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Dev Note #132: 5.0 Update- The New Game Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #132: 5.0 Update- The New Game Notice image 1

Greetings Heirs.   We are happy to see that everyone is enjoying the new Tower of God Collaboration! Many new Heirs have and still continue to join the Heir of Light which makes us believe that we have prepared the collaboration update well.   Before starting the Dev Note, we would like to sincerely thank all our Heirs for supporting and for enjoying Heir of Light.   For some time, we have been debating daily about how to make Heir of Light more enjoyable than now and how to path our game in order to keep Heir of Light in service for 5 and even 10 years.   We have received many feedback and our concerns are "Do we have to always leave our game on the whole day?" "Does our game require Heirs to have 2 devices?" " You have to use emulators and must leave it on 24/7?" "Would there be a way where Heirs can just obtain currencies or materials in idle mode? " Auto-repeat? Isn't this a bit outdated?"   2 years have passed since the first launch of Heir of Light and we still believe that our graphic visual is still a top notch compared to other mobile games. This is a unique feature of Heir of Light, however, the mobile game industry flow has changed a lot which makes us believe that Heir of Light game components are a bit outdated.   Thus, the upcoming update focuses on changing this "outdated" feeling of Heir of Light to transform it into a new game.   In summary,   "Reduce farming time with efficiency while redirecting Heir's time to enjoy the "Real Game" - the strategic component of the game"   Many contents have been changed in the process of removing the "outdated" feeling and adding an image of a brand new game. The 5.0 update is planning to be a very major update thus, we would like to share some of the major update contents early as possible.   ================================================= Skip =================================================   "Skip" is one of the biggest features in the 5.0 Update.   Currently, we have to leave the game on under the Auto-Repeat in order to farm in the game. However, we have taken a huge risk and changed it to Skip in order to allow Heirs to farm efficiently as possible.   The Skip feature can be used in Explore, Mass Invasion, Gear Dungeon, and Awakening Dungeon (Floor 11 & 12 excluded). Players can set up to 100 skips at once.   After the 5.0 update Heirs do not have to worry about the game loading speed, using the phone, or even giving up doing other personal things such as YouTube to play Heir of Light. Also, it will remove the pressure to leave the game on while sleeping as well. Even if Heirs are using emulators or do not have an additional device to play Heir of Light, everyone will be able to enjoy the game and farm currencies daily with just using daily recharge of energies.   We believe that the style of the gameplay will drastically change with the Skip feature.   In order words, the massive amount of time Heirs have used to farm would be reduced to nearly 0 to reduce the stress as much as possible. Also, it will increase the level of fun by allowing Heirs to think more strategies for contents and how to utilize the currencies.     "Farm Fast and Play Longer"   Those who play 24 hours a day may feel empty with the arrival of Skip because it may only take up to 2 ~ 3 hours to complete all your daily tasks. We are worried that reducing all the farm time may give options for Heirs to leave our game for other games because they may have nothing to do after playing 3 hours.   However, we believe that we should not be stubborn about outdated systems and stay up to date with trendy game features to allow new Heirs to stay in the game.   From now on, we will continue to add more contents that require strategies and playground-like contents that would make Heirs play longer.   ================================================= New Energy Added =================================================   Explore and Dungeon are the most important contents of Heir of Light.   Heirs level up their servants and farm servant shards for transcendence from Explore Heirs obtain elemental stones that are essential for awakening servants and gears that are necessary to strengthen servants.   As we are adding a Skip system to Explore and Dungeon that are tied to very basic aspects of servant growth, we are also adding new resources called "Energy" that will be used to enter these contents so that Heirs can use Valor in higher level contents.   1 energy charges every minute. The maximum amount of energy that an Heir can hold is 120. The maximum amount of energy Heir can hold increases with monthly package purchase. (Daily Karat, All-in-One)   While valor will lose its previous function, this will reduce the need to purchase valor since the valor supply will remain the same. Since Explore and Dungeon uses energy, Heirs will ultimately obtain more resources than before. (For Heirs that ran 550 repeat battles everyday, assuming each battle cost 8~10 valors, the Heir will use 4,400 ~ 5,500 valors in repeat battles. Since energy will replace valor, the Heir can use 4,400~5,500 valor and use it in some different content. Energy that we provide will allow additional Explore and Dungeon gameplay.   Since energy can be used instantly, we are planning on implementing a purchase limit that is more strict than purchase limit on valor. We will be setting the purchase limit based on max repeat battle count of Heirs that farm Explore and Dungeon. (We are thinking somewhere between 300 ~ 500 daily limits on energy.)   We believe this change could leave Heirs with a lot of extra valor. We will consider holding an event that allows Heirs to convert valor to energy if necessary.     ================================================= 5T Servant Acquisition through Summon =================================================   While we added guaranteed 5★ summon upon 50 summons in order to guarantee minimum amount of 5★ servant acquisition, it is true that it is less thrilling to summon.   Even when Heirs summoned the servant they wanted, there were a lot of works to be done after the initial summon to actually utilize the servant. It was possible to summon the servant, but duplicate summons were necessary to develop the servant.   Heirs now have a chance of acquiring a Nat 5★ servant with 3 or 5 Transcendence straight from summon.   The system above will be applied to summons that allow Heirs to choose the servant they want such as Rate+ Summon, Special Summon and L/D Special Summon. (If you acquire 5T servants in a 2x summon, you will acquire two units of 5T servants.)   ================================================= Gear Craft and Gear Craft Materials =================================================   Gear is one of the biggest aspects of growth is Heir of Light. However, clearing gear dungeons does not guarantee that Heirs will get the gear they want. Heirs had to purchase Legendary Gear Package in order to obtain the ★6 gear they wanted.   Most of the times, Heirs sold 4★ ~ 5★ Rare gears to get gold instead of putting them on because they can't even be used as a craft material. Because of 4★ ~ 5★ gear drop, some Heirs thought that gear drop decreased.   We decided to add new gear materials. Using gear material, Heirs will be able to choose Gear Set, Gear Part, and Main Stats. We will be removing the drop rate of low grade gear and replacing it with gear craft materials. Ultimately, Heirs will be obtaining more gears than before.   Heirs can choose three options when crafting a gear with craft materials:   1. Only choose Gear Set 2. Choose Gear Set and Gear Part 3. Choose Gear Set, Gear Part, and Main Stat   Ultimately, Heirs can choose the most efficient craft option based on their own situation. By allowing Heirs to obtain gear craft materials quickly, we intended Heirs to have more fun planning what gear to make and how to use the gear.   While gear is extremely important in servant's growth, a lot of Heirs often decide to focus on farming servant shard for transcendence instead of farming gears. With both Skip and Gear Craft, it will be much easier to obtain the gear Heirs want. We believe that this change will not only increase the fun of playing around with gears but also become the foundation of future gear growth systems.   Today, we covered some major changes from 5.0 Update. We will be covering details of 5.0 Update in the next Dev Note.   Please feel free to leave any questions on the comment. We will gather some important questions and cover them in the next Dev Note.       *Additional Notice   While we are bringing exciting changes to Heir of Light in 5.0 Update, we will be working on various issues that Heir of Light had between 5.0 ~ 5.2 Updates. Please check out the details below to get the general idea of the big changes. We will continue to update the community whenever we finalize more details     Effect Adjustment: Adjustments to certain effects that were too powerful that made increase in stat insignificant since Heirs gave more focus to the effect itself.   Adjustment to servants that could be farmed: Transcend EXP, Growth Score, Stats, Explore Shard Drop Rate Adjustment   New Fun & Challenging Contents: Abaddon, Gear Dungeon 16 ~ 20F   Gear Upgrade: New Gear Growth System, New Gear Decompose System     That's it for today.   Here is a quick summary of today's Dev Note   Heirs will be able to use Skip function to obtain resources for servant growth. Heirs will be able to obtain the gear they want from Gear Craft Heirs will be able to obtain 5th Transcendence servant from Summon   Spend less time farming and spend more time having fun   Thank you   Flynn  

