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Dev Note #119: June 8th Update Preview

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs,   Today, we are here to share details of update that will take place on June 8th ========================================================= Combine =========================================================   In the previous update, we conducted a poll to determine the next Combine servant. We also held an event where Heirs can combine servant twice. For this update, we picked servants that are not only used frequently but also used from the early stage of gameplay.   We believe this combine will greatly help Heirs since Heirs can transcend 0 Transcendence servant twice and still have 200 additional Transcendence Exp left for 3rd Transcendence.   Water Mildred and Forest [A] Sphinx will be part of the new servant combine. (Combine above will be available until July 5th. Servants can be combined once during the event period.)   Heirs need following ★4 servants and ★3 L/D servants to combine Water Mildred > Fire Mary > Water Laura > Forest Charlotte > Light Nutkin   Heirs need following ★4 servants and ★3 L/D servants to combine Forest [A] Sphinx > Fire Charlotte > Water Rakshasa > Forest Usher > Dark Moira   (★4 servants can be combined three times during the event period.)   ========================================================= Normal Potential Buff =========================================================   Many Heirs have been suggesting over-performance of Freeze and Shield. We are also looking into the issue to find a better balance. While we are also considering direct nerf of servants, we believe that we can solve this issue through Potential to a certain degree. Therefore, we will be buffing some Normal Potentials.   We believe this buff will be more meaningful especially with Normal Potential lock function that made it easier for Heirs to obtain the Potentials they want.     Freeze Increase Freeze Resist Rate in PvP by n%: Resist Rate will increase by 40% instead of 25% at Lv 20.   Shield Increases enemy shield ignore rate upon attack by n%: Shield Ignore rate upon attack will increase by 30% instead of 15% at Lv 20.   Additionally, we will be bringing back "Increase stun resist rate by n% in PvP" Potential in 4.4 Update.   ========================================================= Purifying Ground Light/Dark Servant Purification Speed & Drop Rate Improvement =========================================================   We recently got an inquiry about different Purification Speed between Light/Dark servants.   Light/Dark servants are categorized into two groups when we calculate Purification Speed: farmable servants and non-farmable servants. Two groups had the same drop rate. However, as some non-farmable servants became farmable with Sanctuary expansion in 4.3 Update, we adjusted the Purification Speed of these two groups.   Ultimately, Purification Speed of Light/Dark servants in Purifying Ground increased by 5% ~ 40%, while the drop rate increased by 35%. (Heirs will see an increase in Purification Speed for servants with lower Growth Score, and Heirs will also see an increase in Purification Speed for non-farmable servants with higher Growth Score.)   Since Drop Rate improved as Valor per purification remained the same, shard acquisition per purification will be increased. While Purification Speed increased, shard obtained per given time will be increased with increased drop rate.   The table below shows changes for Light/Dark 5 Transcendence with Growth Score Sum 330,000  

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #119: June 8th Update Preview image 3

