in-game events. Also, we believe that it will be very meaningful if Fire/Water/Forest servants can bring out their full potential in the game. We were able to confirm through our internal testing that Fire/Water/Forest servants have some aspects to fight against Light/Dark Servants.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Servant Balance -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   In the 4.0 update, we plan to adjust the effects that have always been a problem in Heir of Light so that a variety of servants can be used with similar efficiency instead of using only specific servants. Starting with 4.0 Update, we will continue to adjust the effects to match the balance of the game. Below is the list of effects that are changing in the 4.0 Update   ⭕️ Resilience Effect Adjustment Currently, the servants with resilience effect are too strong due to the long duration of resilience effect which allows the resilience effect to be applied almost the whole duration of Arena time (3minutes) Thus, instead of removing the extension of buff duration in skill enhance the effect, we have adjusted the resilience buff block time from 180 -> 120 seconds.   ⭕️ Redemption Effect Adjustment The original intent for this effect was to have a similar effect as revive. Currently, if the servant is hit by a multi-hit attack and as soon as the HP hits 0, the servant immediately recovers some HP but gets attacked and dies again. The effect will change where the servant will be invincible for 1 second after its HP has reached 0 and instantly recover a certain amount of HP. ex) A servant has a redemption effect and gets attacked by a 4 multi-hit combo from enemy DPS servant. When the HP hits 0 upon the 2nd multi-hit, the servant will instantly recover a certain amount of HP and will be in the invincible state for 1 sec. Thus, the 3rd and 4th hit of the multi-hit will do 0 damage during the invincible state.   ⭕️ Escort Effect Adjustment Escort effect is cast to an ally that has the lowest HP and takes 50% of the damage for that ally. During this process, the tank servant would die upon taking the 50% of the damage that the DPS servant received which makes the tank servant weak rather than protecting the servant. From now on, the escort effect will be cast to all allies (excluding the caster) and the caster will take 20% of the damage for all allies. The escort effect will allow tank class to protect allies rather than dying for them.   ⭕️ Lucrecia Stat Increase Lucrecia is one of the servants that have received continuous love from all users. Even though Lucrecia is not a shard farmable servant due to several reasons, she has low stats. However, her stat will be adjusted to fit the balance.   Other effects such as Buff Removal, Debuff Removal, Damage reduction upon the shield, silence are in the list of balance materials. We will gradually decide and balance these effects after further debates and testings.   We have decided to make this huge revamp with the desire to make the game fun and to service the game for 3 ~ 5 years. We may have caused concerns to everyone due to such big changes and our direction of updates might be the way everyone hoped for. So far, many updates have gone in the direction we have planned for and some have gone in directions we did not. We did make some mistakes however, we believe that we were able to receive many loves and support from everyone for 2 years due to the acceptance of our mistakes and continuous adjustment by hearing everyone's feedback.   We wish for this update to be the new beginning rather than the end and also receive love from users who have never heard of Heir of Light before. Please share your feedback and suggestions and we will continue to try our best to provide a better gaming experience for all Heirs.   Thank you   p.s. 4.0 update is planned to be updated around 2/25 ~ 2/27

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  • DeathWalker LV.8 Nomad Feb 19, 2020, 12:48 AM

    the main problem still exists
    T10 is coming
    and with T10 comes the endless grind

    it is no fun to grind the same heir again and again untill you have 36 copies of the same heir

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Feb 19, 2020, 02:53 AM

    The low cost of karats per month to unlock region as well as much lower than anticipated mileage cost for permanent unlock is very gratifying, thank you. In addition, the clarification that purification speed can be FASTER than 60 seconds with a good farming team means shard farming with purification ground is actually quite efficient provided you refill your valor.
    However, the base stat increase is.... way too high. I thought you guys wanted to stray away from making units "required" to have highest transcendence, but now you make it so T10 is literally 5 times the base stats as T5? I think this is a bad move. T10 should have maybe 2 times the base stats, so at least T5 units have a chance against them. Consider re-evaluating this please.

  • DeathWalker LV.8 Nomad Feb 19, 2020, 02:58 PM

    yes, you are right,
    the stats are way too high
    one A5T10 DD will destroy a whole team of A5T5
    whales will fight whales
    all other players are way behind and have no chance

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Feb 19, 2020, 03:58 PM

    Wow, yes, this is a really good point. A5T5 tank will have no chance against A5T10 the entire team will have no chance, especially if the DPS unit is AoE...

