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Dev Note #114: 5/11 Update Preview #1 & Suggestion Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #114: 5/11 Update Preview #1 & Suggestion Notice image 1

Greetings Heirs,   Recently, we have been receiving many suggestions from the community. We shared our feedback about those suggestions that they will be reviewed instead of implementing them due to conflicting issues.   We are trying our best to implement frequently voiced suggestions after undergoing internal reviews. However, we would like to share some reasons why implementing those suggestions are so difficult.   Today, we will talk about a few topics.   ========================================================= The Lack of Elemental Stones =========================================================   The common suggestions from the community:   "The amount of Elemental stones provided through the game is possible to fully awaken 1 servant. However, it is impossible and the game does not provide enough awakening stones to fully awaken a team of 4 servants in the same element. It will require a long period of time to fully awaken them without making any purchases. "   I have a lot of elemental stones however it's not for the servant that I'm currently focusing on. It would be very helpful if there is a way to exchange elemental stones into different elements.   "The Awakening Material Dungeon floor 11 and 12 are needed to obtain Supreme Elemental Stones, however, those floors are a huge wall to the new users. It would be great if there are alternate ways to obtain Supreme Elemental Stones"   "I have saved up a lot of Supreme Elemental Stones however, with the release of a new servant, I lack greater elemental stones to awaken the new servant. It would be great if there is a way to exchange Supreme Elemental Stones into Greater Elemental Stones."   Until now, we have limited ways you can obtain elemental stones due to the balance. The awakening provides huge efficiency in growth thus, we set the speed of reaching 5th Awakening to be on par with reaching 5th Transcendence and skill enhancements.   However, after the revamp of Transcendence made it easier to reach 5th Transcendence. So we decided to support everyone with awakening by implementing some of the suggestions that many have suggested.   Changes are listed below   ⭕1. New elemental Craft Elemental Exchange for Supreme Elemental Stone will be added to the Craft to allow users to focus and speed on awakening their main team.

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Supreme Elemental Stone to Greater Elemental Stone exchange will be added to resolve the lack of Greater Elemental Stones.

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  ⭕2. Elemental Stones have been added to the shop for those who wish to speed up the time in obtaining Greater Elemental Stones. The Greater Elemental Stones will be available in the shop to be purchased with Karats. (For those who are having a difficult time clearing Awakening Dungeon 11th and 12th floor, please note that Greater Elemental Stones purchased from the Shop can be used to craft Supreme Elemental Stones)

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The following changes listed above will be implemented into the game on 5/11 and will last until mid-July as an Event. We will be analyzing data during the duration and will officially implement them after a thorough review.   ========================================================= New Craft and Shop Items =========================================================   Recently, we have received a suggestion from the community regarding the usage of other in-game currencies.   "The current users need content or ways to use up other in-game currencies that are just stored away. Also, new users need more support or ways to help grow their servants."   We agree that there needs a way for users to use up their in-game currencies that are just being stored away. Also, there must be a way to relieve the wall that new users face as they progress in the game. We are trying to review and debate internally to resolve these issues one by one.   Thus, in the 5/11 Update, we will be added new items to craft and Shop.   Items that require Fire/Water/Forest Soul Stone and Materials from the Sanctuary will be added to Craft to increase the value of materials and to provide support in growing servants. Also, Instant Evolve and Instant Awaken will be added to the Shop.   Detailed information is listed below   ⭕To help new Heirs' servant development, Heirs will be able to craft Instant 6★ Evolve using Common Soul Crystal

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⭕It was difficult to obtain Rainbow Stone that was required to unlock Potential because most contents that drop Rainbow Stone were late game contents. Heirs will be able to craft Rainbow Stone using Common Soul Crystal.

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⭕For new Heirs, we will be adding Instant 6★ Evolve in Honor Shop.

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  ⭕We will also add Instant 6★ Evolve, Instant Awaken, and Rainbow Stone to Special Shop

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  ========================================================= Limited Packs Valor Buff (Expected Date: May 11th) =========================================================   Since we removed 150 Repeat Battle perk from various Limited Packs in 4.2 Update, many Heirs have been commenting on value of Daily Karat Pack. We decided to increase value of various packs excluding All-in-One Pack. (Heirs who already purchased these packs will receive adjusted Valor starting May 11th.)