As you can see, Purification Speed increased while Purification per given time decreased. Therefore, Heirs have to be less stressed about restarting Purifying Ground now that Purification takes longer.   Shard acquisition per given time increased as we increased the drop rate to compensate for a decrease in the number of purification per given time. Valor consumption also remains the same, further decreasing the stress of Valor consumption.   With this patch, we expect Heirs to be less stressed about restarting Purifying Ground in the middle of the night. We also expect to see an increase in shard acquisition and a decrease in valor consumption.   We are also solving the issue where Heirs acquired fewer shards for farmable servants than non-farmable servants in Purifying Ground when Growth Score is extremely high.   ========================================================= Fuse & Craft Improvement =========================================================   Many new & F2P Heirs use Fuse function to acquire Nat ★5 servants. We will be improving Fuse to provide more opportunities for new Heirs to acquire Nat ★5 servants.   1. Currently, Fusing ★5 servants require one Supreme Element Stone. We will be changing this to 5 Greater Element Stones to make Fuse easier. (Heirs can exchange one Supreme Element Stone for 10 Great Element Stones from Craft. Please make use of Craft function to convert Supreme Element Stone to Greater Element Stones if you don't have sufficient Greater Element Stone.)   2. 10 limits per month on Crafting ★3-5 Summon Stone with Fire/Water/Forest Common Soul Crystal will be increased to 50 limits per month so that Heirs can acquire more ★3-5 Summon Stones.   ========================================================= Guild War Improvement =========================================================   We are trying to attempt as many methods as possible before the beta ends. We will share details that will change with the update on June 8th.     ⭕Guild War Matching Standard Change   Currently, Guild War matched Guilds with up to 5 Rank differences. This will be changed to 7 Rank Differences to prevent the same Guilds from running into each other.   (Many Heirs have been asking for a change that prevents Guilds from getting matched with the same Guild they just went against. This change will take place in 4.4 Update. We believe that issues with consecutive defeat by going against Top Guild multiple times will be resolved once all the changes arrive.)     ⭕Guild War AoE Damage Reduction Increased   In Guild War, many Potential or various rules that applied in PvP are applied differently. We wanted to cultivate an environment that is different from PvP to encourage the development of various servants. We also expected servants neglected in PvP to find their spot in Guild War.   One method we are using to achieve this is AoE Damage Reduction Passive. With this update, AoE Damage Reduction of 50% will be increased to 80%. (Different Passive Effect for different regions will also be adjusted with 4.4 Update. Details will be shared in future Dev Note. Since this could be a very sensitive topic influencing the meta, we could go through a beta period for further adjustment rather than bringing permanent change immediately.)   ⭕Guild War Improvement Summary from Previous Dev Note   Here are some finalized details from previous Dev Note. Please note that the change will happen in 4.4 Update not the update on June 8th.   > Excessive Impact of # of Participating Members in Guild War - While we considered lowering the impact of # of participating members in Guild War, many Heirs suggested maintaining the current system. We will be keeping the current system.   > Access to Guild Purifying Ground for Guild Members that didn't participate in Guild War for winning Guild. - Guild Masters had a different opinion about this issue. While there were suggestions on giving individual choice to Guild Masters, we thought it was inappropriate to give Guild Master such choice because it may cause dissatisfaction among Guild Members toward Guild Master. Therefore, Guild Members that don't participate in Guild War will not have access to Guild Purifying Ground starting 4.4 Update. We will bring additional changes if necessary.   > Guild War Point Reward   - Currently, Guild War reward is only evaluated with Guild Purifying Ground since Guild War point doesn't have any usage. Guild War Point Shop will open in 4.4 Update, and Heirs will be able to purchase T.Shards and Light/Dark Bastille Shards that will be useful in Guild War. All Guild War Points will be reset with additional of Guild War Point Shop. Guild War Point for Victory/Defeat and Participation will be adjusted. Please note that Heirs will now gain more Guild War Point if they lose against Guild with high rank.   That is it for today.   Thank you.   Flynn    

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  • DeathWalker LV.8 Nomad Jun 5, 2020, 12:36 AM

    Moin Moin, it is good to see that you understand that matchmaking in guild wars is terrible.

    I still wish that there is a guarantee not to meet the same guild in the next 4 or 5 fights.

    The main problem is that you do not have the extra PG if you lose in guild war. But you (Devs) can solve this problem:
    The active members of the winning guild get the extra PG for free. The active players of the losing guild can buy the extra PG with the guild war points.

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jun 7, 2020, 02:42 AM


    what am i missing ?
    from your chart for non-farmables;
    time goes up by 26%
    shards go up by 7%

    that means net output of shard drops will be lowered !

    please explain why the decrease in shard drop.....or if i am wrong them please explain how am i wrong.

    cite the same example over 550 runs and 150 runs.

    if the net shard drop is being lowered....that is ridiculous !

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jun 5, 2020, 12:14 PM 7 rank difference is both ways +/- ? eg.
    rank 10 guild before could match with maximum rank 5 they can match with rank 3 guild also after the change ?
    if the above is true, then there is no change as such. a guild now along with an increase in matching with lower ranks ALSO has an increased chance to match with MORE of the higher ranks.