  • Ravast LV.21 Zombie Feb 19, 2020, 04:47 PM

    Your last point about T10vT5, I can’t really agree with it. How far off is it to say T0 should stand up to T5? I think they want to push progression(at a snails pace), and are trying to drive that by boosting stat gains from T5 to T10. As someone almost in diamond rank, I really hope they at least add another rank after it.

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Feb 19, 2020, 10:43 PM

    Yes, I do agree that T10 should completely outpace T5. The thing is, they specifically said they did not want T10 to have the stigma of being "required". This is from their own discussion in previous dev note. This change contradicts that statement...

    Also, don't you think 5 times the base atk and HP will basically make max HP units worthless again? They were finally getting used in abaddon and etc, but at this point you could probably sweep abaddon hell with just beefed up atk DPS at T10.

    And yes, they definitely need to add a rank above diamond... there is a big gap between the top players in diamond and the bottom players in diamond.

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Feb 19, 2020, 08:29 PM

    To the devs;

    you guys really know how to twist words and lie....
    you told us that farming will be x4 faster & now you are clarifying that its actually going to be slower than before but 4 DIFFERENT servants can be farmed together....that too depending on CP etc which in reality could end up meaning half of previous farming speeds !

    you are trying to tell us that we are stuck trying to get our servants stronger which will take us years if not decades cause you have limited it to one servant to be farmed in one area and dupes cant be farmed ! are you guys expecting the game to last another decade and forcing us to farm endlesly for that time and still cant a single servant to t10 due to the fact that farming a unit will not be x4 faster but will infact be half of previous farming speeds ! really dangled the carot in front of the 'free' region seekers while everybody missed the depth and gravity of the situation.

    farming will be x4 faster my ass lol.

    unfortunately i renewed my monthly things yesterday.....woudnt have, if i had know the reality and had clarity of what you people are REALLY doing.

    and i think that once people realize that farming is in fact not x4 faster but slower than before....they also wont care about 'free' areas as they know that they will never ever be able to make a strong servants and will be stuck at maybe t6 or in best case at t7 even after farming for a long long long time.

    good luck in getting those monthly renewals where the farming is actually slower than before :)

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Feb 19, 2020, 10:49 PM

    I think you are misunderstanding. The purifying region is completely add-on to the current shard farming, so you can shard farm manually at the same time. Also the purifying region could actually be faster than normal shard farming if you could get the "20-30 sec purify speed" as they claimed you can get with a good farming team. This is because even if you get 5 seconds normally, the damn loading screens take like 20 more seconds, whereas purification is completely offline/passive. Technically with 3 regions unlocked and good teams for all 3 along with manual farming, you are running at 4x shard farming rate. Of course... the caveat is you need 4 separate teams.

    If you read my post on the calculations of the matter, using 3 regions you will be able to T10 3 units (on regions alone) in maybe 2-3 months if you're fast (without dupes pulled or farming manually).

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Feb 20, 2020, 03:47 AM

    keep thinking.....and at the same time please confirm this things
    can we get 20 sec time as you are saying so knowing that in offline mode load screens will not be there !?!? cause what i heard form your dev bosses is that they have considered 80 sec runs and it can go upto 60 sec with much better gear etc etc. so much so taht a person even asked what times will an ld team consisting of 300k cp take and leo answered 60 sec.....i am REALLY curious how the hell did you arrive at 20 sec....unless you are also a liar like the devs. seem to know it all. please confirm that in notes101 or on discord what was originally said that farming will be x4 faster....when we were told this thing, we didnt know AND we were not even clarified the fact there will be more regions where we CANNOT farm the same servant but we will be FORCED to farm DIFFERENT servants....all we were TOLD was there will be offline farming and that farming will be x4 FASTER i.e. when we all knew that farming = 1 servant.

    screw your post....those are after thoughts which are also your 'assumption'. whats next.....another post after we are enlightened about something else which we were not aware off !!!! keep licking upto the devs all you want too.....u r not going to sway my mind or convince me otherwise about the fact that devs twisted their words and misguided us about x4 speed instead of telling us clearing that it is x4 servants with lower farming speeds than before.

