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Dev Note #106: Upcoming Purifying Grounds Changes

Dev Notes
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  Greetings Heirs,   After the 4.0 Update, we have received many suggestions and feedback regarding the Purifying Grounds. We have reviewed all the suggestions and decided to implement those suggestions as soon as possible.   ⭐️Usage of Servants in Purifying Grounds in other Contents   One of the most received feedback regarding the Purifying Ground is regarding the usage of Servants in the Purifying Grounds in other game contents.   One of the current rules for Purifying Grounds is that you cannot use servants that are deployed in the Purifying Grounds in other contents.   This may be less stressful to Heirs with many servants but not for users that only use 1 ~ 2 teams of servants as their core team.   Thus, we are planning to remove this rule so that you may use servants that are deployed in the Purifying Grounds in other in-game contents.   You will not be able to use deployed servants again in different regions of Purifying Grounds but can use deployed servants in other in-game contents.     ⭐️Purifying Ground Speed & Success Rate Changes   We would like to explain more about the "Speed" and "Success Rate" in the Purifying Grounds for clear clarification.   List of main factors that impact the Purification Speed: 1. Growth Score of Servants that are being deployed 2. Elemental Advantage of the Servants that are being deployed (If all 4 servants have the elemental advantage, it will have the fastest clear time)   3. Presence of a DPS Class Servant (If at least 1 DPS servant is not included in the team then the Speed will decrease)   List of main factors that impact the Purification Success Rate 1. Growth Score of Servants that are being deployed 2. Presence of a Tank Class Servant (If at least 1 Tank servant is not included in the team then the Success Rate will decrease)   For example, if you run the Purifying Grounds 400 times with a 50% success rate, you will only have 200 successful runs. Thus, you will only receive rewards for the 200 successful runs. So even if you run 400 times with a low success rate, you will receive a low amount of rewards. To receive more rewards, we recommend increasing the Success Rate.   You will be able to farm about 7~8 shards for Fire/Water/Forest Servants per 100 runs and 1~2 shards for Light/Dark Servants. You will be able to receive 2x the shard with All-In-One pack or the double shard pack. If you are currently farming a lower amount of shards as the list above, we recommend double-checking your success rate for the Purifying Grounds.   As we mentioned in the previous Dev Note, the current Purification Speed and Success Rate is based on the growth score of T5 Fire/Water/Forest NAT 5 Servants.   But many have suggested that the growth score set for Purification Speed and Success Rate is too high. So to accommodate all users, including new users who do not have T5 servants, we will be making changes to the Purification Speed and Success Rate.   Currently, the servant being purified does not have any impact on the Purification Speed nor Success Rate. But we will be making changes where the following factors of servants being purified will impact the Purification Speed and the Success Rate   1. NAT Grade 2. Farmable or Non-farmable in Explore/Sanc   For example, You will be able to purify a T5 Fire/Water/Forest Servants with servants around 8000~ 10,000 Growth Score and will have a 100% Success Rate with 60-second Purification Speed.   (Currently, you can reach 100% success rate with 60-second Purification Speed with servants around 50,000 Growth Score)   With this change, Heirs will be able to farm Fire/Wate/Forest servants with a team of lower growth score, while farming Light/Dark servants with a team of higher growth score. Heirs will be able to make use of servants even if they are not fully developed.     ⭐️Valor Consumption in Purifying Ground   We wanted Heirs to be able to farm more efficiently in Purifying Ground. This is why Valor consumption in Purifying Ground is set to 6 Valor per stage, which is lower than usual Valor consumption in Explore or Sanctuary stages. Also, we have plans for providing various events with Karats or Valor rewards to guarantee a steady supply of Valor. Regardless of our plan, we are aware that Heirs are struggling with the increased consumption of Valor. To urgently address the stress Heirs are getting, we are preparing a Valor discount event.   Currently, 2,500 Valor is sold for 350 Karats. With the Valor discount event, 2,500 Valor will be sold for 175 Karats.   We also want to let our community know about our plans to increase the Valor supply with future updates.   We are currently working on changing "Usage of Servants deployed in Purifying Ground in other Contents" and "Purifying Ground Speed & Success Rate." We are planning on bringing this change as soon as possible, and we are expecting it to be ready by early next week. We apologize that we couldn't bring immediate change due to the necessary testing & market approval. We will try to prepare the Valor discount event as soon as possible   We will continue to communicate through Dev Notes after reviewing various feedbacks from the community.   Thank you

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  • DeathWalker LV.8 Nomad Feb 28, 2020, 03:41 PM

    T10 still exists
    there are still over 60 and 80 dupes needed to reach T10
    the game is still completely destroyed by your last update
    happy anniversary and have fun to play your own game
    i am heading to Seven Deadly Sins
    good bye HoL

  • ~ Callof123 ~ LV.25 Beast Feb 28, 2020, 09:17 AM

    Omg 1-2 shards l and d ..
    7-7 shards per 100 runs .. you guys being serious ? Your not gonna increase the drop rate .. and expect us to farm to t10 .. damn .. non farmable units are screwed .. especially aa / valky wick / John

  • Lastand LV.3 Lurker Feb 28, 2020, 11:24 AM

    I believe that this is a nice step forward although after the 84 steps you took backwards. Still, good job, I like what I just read.

  • arnezz LV.4 Lurker Feb 29, 2020, 12:59 AM

    Agreed 100%

  • Tika LV.5 Lurker Feb 29, 2020, 06:40 AM

    we appreciate you listening but feel you should have listed BEFORE obliterating this game back to the stone ages. it's really sad and now we are losing fine players because of it. This was once a terrific game but when a nat4 can one shot my 70 dark lucrecia, playing the game just feels like banging my head against a wall over and over because I'm somehow too stupid to stop it

  • arnezz LV.4 Lurker Feb 29, 2020, 12:59 AM

    small change forward, many more to go to make it playable in Diamond leagues

  • SaberWing LV.6 Nomad Mar 4, 2020, 02:31 AM

    Apart from feeling stressful for T10, there is some good stuff we finally have seen.

    Some suggestion for PVP, I have found that the HP stats of the SPD based hero is so low when compared to all other heroes. It is no way to survive under AOE in PVP(such as Mildred's Ultra). Please rebalance the HP stats of SPD based HERO.

  • ঐariewayq LV.20 AWPer Feb 29, 2020, 06:05 PM

    advice can also level up like a normal it's likely miner, that people are busy at work and school, they can level up after TC