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Dev Note #122: Pack Discount Poll Result & 4.4 Update Additional Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #122: Pack Discount Poll Result & 4.4 Update Additional Notice image 1

Greetings Heirs,   Today we will discuss details on Pack Discount and other improvements that will take place in 4.4 Update.     ⭐️All-in-One Pack Discount   Many Heirs have been suggesting discount on All-in-One Pack. We also thought it would be better if more Heirs get to enjoy All-in-One pack with lower price. However, we were hesitant to actually implement discount because we were not confident that lower price would lead to sufficient increase in number of Heirs that purchase All-in-One pack.   With 4.4 Update on June 22nd, we will be putting All-in-One Pack on discount for a full month. The price will change from $89.99 to $69.99. (This price is based on Google.) We will consider implementing this discount permanently after observing the performance of the pack.     ⭐️Usage of Specific Servant Skill Bun & Craft Materials   We have been getting requests to add more usages for Skill Buns of specific servants and Craft Materials in general. It took us some time to determine how to deal with leftover Skill Buns of a specific servant when the development of the servant is already complete. Heirs will be able to craft one Skill Bun Shard using one Skill Bun of a specific servant. We will be adding more usages for Craft Materials by adding a new event in 4.4 Update that utilizes Craft Materials. Please check out the details about this new event below.     ⭐️New Drop Event   This is the first time introducing this event to Heirs. With this Update, we will be removing Ticket Use Reward to replace it with Item Drop Event that further utilizes existing contents. (Currency Use Reward will remain.) Drop Event will start immediately after 4.4 Update. Heirs have chance of obtaining Event Item through drop by playing basic contents of Heir of Light such as Explore/Gear Dungeon/Purifying Ground/Infinite PvP. Please check out the details of drop location and drop rate on the event page!   Heirs will be able to exchange the drop items for Rainbow Stone, T.Shard, L/D ★5 Summon Stone and many other rewards. If you do not have enough event drop item to get the item you want, you will be able to use Craft Materials (Ember, Ice Crystal, Kindling) to purchase event drop item.     ⭐️Decompose System Added   Decompose System will be added to Heir of Light in 4.4 Update. Here are some details of Decompose System   1. Heirs will receive T.Shard equivalent to 50% of Transcendence EXP used on the decomposed servant. 2. Heirs will receive 50% of Rainbow Stone, Magic/Element Stone, and Potential Enhance Stone used on the servant. 3. Heirs will have "Premium Decompose" option. By spending certain amount of Karat, Heirs can obtain additional 10% worth of T.Shard, Rainbow Stone, Magic/Element Stone, and Potential Enhance Stone. 4. Heirs can Decompose once a week.     ⭐️Additional Reflected Suggestions   1. Heirs can now select Additional Reward of All-in-One Pack. Many Heirs have been expressing their concerns about changing 20 Rainbow Stone reward from All-in-One pack to Bond Ticket. Understanding that different Heirs have different needs, we will be providing an option to select the additional reward. Heirs can now select their additional reward between a Bond Ticket and 20 Rainbow Stones from Bonus Chest that they receive in their Mailbox when they purchase All-in-One pack.   2. We will be adding Auto Gear Sell Function for Consecutive Battle in Sanctuary. It was quite annoying to see all those useless Gears stacking in the Gear Inventory when you clear new Sanctuary stages using Consecutive Battle, wasn't it? Consecutive Battle will be selling Gears automatically in Sanctuary stages only. If you want the Gear, we advise using regular Battle instead of Consecutive Battle.   3. New Items Added to Black Market We will be adding EXP Bun for each element, Lv 30 & Lv 40 Evolve Bun, and Rainbow Stone to Black Market. Main purpose of this is to assist Heirs with servant development in early game. We believe Heirs that check out Black Market regularly will find this change beneficial.     Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comment below.   Thank you.   Flynn    

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