    & i will check your box after 2-3 months as well to see your accomplishments :)

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Feb 20, 2020, 06:56 AM

    If you read the note literally above they said 22k CP growth score per unit team (T4 to T5) can farm in 60 seconds. 80 seconds is apparently time for T3 to T4 units. On the table given in previous note it was based on values for 60 sec time. One can easily imagine with T7+ team for farming you could achieve 30 sec or even 20 sec purification time, bc the base stats increase so much. Maybe consider reading for once before you come to conclusions lol...

    And I already know you're gonna call the devs liars in their notes or whatever.. so I guess continue to be stubborn and not listen to anyone lol. Sometimes admitting that you're wrong is not a bad idea :)

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Feb 20, 2020, 07:23 AM

    there you go again.....'one can imagine'....keep at it.

    and sidestepped the point about x4 speed vs x4 well as the first note totally.

    think you are learning from the devs...or they are learning form you lol. you are pointing this above note.....while i am talking about what the reality is and what was originally said to all of us.

    but no imagine whatever you want to. we will see the reality when it comes out :)

    btw...any chance u r on devs payroll lol. you know...devs do these thing in many games :)

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Feb 20, 2020, 07:51 AM

    So farming 4 servants in the time it takes to farm 1 is not 4x speed to you???? I think you need to go back to elementary school and re-learn basic arithmetic....

    If I was on the devs' payroll it would be weird if I criticized every single dev note about trans system and purification ground now would it? I think I would lose my job by then. I still don't understand why you even make such hilariously stupid statements with 0 logic involved. I am beginning to think moot is just full of brainlets.

  • This comment has been removed by admin.

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Feb 20, 2020, 01:32 PM

    gamer319757398  wait....i forgot, i had posted that meme for u earlier.

    it was 100% accurate.....and i am out, not interested in wrestling with pigs.

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Feb 18, 2020, 03:31 PM

    Thanks for listening, this is largely in the right direction and improves the game.

    How will decreasing resilience block duration (from 180 to 120 seconds) help balance/weaken servants with resilience buff? It seems quite the opposite of what you want, and only make resilience uptime even higher...

  • Ravast LV.21 Zombie Feb 18, 2020, 03:38 PM

    I think they mean the base duration, not the debuff duration. Pretty sure the debuff has no timer.

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Feb 18, 2020, 03:40 PM

    I believe the resilience debuff actually has a timer. I've heard people using it in Abbadon Tower against Catastrophe, and it wears off just in time every single time such that you can stay in the fight forever if you manual with a servant using Resilience.

  • gamer885309551 LV.1 Mootie Feb 19, 2020, 08:25 AM

    I'v just noticed how big are the increases in attack and how much small in defence
    Ceaser got almost double def and ignis got 5 times more attack
    That will end by def based dps being more tanky then actual tanks Of course not for def-ignor at least regardless hp
    The game need more contents not more grind, contents where player need to teamate with others choose their servents and complete some kind of dungeons for greater rewards, weekend challenges, conquests, not just log-in acitive auto-repeat...
    Yeah having T10 is good but not now already a lot of new players quit the game, and with this T10 is just like big mountain to climb for em, and even for all in matter of L/D servents, the game is kinda inactif make contets to make actif then you can rise the grind for us

  • gamer546152837 LV.2 Lurker Feb 19, 2020, 07:06 AM

    I Fail to see how L/D Servants are not going to be more sought out and not less. Since they will largely outclass F/W/F ..
    This is all a stupid idea to add tediousness and more frustrating grinding into the game.
    Thirdly are you going to toss us a bone on miss Lucrecia and give us 5 more copies or make her farmable? Why Bring Her Up?
    Lastly I am not seeing how to avoid paying amounts of money I don't have. Starving myself and getting by on ramen is not an option. This is insanity.

    In truth I read the note and watch a you tube vid where zennosh read the note and still could not understand real legitimate reasons why you are doing this to us??

    Please stop this bus coming at us. Do not want to get run over.

  • Skaffa93 LV.4 Epic Feb 20, 2020, 03:29 PM

    L/D Collab servants should be available in Shrine (3rd purification ground) like all other L/D during the collaboration period..

    Anyway thanks for listening to the community, great work guys! /s

    #HOLisoverparty 😞