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  • RottenKing LV.5 Lurker Sep 25, 2020, 09:30 PM

    Then what is the value on valor now, what will be used for?
    Why this wasn't a Skip funtion like in other games that allow you to skip if you wanted for the amount of skip currency, but you still need to farm for what you need?
    How is a game more fun when you take all the grind from it and just leave some mindless whales hitting skip 5 times for 500+ runs...?

    I love the idea of low gear actually been something useful as materials that I can craft into gear I actually want, but hate the Skip idea, just gonna be, get into the game, farm and do daily, go play somethinng else for 2h that that's 120 energy, come back hance & repeat..

    Not as fan of this future update...

  • The Clown Prince LV.2 Lurker Sep 26, 2020, 03:19 AM

    I'd like to know what will be the value of T5 character I get as a dupe. What will be the amount of shards I'll get if used as fodder.

  • SteelStryker LV.5 Lurker Sep 26, 2020, 09:38 AM

    Now that we are getting 3T or 5T straight from summons, can we Transcend using the 3T or 5T as material? If so, how many shards will they be counted as? Will we be allowed to reset more than one servant per week?

  • Yamaga LV.4 Lurker Sep 25, 2020, 02:19 PM

    Thank you. If I update 5.0, Then I have to play another game with the guild. This game sucks. Do you have any game recommendations?

  • YoshioHaruki LV.22 Game Critic Sep 30, 2020, 11:50 AM

    Try playing Exos Heroes or Genshin Impact - either one is a million times better than Heir of Trash.

  • Bosson Higs LV.4 Lurker Sep 25, 2020, 12:53 PM

    when will bond ticket comeback?

  • EienBattle LV.6 Nomad Sep 26, 2020, 06:02 AM

    Overall I'm a fan of this update. I'm looking forward to spending less time farming as that is one of my bigger complaints.

    It's still very unclear how Valor will be used going forward. What happens with the mountains of Valor I have now?

    Will we be able to adjust the skip amount the same way we do auto repeat now? Will we have the option of skip or auto-repeat? Will we have the option to just play through a level on manual if we choose? There is still a great deal that needs to be explained here.

    Not related to the topline update items but also would like to see improvements to the info pages in-game. Many areas are simply not covered and others are poorly explained.

  • anxiety_Prime LV.2 Lurker Sep 26, 2020, 01:30 PM

    I just want to love this game once more. I played it passionately for a year, but left it after the T10 update, that was too much... please, make it enjoyable again