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========================================================= Fire/Water/Forest ★3~5 Summon Stone Guaranteed Summon Implemented (Expected Date: May 11th) =========================================================   Currently, guaranteed ★5 Summon for every 50 summons is not implemented for Fire/Water/Forest ★3~5 Summon Stone because Fire/Water/Forest ★3~5 Summon Stones are classified as in-game items obtained through gameplay or events rather than items obtained through purchase. Heirs have been suggesting that guaranteed ★5 Summon should be implemented for all Summon Stones. Therefore, we will be adding guaranteed summon for summon stones that are not acquired through purchase. (If you have plan of using Fire/Water/Forest Summon Stones, we strongly recommend waiting for the next Update.)     ========================================================= Valor Shortage Issue =========================================================   Since we launched Guild War and added Guild Sanctuary to Purifying Ground, many Heirs have been commenting on Valor shortage issue once again.   As we mentioned multiple times before, Valor used in Purifying Ground directly translates into servant shard, which means Heirs can obtain servant shards simply by consuming Valors. Some other games allow infinite usage of Valor (basic currency) because major developments don't take place in regular stages in those games. Since consumption of basic currency Valor directly leads to servant development in Heir of Light, we cannot provide infinite amount of Valors like other games.   We believe it is more common among mobile games to limit usage of basic currency if it can directly translate to development.   Also, if you spend 2,200 Valors for 550 rounds, you can obtain 40 ~ 45 servant shards. (Without All-in-One package) Assuming that 2,500 Valor can be purchased with 300 Karats, each servant shard has a value of 6~7 Karats. This is directly related to value of servant shard that can be purchased in various shops or servant shard that is purchased through In-App-Purchase. Currently, Purifying Ground that gives one servant shard for every 6~7 Karats is very efficient even without All-in-One package.     If we were to bring update that ease the limit on Valor, we would ultimately have to limit acquisition of servant shard based on time to balance balance Purifying Ground with other contents and In-App-Purchases. For example, we would have to increase the time required for Purification so that Heirs can participate in Purifying Ground about 3 times max a day. However, we believe that such change will ultimately hurt those who were using Purifying Ground to quickly obtain more shards.   While it is very unfortunate to find some Heirs having hard time playing Heir of Light that they love due to Valor shortage, we want to let the community know that it is very difficult to bring changes such as additional Valor support, Valor cost reduction, or Infinite Valor supply through purchases is very difficult now that Valor became a major currency to achieve Transcendence.   However, we will continue our effort to reduce stress Heirs' stress about Valor through various events such as May Special Events that reduce Valor cost of various Dungeons or Abaddon for certain period or give out Valors.     That's it for today.   Next week, we will talk about additional details of update scheduled for May11th including buff of Enemy HP-Based DPS servant Bastille and new Combine.   Thank you.   Flynn  

Comment 5

  • Heroik94 LV.5 Lurker Apr 30, 2020, 07:36 PM

    maybe just get guild pg same valor Cost Then pg 1 so you motivate guilds to get this content in Fokus and to make it viable for all guild members because for f2p even run 2-3 pg per day is difficult especially when they buy 2nd pg by 3000 karats monthly

  • ChuBakka LV.4 Lurker May 1, 2020, 11:03 PM

    yes i agree.. guild PG shd have significant benefit to winner.... either reduce valor... or increase shard drop...
    and i think collab units shd be allowed in guild PG ...

  • DarkServant LV.2 Lurker May 1, 2020, 06:30 AM

    Please consider getting rid of Magic Dungeon altogether. It serves no purpose at all except for one more thing to grind. All mons can be awakened with elements alone.

  • ChuBakka LV.4 Lurker May 9, 2020, 12:31 PM

    disagree... u still need magic dungeon for magic supremes to 3-5 awaken

  • Xuan Bach Lai LV.2 Lurker Apr 30, 2020, 04:09 PM

    Valor shortage is not real just buy more with karats. Having said that, I don't feel like buy rainbow stones at 2000 karats. Potentials are random but Transcendance is guaranteed. And Transcendance also sinks a lot of karats onto valors and tickets (PvP and Guild), so buying rainbow stones for Potentials is kinda sad.
    About elemental stones, 10 into 8 is also sad, because it needs craft materials, which you don't have a lot early on, which is when elemental stone shortage occurs anyways. So it should be 10 into 10 in crafting and 10 into 8 by instant upgrade (like upgrading from low grade to higher grade).